Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2016-Week 7

It’s Autumn and leaves are falling. It’s week 7 in college football, and some teams’, hopes for a good bowl bid are falling. Seven is a lucky number, so maybe those teams will get lucky and win. And maybe you’ll guess the winners correctly in all ten of the games listed below and win! No prize, just bragging rights and the opportunity to pick the next tie breaker game. Ricky Weaver’s son Travis won last week, and his dog, “Presidential Candidate Arnold Weaver”, picked an SEC showdown for this week. Pick the winner and score of that game. Get those guesses in by 12 NOON Saturday, October 15, 2016.

 1. Iowa @ Purdue
2. Illinois @ Rutgers
3. #12 Ole Miss @ #22 Arkansas
4. Stanford @ Notre Dame
5. #2 Ohio State @ #8 Wisconsin
6. Colorado State @ #15 Boise State
7. UConn @ South Florida
8. USC @ Arizona
9. Pillow Fight: Kent St. (2-4) @ Miami-Oh (0-6)
10. Tie breaker- pick winner and final score: #1 Alabama @ #9 Tennessee

19 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2016-Week 7

  1. 1. Iowa – There’s a reason ESPN nicknamed the Boilermakers as “Pur-don’t”.
    2. Illinois – While the Illini are a bad team, the Knights are worse.
    3. Ole Miss – No, I’m not choosing the visiting teams all the way down, just the winners.
    4. Stanford – And the Cardinal is better that the Irish this year.
    5. Wisconsin – The home team “Badgers” the Buckeyes into the losing column this week.
    6. Boise State – Broncos push the Rams back to Colorado.
    7. South Florida – See? I favor the home team more than the visitors.
    8. Arizona – Especially when the home team is my team. Bear Down, Wildcats!
    9. Miami-Oh – No more O-and-something for Miami-Oh
    10. Alabama 45 – 24 The Volunteers can’t keep back the Tide.


  2. 1. Iowa
    2. Illinois
    3. #12 Ole Miss
    4. Stanford
    5. #8 Wisconsin
    6. #15 Boise State
    7. South Florida
    8. Arizona
    9. Miami-Oh (0-6)
    10. Tie breaker- pick winner and final score: #1 Alabama @ #9 Tennessee Alabama 48 Tennessee 28

    Next week Mr. P will be at the Alabama vs Texas A & M Game. I have BIG plans while he is gone.

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  3. Try this:

    1. Boilermakers
    2. Illiani
    3. Ol Miss
    4. Notre Dame
    5. Ohio State
    6. Boise
    7 S. Florida
    8. Arizona
    9. Miami, Ohio
    10 Bama 21-10


  4. I’d like to change my pick on the tie-breaker game – I didn’t realize that the Volunteers are missing so many starters. ‘Bama 34-24.


  5. It’s going to be hard to win this week, as 4 of the games are unanimous among us. So if we are all wrong on those, it will depend on the other 6 games. And of those, only Chas picked Purdue (for obvious reasons) and only Ricky picked Rutgers.

    I’ll look forward to the results while watching the Stanford/Notre Dame game on NBC tonight.


  6. Well, Kim, If Stanford and Wisconsin win, then you and I would be tied with Tychicus. All the other unfinished games don’t matter now since everyone picked the same winners. Guess what? You’re right that you can’t win because for once, I got the best tie breaker score! Now, on to win it all for once!

    BTW- At this time both Stanford and Wisconsin are winning by a touchdown or less.


  7. Yes, indeed. Travis wins again with 9 correct.
    Aj had 8.
    Tychicus, kbells, Kim and I had 7.
    Ricky and Chas 6.

    The game scores were:
    Iowa 49 Purdue 35
    Illinois 24 Rutgers 7
    Arkansas in an upset over Ole Miss 34 – 30
    Stanford 17 Notre Dame 10
    Ohio State 30 Wisconsin 23 in overtime
    Boise State 28 Colorado State 23
    South Florida 42 UConn 27
    USC 48 Arizona 14 (disappointing, but Arizona had their 3rd string QB who is only 17 years old)
    Miami-O loses the 0 in their record by beating Kent State 18-14 They are now 1-6.
    Tie breaker: Bama 49 Tennessee 10.

    Congrats Travis. What game does Arnold want for next week’s tiebreaker?


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