53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-18-16

  1. Good morning.
    Good evening, Jo.
    Becca’s class is having a Thanksgiving feast this morning. We are bringing Kolaches and caramel popcorn–not exactly Thanksgiving food–but I think the kids will have fun!

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  2. With an Australian mum and her lad, I spent six hours today sorting through 23 boxes of books. I was so tired by the end that I couldn’t think straight. There will be lots of happy children on Monday when we give them out. And even more happy children on Christmas as many parents sent a note asking to pick them up as they were Christmas gifts. So… I guess that I played Santa all day. I think that my aide liked the two books that I got for her children. One was a National Geographic book on animals. The pictures and information were fascinating.

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  3. It was fun to surprise a friend with an item that she ordered three years ago that never came. They had the wrong number in the catalog and sent us the wrong item twice. I saw it listed again in this order so got it for her as a surprise.

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  4. I heard this on my 50’s station the other day. These types of songs would never get recorded today…too racist but they are “happy” and that’s what really matters most.

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  5. Good morning, early birds and night owls. I am trying to find my way back to the semblance of a schedule. Yesterday was all about unpacking, doing laundry, going through accumulated mail, spending extra time with Miss Bosley, and grocery shopping. I shopped late after Art got home so Miss Bosley would have company the whole day long. She is such a people cat.

    When I talked to Karen yesterday she was feeling better than she had in a long time. Then later she called and was in tears thinking she had missed my birthday. She was distraught. I told her that her birthday was the day before I’m November and mine is not until December. She was very confused. This is very difficult to go through. I have to pray a lot.

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  6. Another Friday, more comics.

    It’s the first day of hunting season here in Illinois where I teach, so lots of students and several teachers are off in the woods and fields helping to control the overpopulation of deer. So I do grammar or vocabulary games with the remaining students.

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  7. FYI to Kbells, Kim, and Ricky: You still need to pick the winner in the extra game, Northwestern @ Minnesota. Go to Pigskin Picks today, please.


  8. I was in bed early last night and up early (6 a.m.) today — had to haul the trash out and I had a lot of it after this week.

    The house is cold but I don’t want to turn the heater on just yet so I’m wearing a heavy sweatshirt. I’m going to take a shower at my neighbor’s house this morning in a little while, which will feel luxurious. I need to make a decision, meanwhile, on whether to stick with my existing tub or buy a new one (I’m leaning toward new at this point). But I’ve kind of been on mental overload with all of this so I’ve gone back and forth on that decision, but it really needs to be made in a day or two so I can move this bathroom forward.

    I’m also worried I won’t have enough black tile in my design, but I can’t really worry about that now. It’ll look the way it looks, I’m not a designer. Just hope I’m happy with the finished product after all this planning and work and $.

    Meanwhile, I’m having a hard time getting my mind back into work, I’m out of the loop on story ideas but have dredged up a couple to work on for today at least. Next week will be another busy juggling one at home with the new dog door going in early Tuesday morning and the 2 new windows and sliding door being installed on Wednesday. Will have to work from home that day.

    Annie’s tearing around the house this morning, full of something (“full of the dickens” is how my parents would have said it). 🙂

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  9. bang-bang-bang. Now the cat is trying to get into the bottom kitchen cupboard — if she can just get that door to stay open long enough. … She’s revisiting her kitten hood this morning, apparently.


  10. Interesting article. A bit long. But his statement:
    ““I think you can go through most universities without ever having a big inadequacy moment.”
    Seems unreal. If you go through a university program without an inadequate feeling several times, you haven’t gotten into the program.

    University, even if it isn’t West Point, is supposed to make you into something your weren’t before.


  11. Kim. Did you know that Kris Kristofferson used to be an instructor at West Point?
    He was also a helicopter pilot.
    On a tour in Nashville, the tour guide told us that Kristofferson landed a helicopter in Johnny Cash’s yard and wouldn’t leave until John herd him sing “Sunday Morning Coming Dow> Good thing for John.

    Johnny Cash used to be an Air Force radio operator. I think he was stationed in Germany.


  12. Beautiful wood ducks!

    Kim, I don’t know if you meant to post that whole thing, but FYI that’s a copyright violation to include all (or most) of it. I suspect you didn’t mean to include it all.


  13. Kim, FYI, it’s very interesting.

    Chas, yes, those are real ducks. Though I didn’t take the photo, I have seen wood ducks and they look just like that. They’re stunning.


  14. I just took a hot shower at my neighbor’s. Ahhhhhhhhh

    Best shower ever.

    You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, as Joanie Mitchell once sang. 🙂

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  15. Those ducks always astound me. They do look fake. God must have had such joy in creating. Our creative side is a sign of our being created in his image. He also created such a dazzling array of everything. He did not need to do this, it would seem. I think there are a lot of spiritual lessons in that.

