57 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-9-16

  1. I see where Hillary is disappointed in the outcome of the election.
    Let’s pray for our country. The decision was taken.
    Change will come.
    Pray that it will be the right thing.

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  2. 🙂 I got up briefly at 4:10 this morning. I was tempted to come on and see the outcome. But I reasoned. “Whoever is elected now will still be elected at seven.” So I went back to sleep.

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  3. Now it’s time for some gloating….. 😯

    Just kidding. 🙂

    But I do have one thing to say.

    This should remove all doubt about the veracity of polls. They were useless in the lead up to this. And don’t mention Nate Silver and 538 ever again, unless you want me to laugh in your face. 🙂

    Gloating over.

    Now that R’s control the House, Senate, and the White House, I expect them to be ready to go on day one. Trump has given them the opportunity to repeal, replace, and abolish Obama’s legacy of crushing regulations and exec. orders. They better get the job done.


  4. Donations to the Clinton Crime Foundation are down sharply today. You can calculate future donations on your desk calculator.
    Do you need a speaker for your high school reunion? Bill Clinton is available. $75.00 plus dinner.
    Chelsea is leaving CBS for a job more suitable to her talents: “welcome to Wal-Mart”.

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  5. If I were the one elected, I would, first thing this morning, issue orders to my staff. to wit:
    “”Assemble every executive order Obama has made since his inauguration, and a reason that we should keep it.”l

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  6. Some of my Democrat friends are in full on panic mode. I haven’t seen this much drama since Brexit. They’re posting stuff like how scared they are and hugging their children. I’m tempted to remind them that we didn’t elect a king. Chill out.

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  7. For the last 2 weeks Nate Silver has been saying that there was a 10% chance that Trump would win by winning the Electoral College and losing the popular vote. Even I questioned whether the figure should be that high, but he was right. The other nerds ridiculed him for recently giving Trump up to a 35% chance of winning. The betting houses were always more bearish on Trump.


  8. I can honestly say I am glad ms. Clinton lost, and that I “voted my conscience” by not voting for either of them. If Trump proves that he can govern with integrity and not be the playground bully he has been during the campaign, then maybe I’ll vote for a second term. Otherwise, let’s hope the GOP gets its act together and fixes the primary system that gave us Trump, Romney, McCain and Dole. In other words- make all primaries/caucuses closed to anyone who is not a Republican.

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  9. Trump has always been “his own man.” Last night he began the humbling with his speech. He will be doing things with more teamwork than he has ever had to do before. It will be humbling everyday. He has probably already realized he is not God. Who knows what God will do with him?

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  10. I have friends and relatives who are in panic mode. I briefly saw CNN this morning. They are all discussing the “popular vote”. The popular vote doesn’t mean squat. We live under a system of the electoral college that our forefathers set up to keep the majority from taking advantage of the minority. Give it a rest already. Be a gracious loser and more importantly be a gracious winner. I haven’t seen any dancing in the streets because Trump won.

    I so rarely get to utter these words so please indulge me for a moment.
    I TOLD YOU SO! I told you that a great big beast was being unleashed and I told you that with everyone and their brother saying why you MUST vote for Clinton that it was going to backfire. The more you tell some people not to do something them more determined they become to “do as they dang well please–you can’t make me”. I firmly believe that is how Trump was elected.

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  11. rw; At the beginning of the year I told you that Trump is certainly rambunctious, but also that he has changed, and is learning every day. I think that he should be extended the benefit of the doubt – the conciliatory tone and humility that he expressed last night was a good sign, and hopefully he’ll place good people around him in order to govern well. Having a Republican Congress, plus the fact that Trump doesn’t have to be beholden to special interests, provide great opportunities for a lot of good progress to be made.

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  12. The main problem with the Democrats is that they nominated a Clinton.
    I said, several times and early on, “NO CLINTONS, NO BUSHES”.
    Lots of people seem to feel that way.
    Now if the Clintons will just join the Bushes, , it will be fine.
    Just go away.

