37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-7-16

  1. I have told you before that I seldom remember a dream. I don’t know the reason for it, but now, in Greensboro, I often remember dreams in detail. Nothing significant. Just pertinent dreams about things.
    Last night, I dreamed that my in-box was crammed full of advertising e-mail about the election. Trump is the only ones I get. The thing about them was that i couldn’t delete without opening. So? I had to open each one to delete it. I don’t know where that came from because I haven’t encountered it before.
    So? I spent the night opening and deleting e-mail.

    Otherwise: Good morning Aj & everyone else.
    Good evening Jo. Sweet dreams.
    I think it’s about 12:50 for Tychicus and he’s out doing things.

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  2. Morning, Chas. Lots of rain here. Two years ago I gave my aide a key to the area under my house. It is sorta open, but enclosed, you can see in there, but it is blocked from critters. There is firewood under there as I had a wood stove. Finally sold the stove last year as I never used it. So I am thinking that I want the wood out of there. I knew someone else that has a truck that I thought would take it. So today I mentioned it to Wendy who has the key. She said that the rain had gotten into their wood and she would be over today to get some dry wood. And on Saturday her son and others will come with her to help get it. I just asked a general question. God’s timing. This is when it is needed.

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  3. Good morning everyone. Tomorrow we will have our annual RECAD (Real Estate Consumer Agency Disclosure) meeting and Thanksgiving potluck. The past two years I cooked a turkey and made the dressing. This year I am taking a vegetable. I feel so disconnected from the office. I am not a full employee of the company although they give Guy a little money to pay towards my salary. I am not an administrator of a division. I am not recognized as an agent or a member of a team. It bothers me and I refer to myself as a “ghost”. I brought this up to Guy several weeks ago, but he shut me down and told me all the reasons I shouldn’t say anything. He implied it would cost me money in the long run. He also wants to cut the commission split I have with him. I never have been able to stand up for myself and when I try to it turns into a disaster.
    Oh, and I opened my Blue Cross Blue Shield letter over the weekend. My insurance premium doubled. It isn’t a choice between having a cell phone or insurance. I have to have both. One because I must be able to be reached wherever I am –as twice yesterday when I was away from home to get agents in to show properties and the other because the government mandates that I must.
    I will haul my bad attitude off to work now.

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  4. Then there is this…

    There was an art show in my living room a few nights ago. A fabulous art show. That’s my new word, “Fabulous”. You have to drag the “A” out for a bit “Faaaabulous”, like Dr. Kevin Elko does. He’s the guy that tells you, among other things, to “be where your feet are”, which is solid advice. I’ll get back to that point.

    So, it’s about 9:45, I’m tired to the bone and trying to point my night owl six-year-old in the direction of bed. Along the way he happens to notice a large stash of his original art work from prior school years in a corner of the living room. It had been recently sorted by his mother. The best of the best of the best to be kept forever and ever and two more months after that.

    Upon seeing this stash of future multi-million dollar creations my littlest man announces his discovery VERY ENTHUSISATICALLY followed by the point that he wants to show it all to me……at 9:45 on a school night. I mentioned I was deliriously tired right? However, this is my 3rd child and I have been softened up by years of shelling so I say ok and take a seat on the ottoman, where he has instructed me to sit, so we can have “an art show”.

    First creation from the stash, “The Rainbow Chicken”! That’s what he called it with absolute six-year-old enthusiasm, which cracked me up along with everyone else that heard him. This was followed by a description of when he drew (“created”) it, who his teacher was that year and on and on. This went on for about 20 minutes, each piece described in great detail, me asking questions about each one, until the living room was covered in drawings, paintings, creations of all sorts ranging from elves, to boats, to sunsets and of course trains. Lots and lots of trains.

    It was a fabulous event and he talked about it the next day, and the next. His “art show” and “The Rainbow Chicken”. Clearly he was proud of himself. Clearly his father was proud of him.

    Here is the part to pay attention to, or is it too?………..

    If that had been my first child or even my second that art show never would have happened but that was not my first or second child, it was my third. The surprise baby. The one that showed up two full years after we gave all the baby stuff away. The one that completes my family in ways his parents could never have imagined.

    This art show happened in part because he was six and very excited but it also happened because of my oldest son that was downstairs. The one it seems I brought home from the hospital just last week but is now almost 6 feet tall and will leave for college in only 4 more years. The one everyone told me would be grown in the blink of an eye. He is the one that I learned on, he will always be the one I learn on because as long as he is here he will always be my oldest son. By default, the one I learn on. He has taught me that they don’t stay little very long.

    I regret not spending more time soaking up his art show moments when he was younger but I have gotten better. Honestly. it all happened faster than I ever imagined it would, much faster and it just seems to gain speed. I know, y’all told me it would. You were right. I’ve got it now.

    Whenever you can, “Be where your feet are”. That simply means stop anticipating tomorrow and dwelling in yesterday. Tomorrow will be here fast enough and you can’t change yesterday, you can only learn from it. Don’t miss today and the simple blessings each day holds.

    As for The Rainbow Chicken. It is on its way to being framed and on my wall. It is an original, not another like it in this whole big wide world and it’s mine. It’s fabulous.

    “Be where your feet are”. Just do it.

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  5. One thing I did as a preschool teacher was to make a neat collection of each child’s artwork to send home at year end in a folder. That way it did not get scattered in their busy homes, and the moms and children could enjoy it during summer break.