    Until recently, one of the guys who played music and sang with my husband’s group was a Native American. He had no problem with any of those songs. Of course, he didn’t mind being called Indian, either. He and his wife told the best Indian jokes. Only they could get away with that these days. That is true of many cultures and races. There are some hall marks of each group just like there is in families. Best for those in the family or group to make the jokes. 🙂

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  16. This old tub is actually quite shallow, new ones I’m looking at aren’t super deep but would provide a couple more inches of water.

    Yes, I’m leaning toward new at this stage …


  17. I’m thinking this old tub is not a 1920s model but closer to a 1950 style (from what I can tell from looking at antique tubs online) — in which case, if it’s not even “original,” why save it really? Plus it’s had drain issues in the past (currently fixed) that I’m afraid could resurface, so to speak.

    If I’m going to swap it out, now’s the time when everything’s torn up anyway and it would be easier to get a cast iron tub in and out of there.


  18. I’m wondering if it was put in when the peach tile went in … and then later covered with the plastic liner. … Hard to tell, but I’m thinking that could explain the scenario.

    Maybe there was a clawfoot in there originally — which I’d love, but that’s a much more expensive way to go and maybe not very practical either.


  19. Now I’m thinking I should have asked what exactly was under all that peach tile … Maybe there were hints as to what was there originally …


  20. Chas,

    Yes, they are real. As great as the pic looks, they’re even more stunning in real life. Beautiful creatures.


    OK, I took it down.


    Hopefully things will be back to normal, well as normal as it gets around here anyway. sometime tomorrow afternoon. I spoke to some neighbors last night and there was a clear favorite amongst providers. Everyone who had one company loved it, said their internet was really fast (and they have lower speed plans than the new one I’m getting by half).I called the cable company this morning and got a sweet deal for phone, internet, and cable. My internet will go from a phone line in 50M’s to 330M’s on cable. And they’re coming tomorrow afternoon! 🙂

    It’s like it’s my birthday or something. 🙂 I’m so excited.

    The cable channels are pretty much the same package I have with Direct TV, but without the, it seems like monthly, rate increase. 🙂

    Phone is way less than I’m paying now. All told, I’ll save about $50 a month, with much better internet and local channels Direct TV won’t give me. 🙂

    And my wife informed me this morning that the flex spend we thought wasn’t renewed for this year because she was out at renewal time last year, was in fact renewed as well. So now we’re sending in all our receipts and getting an unexpected reimbursement check. 🙂

    Today has been a much better day. 🙂

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  21. Michelle, I was out defrosting the garage freezer on what is probably the last 70-degree day of the year before we plunge to a high of 40 tomorrow . . . but I responded to your e-mail by telling you that for me it opened easily with Adobe Reader. My computer is maybe two months old, so everything on it is brand new . . .


  22. Chas, I don’t know what article you were quoting @10:42, but the statement that is quoted is completely incorrect. I’m experiencing plenty of moments of inadequacy, and so is every student around me. That is mostly what I’m hearing from my fellow students, how much of a struggle it is to keep up with all the work and how challenging the work is, and as I’ve said before, these aren’t teenagers just out of high school in my program. So, that author has no idea what he’s talking about.


  23. My son has struggled this semester under the weight of a huge amount of reading and paper writing for one class. And I know another college student struggling with chemistry this semester.

    I have been fighting off a sore throat for several days. I hope it will just decide it does not feel at home in my body. I am on attack with aloe juice, tumeric, and later I will add tofu to chicken noodle soup.

    My church is exploring the possibility of merging with another similar church about two miles from its location. They both are losing older supporting members and have big costs to support facilities. We need to spend 250,000 on a new cooling system. If the merger happens, it will be interesting to see which church building gets sold. The other church is probably a fifteen minute drive or less for me, about twice as far away as my current church which is super convenient.


  24. Phos, I was quoting from an article that Kim had deleted. I’m saying the same thing you are. If you haven’t faced serious challenges, you haven’t been educated.

    From memory here: The author was talking to West Point cadets. He was telling them of their challenges. He was correct to a point. Cadets at West Point, Annapolis, Citadel, etc. face additional challenges. But college education is and should be a challenge.


  25. Oh, AJ- you won’t know what to do with cable speeds. We went from 50-100M DSL to cable and I thought I had gone from driving a horse and buggy to an Indy race car. Videos actually started as soon as I clicked on them instead of buffering for several minutes, then stopping and starting all the time.

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  26. I snagged Kim’s post before it left, to share with certain children around here and a guy who really enjoyed his time working at West Point.


  27. And, my brother the cable guy, would be very proud of you. He keeps telling us we need cable rather than satellite, I ask when he will be putting it in. I think Lewiston has it so only about seventy miles.

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  28. What a wonderful gift for yourself, Aj. I am looking forward to my trip to Australia where I will have free internet in my room. I may just stay in my room, though my goal is to walk 5 miles a day.

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  29. I know, I know, Chas. Actually I plan on walking along the waterfront path in Cairns. The hotel rooms are actually quite large though. They have a queen bed and two sets of bunk beds as well as a full couch, and small frig. Let’s see, if I walked over and around all the furniture….

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