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  13. I think it’s probably best if we are quiet and reflective today. I stayed up way too late reading Twitter and it made me feel so very sad. All those women who were going to wear white pant suits today (one of my relatives looked stunning in hers coming out of the polling station), the stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s headstone. Some of us know too well, “Hell knoweth no fury like that of a woman scorned.”

    Some of what I read in the middle of the night agreed with Kim’s comments about a backlash and the media would do well to step back and reflect on their tone and attitude throughout the election towards those with whom they did not agree.

    But they probably won’t. It would be good for all to seek to bind up the wounds and just listen. Some of these remarks are so far over the top as to be ridiculous. But if this election shows nothing else it demonstrated people can become irrational.

    And social media doesn’t help.

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  14. BTW, the one cause I championed–Yes on Y–passed. We should get the libraries open on Mondays now for the first time in five years.

    All the California initiatives we had to vote on? What a mess.

    I am glad to see, I guess, that 70% of Californians had no problem recognizing the necessity for porn “stars” to wear condoms. Why no one in the California health community could recognize that “fact,” makes me shake my head.


  15. The scripture that has been on my mind for months (years really) is Prov 21:1
    “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will. ” If we repent and ask Him to intervene, He will. God doesn’t need a particular person in the WH for Him to intervene in our affairs on our behalf, both personally and nationally. It’s probably a mistake to be overly confident or in despair over an election.

    That being said, it’s always encouraging to see movement in the right direction, and I hope this election will somehow prove to be a real turning point. All things considered, it was a good night. :–)

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  16. Were Californians voting on porn “Stars”?
    I see on Drudge where California wants to secede.
    Maybe they should.
    Can they pay their own way?
    Look at the electoral map. Blue in the large cities and red in all the places that support the large cities. The red is getting fed up with the blue. It’s that simple.
    But no one will say that.

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  17. Re: My 9:33.
    The second thing I would do is get someone to explain to me where all the money went.
    Obama increased the national debt by almost 100% in one administration.
    Something happened to all that money.
    Where is it?
    Not the military, we know that.

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  18. AJ, I will be open minded on President Trump. I think most other Never Trumpers will as well. He starts with a clean slate. I know he has a very tough job, and I will not expect miracles. If he turns out to be better than Obama, then I will agree that the American people made a wise choice as Hillary would have been Obama’s third term.

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  19. I see a Yale prof has seen the wisdom of making the midterm exam optional as the students are so distraught over the election results. I wonder if he would have needed to do that if Clinton had won?

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  20. Wow. So it wasn’t all a dream? What a strange thing all that was last night (I just got up).

    Michelle’s right, good time to take a breath and let our words be few, especially with some of the reactions we’ve all been seeing. I felt very uneasy with some of what I was seeing on social media yesterday. I don’t remember reading things like that with Obama’s election or anyone else’s. Granted, Trump is “different,” but I am hoping this doesn’t wind up in a street war between now and the inauguration (just imagine the demonstrations that will be planned for that day).

    Has Obama made any comment? He’s got to be devastated.

    As for the polls, they use different models and some of them managed to get it right — the LA Times, for one, but they were seen as only “outliers” and not taken seriously.

    I think Nate Silver will be the first to say that his/their take this year missed the mark by a mile. Along with so many others. Polling is both science and art, but ultimately it cannot entirely predict behavior especially in uncertain times like these.

    It was an immeasurable year, as it turned out, for the most part. The people have spoken and they did their own thing. And that’s the beauty sometimes of democracy. Let’s hope there’s some acceptance of that and that the meltdowns can begin fade.

    It’s always hard to lose when you’re young & you’ve thrown everything in with a candidate — I still remember the sting for me as a college student of the McGovern loss (and I remember, too, how gentle and kind and sympathetic my mom, the Republican, was to me in the wake of that — it surprised and inspired me to try to do the same toward others after these especially tough elections).

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  21. We were all set to go with a big “Madam President” page one headline and large pic of Clinton last night … until … 🙂 Scramble, scramble, scramble. Things changed a lot, this caught most everyone by surprise.

    Let the book writing begin.

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  22. 🙂 Fashion rules

    I guess someone actually got to yell “Stop the presses!” last night in our organization. (Then, of course, a shooting erupted — unrelated to the election — in the middle of it all so staff at one of our northeastern papers had to scramble to cover that as well).


