24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-9-16

  1. Changes are coming. Pray that it’s the right direction.
    It’s a dangerous world out there. The new president will be tested, and that right soon.

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  2. From Drudge: “Barry Diller Says He’ll Leave the Country If Donald Trump Wins the White House”

    I have no idea who Barry Diller is. I just hope he keeps is promise. With the others who have promised to leave.

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  3. I pray that we all behave today. If your candidate lost, don’t be a sore loser. If your candidate won, don’t gloat. Neither were good choices.
    I kept saying that the media was pushing Clinton too hard and we’re going to cause a backlash. When they try to figure out what happen they need to look at their own doorstep

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  4. Good morning from one who stayed glued to the tube until 4 a.m.

    The photo was taken looking out from the entrance to Crawford Long Hospital in downtown Atlanta when Karen had that major surgery down there.

    None of the commentary said no one wanted to see the Cs in the White House again. It’s that simple when that many made the same statement.

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  5. Good Morning all….the sun is shining and I am going to need lots of coffee….Janice your time was 4…I at least had the benefit of living further west…I went to bed at 2! It was a long night for certain…I had declared I would not watch…but alas…I did!! He gave a gracious acceptance speech and I went to bed….Praying for our country and fellow citizens this morning…. (and I do believe the politics thread made a turn two doors to the “right”…not the “left”!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

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  6. So, Hill’s flight came in 90 minutes early. How does that happen? I tracked her halfway around the world, so Stargazer and I were there in time.

    She, meanwhile, was so excited to return to the US, she forgot to go through customs in New York. (How does that happen?). Her luggage will arrive at her dad’s house this afternoon.

    A cup of coffee at the airport, the excitement of seeing her and following the election on Twitter–very little sleep here. Fortunately, I’ve got a light day.

    It’s fun to hear her comments about being back in the US after two years. We miss things when we see them everyday!

    The weather is promising yet another gorgeous day in Nor Cal. I hope I get something done today.


  7. Really? I thought we might talk about how God has delivered His people in times past and let them go their own way, in times past.


  8. I’m trying to wake up after a very long night, I’ll have a couple stories to do today and should check the “numbers” to start getting the updated info in.

    And I agree, what happened last night will dominate many discussions today. It was a pretty big and unexpected deal. It’s a good day for grace, I’d say. ๐Ÿ™‚ Peace.

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  9. We are back from the surprise meeting with the counselor. It almost seemed that somebody knew they had erred in going ahead without us, but we are all good now. We wanted to make certain the counselor was not another bamboozled one. I think she was believing but we, along with the principal, were able to open her eyes a bit.

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  10. Good news, Mumsee.
    No comment, but I did save one of the maps last night. I saved the one showing how the US voted by counties. I found it very interesting to look by counties instead of by states.

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