  6. Chas, better stand by, the FBI may be calling you.

    Unfortunately, cats aren’t in tune with the time change. It was a full-on battle this morning beginning at 6 a.m. with Annie dive bombing me in bed to get me up already. I tossed her off the bed twice, but she kept coming back, convinced I was oversleeping. I gave up — and got up — at 6:20.

    We’re socked in with fog this morning, it’s a blanket of gray outside my windows, with the sounds of the mournful fog horns calling out in the harbor. And it’s chilly. But our days are very warm, getting warmer this week, up into the 80s. I still haven’t had to turn on the heater yet this year.

    Received an email from one of the candidates I wrote about in my long profile of our county race, he said he was very happy with it and wanted to thank me for being so fair (even though our paper formally endorsed his opponent). I drove by one of his local campaign headquarters last night on the way home from the dog park and it looked like it was bustling, all the volunteers for all the campaigns are on high alert, coming down the wire to get their voters out.


  7. Ah, I miss those damp, chilly foggy mornings wrapped in a jacket going to school– and then having to haul it back up the hill with my backpack, sweating in the 80 degree sunny afternoons!

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  8. Tomorrow will be busy for me, I don’t go into work probably until around 5 p.m. so I’ll have much of the day for needed errands (and to vote, of course). The lead guy comes between 8 and 8:30 a.m. (for the required lead testing around the windows/door I’m having replaced later in the month); I need to go to the hardware store (unless I can squeeze that in on a break today) to pick up a new garage padlock and then I need to drop a form off at Building & Safety to close out the roofing permit.

    I guess I’ll need to make an appointment to get my left brake light looked at again, after he fixed it last week it went out again.

    And I think today I’ll order some more black accent tiles for the bathroom, I’m thinking it’ll be awfully white in there and that one border line through the tub-shower area might not be enough.

    Oh, and it occurs to me that I never got a call back from the beadboard people, who were supposed to finalize my total charges and bring me up to speed on the shipping.

    Bathroom demo *could* start Friday, real estate guy isn’t real good about keeping me up to date on that — so I’ll have to tentatively ask for that day off. My cousins should be coming by the following weekend (I think?) for lunch and to see the “progress,” although by then we’ll probably just be in regress mode still.


  9. DJ, Weren’t you planning to paint above the beadboard and tile?
    You will have black and white on the floor and the one black stripe. Sometimes less is more and sometime more is more. I usually err on the more is more side but I would caution you not to be me.


  10. Donna @ 10:16. I hope FBI is as efficient at AAA Carolinas.
    I am planning a trip to Va. in December. I go online to AAA to order maps and tour books.
    I enter all the required data, tell them what I want, and just before clicking “submit”, I notice they didn’t ask for which locations I wanted the tourbooks and maps.
    How is it possible to not ask what the location is?
    Am I missing something?


  11. Kim, I figure the tile guy can probably more appropriately weigh in on the 2 vs. 1 narrow black trim line(s) through the tub/shower area and what would look best. I’m still fine with 1, I think, but it’s not much tile involved (literally fits in one hand wrapped up) so I’m thinking if I have it on hand (enough for 2) we can figure it out then.

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  12. Yep, kittens are cute. Only once in my life have I ever wanted to take one home, and I was only about ten, and Mom reminded me someday it would be a cat and that was enough. But they are cute at that age.


  13. Karen was doing well today and may get home today or tomorrow depending on how the walking goes for her. She did not need me to spend the night last night which is a relief.


  14. For your amusement, our son posted this on FB this morning:
    Every plumber has this story, or at least has heard this story. Just happened to me today.
    Cleaning a main drain line and I’m pulling back tons of baby wipes and condoms…. notify the customer of the problem and he says ” I wonder what the condoms are from? We are trying to get pregnant I don’t use them”
    I said “that’s none of my business.”

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  15. It’s all detail work here at my house–photo authorizations, Endnote citations, Bibliography and, right at the end–a hunt for an elusive Swedish photographer who may have taken a photo I need in 1974 . . . maybe even earlier? Ha!


  16. The walls above the white beadboard will be a very pale wash of blue. I figure I can add more color by way of contrasting towels, shower curtain, rug, etc. if I want to. 🙂 I’ll have to live with it a while to see what will work best I think.

    Well, that little handful of black trim tile costs $80, more than I’d remembered paying from my larger order, so maybe I’ll be content with one simple line running through. 🙂 Probably would save $ on the work end, too.

    We’re bracing for tomorrow, getting social media tips, making photo assignments & (later today) the deadline and story length details. I’m starting to write my main story/race now, at least get some background in there with the hyperlinks so I don’t have to scramble so much on Tuesday.

    It’ll be real.

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  17. So the broken record continued. Karen is back in A Fib. We are trying to go on a trip later this week. Tired and torn. At least grocery shopping is done and a car tag sticker taken care of, medicine picked up, etc. Too bad Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Swirl bread was BOGO on the Eve of this horrible election and the same time I got news of Karen’s reoccurring disease. If you are what you eat, then I am looking like a pumpkin right now.


  18. I like that pale blue wash you described, DJ. That sounds so attractive.

    It should be interesting if I stay with Karen tonight with the election and all. I will be in Liberalville.

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  19. Happy Birthday, Donna!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Border Bathroom for the Happy Border Family!
    Wishing for a quick finish to your projects and then many years of enjoying the results!🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
    It took a lot of cakes to have enough candles! I probably got too many candles!

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