37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-7-16

  1. Good evening Jo.
    IT’S FRIDAY You know what that means?
    Not much. now, we’ve seen the funnies, I’ve already had breakfast.
    We are sending Mel and Polly on their way.
    They came over from Hendersonville to visit yesterday and spent the night at Chucks. We’ll meet for brunch about 9:30 and send them off.
    I’ve told you before, Polly is the reason we left Virginia for NC and I am the reason Mel has Polly.
    Mel turns 78 tomorrow Jo.

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  2. Good morning/evening, Chas and Jo and AJ .

    One of my granddaughter’s turned 14 yesterday, and I have another who turns 11 today. I think we have 4 more birthdays this month, all in different families.

    The dragonfly above is one of my favorite insects. I remember them hovering around the irrigation ditches at my grandparents farm.


  3. Good morning. I accidentally posted the funnies yesterday, so if you want them, there they are.

    I also made a mistake on the Pigskin Picks. So if you are Mumsee, kbells or Janice you need to go and re-pick game 9. Texas-San Antonio plays Southern Mississippi instead of Rice, so please tell me which you want.


  4. Cheryl, one of our docs says that his retirement plan is to go back to college. He will be surrounded by young people, which will keep him active, learning all the time, which will keep dementia at bay, housing is cheap, and he can eat in the cafeteria.

    I have also seen this model where they have a day care in the same facility. The interaction benefits both groups.

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  5. More on Hurricanes in the South:
    As a seasoned Alabamian and Floridian, adept at Hurricane preparedness, there are certain indicators I use to tell if a storm could be serious. For me there are Six Tiers to my level of concern. They are as follows:

    First Tier: Grocery stores are out of bread and water. This is a rookie panic move. Not a ton of concern yet.

    Second Tier: Schools are closed. Safe move, still not panicked. Work will probably be next.

    Third Tier: Work is cancelled. Well, that makes sense since schools were closed. Maybe there’s something to the storm. I’m now glad I bought bread and water.

    Fourth Tier: Gas shortages. Ok, need to pay close attention. Gas shortages are serious. Glad I don’t have to go to work.

    Fifth Tier: Mandatory evacuations. This is nothing to joke about now. People need to move inland. Thankfully I’m inland with a tank full of gas, a day off from work, and a bunch of soggy bread.

    Sixth Tier: Walt Disney World cancels events, evacuates areas of the parks, and refunds people their money. Just got real. We may actually die.

    Now, there is a Seventh Tier. I don’t like to mention it though because it usually means the finger of God is about to touch down in our state. You’ve been warned, here goes…

    Seventh Tier: College football games are cancelled. I… I don’t even know what to do at this point. It’s the end times. Fend for yourself.

    Credit: Unknown. Thought it was funny.

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  6. Happy (almost) anniversary, Cheryl. Seems like a long time ago now 🙂

    I’m doing a story today on a book that supposedly traces all the haunted spots in our town. Interviewing the author this morning by phone. Seemed like an apropos story for October and I really needed what we call a “weekender” (the very term when said by the editor makes reporters shudder — “Where’s your weekender???”)

    And I’m down to just a few things left to order for the bathroom — beadboard (I need to call the company, which is in Texas, today with a few questions), tile (still need to figure out tub space and amount of subway tile I’ll need) and (the major piece that continues to stump me) a window that sits right in the shower.

    The window is complicated for a lot of reasons, but partly because I’m trying to see if I can retain the wood frame on the outside (because it matches the wood trim on the 3 other windows it sits right in the middle of on the north side of the house). I may have to just have it copied in the end, but I don’t think I’m willing to have a vinyl window trim (that can’t really be painted) smack in the middle of the wood framed windows on that side of the house.

    This stuff is way more complicated than I ever imagined. One little thing ends up requiring a Plan B or a Plan C, on and on. It’s all very interconnected in ways you didn’t originally comprehend.


  7. I see the clown phenomenon has upset my mom’s old hometown, Spencer, Iowa. From their local paper:

    According to Spencer Police Chief Mark Warburton two separate incidents occurred between approximately 9 and 9:30 p.m. One involved an individual reportedly walking in a residential area in north Spencer dressed as a clown and the second involved a car load of people dressed as clowns driving up and down South Grand Avenue reportedly “yelling and threatening” people. Officers responded to both calls but were unable to locate the alleged clowns.


