33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-18-16

  1. Good to see you two, Jo and Chas. Hello to the rest as you wander into the blog today.

    Today I am suppose to help my friend get packed and ready for her surgery scheduled for tomorrow. Perhaps her elusive cats will make an appearance. This seems in some ways a bigger deal than Art’s surgery. Now their daughter is sick, too, so that complicates things more. The daughter is 27, the age of my son.

    Linda, do you know anything more about the trip to Atlanta? I saw a photo on Facebook of you riding your bike. Looking good, Linda!

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  2. Good Windy morning all….we need rain or some kind of moisture…snow would be good too!! Fires to the south of us…one was to the west of us but that one seems to be smaller and more controlled…smoke in the air brings back dreaded memories of three years ago…praying for all in harms way….
    We’ve been up since about 2:30…could not sleep…seems to be the norm lately….sleep is highly overrated 😛

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  3. Miss Bosley is available to give lessons in sleeping. She offers Cat Napping, Sleeping on the Back with Four Paws Held High, Twitching Deep Sleep Mode, and Sleep With Your Eyes Open. Once in awhile she offers a class on How to Jump Out of a Nightmare.

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  4. Hi, Janice. We found out yesterday that Sun Trust wants us to do all of the workshops remotely. So as of now, no trips. 😦
    p.s. thanks for the compliment!

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  5. Yesterday was busy. I had a closing and Guy needed to get out two packages. My closing was highly inconvenient for him.. I was at the office until 6pm. I am up early and my brain starts shutting down around 4pm. Plus I hadn’t eaten lunch and was “hangry”. Today is off to a better start. I did hear on the radio yesterday that it had not rained in LA for 165 days until it rained night before last.
    An interesting proposition came up last night as Mr. P and I were having dinner. I had refused to leave this area while BG was still in school. He mentioned some contract work he is qualified to do. He was shocked that I was open to it. Right now it is only the kernel of an idea.

    Ann, do you have an update for us on your mother? Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. She is in the hospital, and they can medically wean her off of the alcohol. You haven’t been far from my thoughts.

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  6. Very interesting, Kim. Good thoughts all around.

    Sorry to hear you won’t be in town, Linda. Your consolation prize is that you will not be stuck in Atlanta traffic!


  7. Perhaps to an island where Mr. could dive his beloved “Trench” in his spare time. Like I said, it is only the kernel of an idea, but when he threw it out over dinner last night I wasn’t opposed. I have been in the past. His biggest bonus was a direct flight to BWI and grandchildren. My trips home would be a little more convoluted, but then they always are.


  8. You would leave “the south”? Or is this an island close by where you are now?

    The rain the other night was such a treat. Unfortunately, our temperatures now are headed up to the high 80s and they’re saying we’re on fire alert again. Sheesh. Hard to keep up.

    The little tree the city gave me is still struggling, looking quite brown. I’ve watered it (and the rain, did, too) but it looks like its struggling. I noticed the ones planted a few doors down from me are also turning brown, doing the same thing.

    The city is supposed to water and care for them for 3 years, but we don’t really trust that promise. Would have been nice if they’d left some information and instructions when they planted them at least.

    What a snuggly kitten in the photo. 🙂

    Helicopter story today, coyotes tomorrow and a downtown mural painting story the next day.

    The window people come between 2-4 p.m. Wednesday to take some final measurements.


  9. After several days of being way behind on reading the comments (except for keeping up on the prayer thread & the secret room), I am now caught up with Our Daily Thread comments. Now I just have to catch up with the News/Politics comments (I’m still on yesterday’s).

    Along the way, there’ve been several comments I would have commented on if I’d been up-to-date, but I can’t remember what I would have said.

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  10. I have given up on the New/Politics thread until after the election (the reason I asked if the politics could stay over there the other day). So if anything important happens, somebody let me know because this is pretty much the only place I get the news.

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  11. One does not simply LEAVE the South. It is ingrained in us. We could no more leave the South than we could …why I don’t even have words to express. We may change our geography but we are always in a Southern state of mind.
    This place could be conveniently located south of here, but not in that state that is better known as south New Jersey or New York or Michigan.