  23. Chas, some of the articles I have read today agree with you. ANY other Democrat could have beaten Trump but they forced her on everyone. I agree. No Bushes, No Clintons.

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  24. I can’t post any links. A Fordham University professor wrote an excellent piece in the Washington Post about college educated folk really not getting it, which I wanted to share.

    I just listed to a local political consultant on KCBS point out the margin of error came into play here; Trump won several big contests by 1%– which very well may be why Clinto was reluctant to concede last night. And who can blame her? No one wanted 2000 again.

    I appreciated Clinton wore purple, too. Nice touch.

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  25. Seems I have to fill out my log-in each time I post.
    Jo mentioned looking at the voting patterns of the individual state maps. NC tells a story. The Hillary counties were the big city counties, Mecklenburg Co = Charlotte. etc. Asheville and the one with Appalachian State U. were the only ones in western NC. But Hillary carried Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro, etc.


  26. It looks like Clinton won the popular vote, not by much, but … So I’m seeing calls for doing away with the Electoral College, of course. It is frustrating as the country is almost evenly divided right down the middle and has been since 2000.


  27. Now for a new cabinet



    President-elect Donald Trump does not have the traditional cadre of Washington insiders and donors to build out his Cabinet, but his transition team has spent the past several months quietly building a short list of industry titans and conservative activists who could comprise one of the more eclectic and controversial presidential Cabinets in modern history.

    Trumpworld has started with a mandate to hire from the private sector whenever possible. That’s why the Trump campaign is seriously considering Forrest Lucas, the 74-year-old co-founder of oil products company Lucas Oil, as a top contender for Interior secretary, or donor and Goldman Sachs veteran Steven Mnuchin as Treasury secretary.

    He’s also expected to reward the band of surrogates who stood by him during the bruising presidential campaign, including Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, all of whom are being considered for top posts. A handful of Republican politicians may also make the cut, including Sen. Bob Corker for secretary of state or Sen. Jeff Sessions for secretary of defense. …


  28. That’s largely true here in Michigan too, Chas. 75 of our 83 counties are red. Blue counties that gave Hillary whopping majorities are Wayne and Oakland (metro Detroit), Washtenaw (Ann Arbor and U of M), Genessee (Flint), Ingham (Lansing and MSU), and Kalamazoo (Western Michigan U). Muskegon and Marquette gave her narrower majorities. Many of the red counties gave Trump wide margins like 60-35 or 65-30.

    Even here in Washtenaw County there’s a big difference between the cities and the outlying areas. There’s a wide swath of blue across the middle where Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and some smaller cities are, with margins as high as 85-10 for Hillary. But the more rural northern and southern parts of the county are all red, with margins up to 60-30 for Trump.


  29. California is inconsolable, seeking to secede from the union asap. Protest rallies and marches ongoing in downtown and on college campuses today.


  30. California secession group to hold meet-up at State Capitol


    Then I’d have to move to the United States. It’s all so confusing.


    An organization hoping to facilitate the secession of California from the Union is holding a meet and greet on the Capitol steps in Sacramento Wednesday, November 9, 2016, or, the day after the presidential election.

    The Yes California Independence Campaign, which is based in San Diego, is aiming to qualify a citizen’s initiative in 2018 to get a referendum for secession on the ballot in 2019. They’ll be in Sacramento to garner support for their initiative.

    “In our view,” a statement on its website reads, “the United States of America represents so many things that conflict with Californian values, and our continued statehood means California will continue subsidizing the other states to our own detriment, and to the detriment of our children.” ….

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  31. Anthony Bradley

    If your Christianity only engages elites, college grads, artists, “creatives,” urban professionals, etc. you won’t understand why Trump won.

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  32. Thank you, mumsee – Get the barn ready

    From CNN International: Protester on election result: “As a woman and as a Latina, I feel very upset and oppressed”

    I’ve been seeing that kind of comment all day on social media. I’m trying to remember the reaction to the Obama election, I don’t think I recall any “demonstrations” or outrage really. Those who disagreed were, for the most part, quiet and conciliatory and then just went about their business, hoping for the best.