  8. Donna,

    There’s also video out there now of some stupid creepy clown rolling up on a car trying to scare them. The 4 startled men inside exit the car, bash him in the knee with a baseball bat, and proceed to kick the livin’ snot out of ’em.

    As we say around here, don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’…..

    The clown failed to heed this rule.

    I’m guessing more such incidents will occur. It’s only a matter of time before some frightened homeowner blasts one. Those who go looking for trouble rarely have much difficulty finding it.

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  9. Mumsee, re yesterday’s bee problem: if you cut the tree and the honey spills, they will collect it and move it. The issue is more finding a new nest than having their honey taken.


  10. There was a guy in a clown outfit — carrying a large stick — photographed walking out of our neighborhood park late the other night.

    Also coyotes and homeless in that park (where I often walk the dogs, but never at night).

    All the issues I end up covering eventually converge.


  11. Mumsee, yeah, you’re cooler than we are, so it might be. Here we still have active pollinators of many species, including honeybees. Just today I was out taking pictures of some fallen pears with probably a dozen species of insects on or around them. I’ve seen at least four species of butterflies, several of wasps, bees, ants, grasshoppers . . .


  12. When I was in my 30s I had a string of fake pearls.

    “Pearls are too classy for this place,” a fellow reporter told me one day when I wore them into the newsroom.

    “Oh, don’t worry, they’re plastic,” I told him.

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  13. Cheryl, I enjoyed that link (8:28), especially the video with the music students. It reminded me of playing in piano recitals as a youth — my teacher that I had for most of my piano years before starting college always held her student recitals at a nursing home in town. I continued that tradition for a number of my piano-teaching years, also.

    And even better for the residents to have musical youth not just playing for them on occasion, but residing with them like in the Cleveland example! That’s a neat idea.

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  14. I have to try to refigure my school plan for next week. All three of the youngest kids — the ones being homeschooled — as well as I, were sick in varying degrees with our colds and junk. School was very hit and miss. We seem to all be getting over it now, so hopefully things will go more smoothly next week.

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  15. I wore my mom’s double strand of small pearls for my wedding and inherited them when she passed away. I never wear them and I know my daughter is not likely to ever wear them. It’s sad that they just sit in a box.

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  16. Kare, my birthstone is a pearl, but for a long time I thought that was too bad I didn’t get a prettier one. (I’d have liked May’s emerald or any of several other months.) I do now have some pearls, though, and I wear them occasionally.

    But when my husband and I were dating, and I’d recently gotten my ears pierced just for him (and thus had few earrings) . . . we got my grandmother’s diamond set as my engagement ring, and the store offered a special deal of financing it with their store credit and you’d get a set of several pearl earrings (different colors). He had their credit card already but had planned to pay with something else, but I asked him to do it that way and get the earrings. He did so, and sent them home with me. A few months later I married him and moved to live with him . . . but I have never seen those pearl earrings since the day in the store.


  17. Me, me, I would love to have some pearls.
    Kare, those pearls are timeless. Keep them, there will come a time when you are glad you did.
    Thinking back to some things of value that I foolishly gave away.

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  18. Ah, I see my other dragonfly photo is up. These were both taken the same day, I think. (I know they were both taken at the same place.) They’re both “new” species to me as of this summer, with interesting and unusual coloring. The one up now from the side looks like two separate pieces shoved together that don’t quite match, but from this angle you can see the dark green on both halves, and the stripes on the back half aren’t as obvious or as weird.

    But what I really like about this photo? From that angle the thing doesn’t look like a living creature, but like a mechanical toy. Both the “knobs” attaching the wings to the body and the back of the head look like cheap technology in a plastic toy.


  19. Yes, I am going to keep them. If they go to anyone it will be my sister 🙂

    I also inherited my aunts’ pearls – mostly costume but maybe some real. I decorate a small tree for Christmas with all those pearl necklaces – I think it looks very pretty.

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