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  12. Linda, I feel your pain. I walk out of a room if the news goes that way or I go to the bedroom and read if Mr. P wants to watch something concerning that which shall not be named. I am done.

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  13. I’m confused, but it likely doesn’t matter.
    Donna, BWI Baltimore-Washington International, if that is relevant to anything.
    There are no islands immediately south of Fairhope, A..


  14. It would be a Caribbean Island IF it comes to pass. He has to get some more medical issues finalized first. Then he would have to apply. Without him being qualified for anything I do not qualify. It may take a few years to happen.
    The BWI is Baltimore Washington although I sure could like it if it stood for British West Indies. Grandchildren are currently located in Maryland and we don’t want any more unless they are located in Pensacola. That child is smart. He told us he would only get married and have a child if we would keep it and pay for it. We haven’t pushed any more.

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  15. Eeee, look at those cute little feet!

    Wow, a Caribbean island, way to go. Lots of book reading on the beach time there. White sand, blue waters …

    Just finished up interviews with the helicopter restoration crew. I picked up a new motto for my house project: “First, do no harm.” Thus, the bathroom window stays put where it always was. 🙂 Yes, it contradicts all architectural rules nowadays, but it’s how the rolled back then, so that’s where the window is *supposed* to go.

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  16. I’m back! Breaking news! In an effort to get the heavy black trash bag of cat litter to my car, I pulled it from friends apartment to my parking space not realizing until I put it into my car that I had left a trail of litter all the way. I had to get the broom and sweep the breezeway, sidewalk, and small portion of the parking lot. Oops! Lesson learned. Karen felt so badly for me that she almost cried. I only got a glimpse of one cat face today which peeped around the corner to see the alien invader, moi. Interesting week to be in that neighborhood since it is the week of the Festival of the Booths. There is one in the parking lot near where the cat litter spilled. Doubly feel bad Oops! I found myself checking each yard I passed to see if they had their temporary shelter set up. It felt similar to looking for Christmas trees during that holy season.


  17. I believe it was 85 in the Springs yesterday….when I arrived home in our neck of the forest last night at 6 it was 48…and the wind was howling! Today we have had wind and 50 degrees as our high out here…not sure what the temps were in town….no moisture in sight…this has been a very unusual October for certain….I’m ready for snow…and boots and stuff 🙂


  18. It’s warming up here, too, now they’re predicting it’ll be a high of 91 on Thursday (!!). Can’t shake summer.

    I’ve gotten some grief from people on that bathroom window, a couple folks are insistent I HAVE to go with a contemporary, horizontal slider high on the wall. It makes sense in a practical way, but the window space that’s already there goes back to the ’20s and I’m sticking with it. 🙂

    Meanwhile, let’s hope the original cast iron tub is underneath all that plastic liner material — and is restorable — because the only tub I’ve found so far that I like is really expensive. 😦

    I have very good taste.

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  19. Interesting that it took a while for me to figure out the bathroom window space was original to the house (it had been “filled” with a metal louvre system, no doubt around the same time the peach tile and speckled linoleum do-over was done, circa 1970s?).

    First I started reading articles that said these large windows were typical in many older homes, including the craftsmen styles (which mine mostly is). Then I noticed the exterior wood trim design matched all the other (original) windows on that side of the house.

    So the original 1923 window must have been in that space.

    I’m also newly noticing all the wonderful craftsman window trims on the inside of the house now — hoping at some point to choose a paint combo (not all white) that will set those and the living room wainscoting off much better.

    Loving my house lately, as much turmoil as there is in it right now!

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  20. large windows specifically (and oddly by today’s standards) in the tub-shower space in the bathroom, that graph should have specified


  21. Old houses are such a puzzle, fun to figure them out. I did some initial research on it after I’d bought it, found the name of the man who built it (his occupation was listed as “carpenter”) but I’d like to go back and find that info again — and more if I can.

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