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  33. Well…….

    The Canadian immigration website crashed last night.

    The difference in popular vote vs electoral votes will decrease the legitimacy of the election. Its probably the worst possible outcome. It also highlights the divide between urban and rural states…when a Wyoming vote is worth at least twice as much as a California vote legitmacy will be questioned.

    Sanders would have won. He was the positive version of Trump.

    I wonder if the Democrats will filbuster or block like the Republicans did. The Sanders/Warren wing will but the DLC probably won’t.

    2018 mid terms will be interesting esp in terms of the type of candidates the Democrats will field.


  34. Additionally

    I gave a harassment health lesson today — some might say it was rather ironic.

    Some girls came to me to discuss sexual harassment in the hallways. I don’t blame Trump but the coincidence is too strong.

    I told my American nieces I have an extra bedroom available. Their boyfriends asked if they could come with them. Interestingly my nieces are conservative evangelicals. An indication the culture wars are over despite Trump’s win.

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  35. Donna my daughter in Pasadena has used the same verbiage..”….she is an African American woman and has experienced terrifying racism…her white friends will never know the fear. The KKK is celebrating in the streets and there is no safe place for her, muslims, minorities, LBGT….her world is spinning out of control”.
    Granted, I have not lived in close proximity to her for the past 10 or so years….we sent her to CA for drug rehab…she stayed. I have never heard her express these experiences before this day….my heart grieves for her and others who seem to believe the end has come…and they know not Him….

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  36. Dems will have an uphill battle in ’18, they have a lot of seats they’re ‘losing’ and will have to retain just to stay even.

    Their success at doing that will depend in large part on what happens in Trump’s first 2 years.

    I read an insightful NYT piece today (can’t find the link off hand) about how perhaps the media hasn’t talked to many of those who delivered the Trump victory — the blue collar, working class, very non-elite, common folks. I think that’s true, I see more of a clash of ‘class,’ if you will, in all of this than of race or any other difference.

    It harkens back to the McGovern campaign I was so enamored with in my college youth — the Democratic party lost many of the working class union guys and gals in that campaign that appealed to the youthful, college-educated pacifists.

    The working class, common man was always a demographic the Democrats had. My dad was that kind of Democrat. So are my neighbors (who voted for Trump).

    There’s something happening in the culture and in the political realm that we haven’t quite been able to grasp yet, but it bears some investigation.

    I was out at a crime scene once as a reporter, talking to a local TV reporter — he asked me where I went to college, I said State (cheap). He said same with him and he thought that gave us unique insight as journalists to the common, working class segment of society, along with the ability to talk to just about anybody. I have to agree.

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  37. nancyjill, I’m sorry to see so many distressed — and Trump did say some clearly over-the-top kinds of things and he has, I think, an obligation to offer an olive branch, whether it’s accepted or not.

    But elections are a matter of acceptance in our country, we’ve all been on the losing side, sometimes more often than not, and I suppose I’m just perplexed about what demonstrators specifically want out of this — or is it just blowing off steam?

    I heard that some colleges cancelled classes today, also (apparently out of sensitivity to students who may be upset by the results), which baffles me. You lose, you win, you just go on. The people have spoken.

    I was very idealistic & heartbroken after the McGovern defeat (a BIG one), I remember going to classes the next day feeling deflated — I sat on a hillside for a while, as I recall, not believing that the “dream” was just over. But I went to class and carried on.


  38. Broad-brush painting those people as racist (or … fill in the blank) really dismisses their genuine concerns and experiences.

    Do some racists support Trump? yes. But most of these folks aren’t that, they’re just hard-working, often rural living, people who have a sense they’ve been left behind and forgotten.

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  39. If the people demonstrating are young, they may not have ever had the opportunity to be on the losing side in a presidential election. It may be a new experience for them. But life goes on. They’ll learn. We all do.

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  40. I guess we have to start giving out participation trophies, to help ease the pain of losing.

    Or they could just grow up and move on, like the adults they claim to be.

    And this whole thing has been orchestrated by MoveOn and pro-illegal immigrant groups. Apparently they missed the irony of MoveOn telling them not to, you know, move on….


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