18 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-5-16

  1. The VA continues to drop the ball, and it’s continuing to cost lives.


    “The Phoenix Veterans Affairs office is still improperly canceling veterans’ appointments, has built up a new backlog of cases — and at least one veteran is likely dead because of it, the department’s inspector general said in a new report Tuesday.

    Two years after they first sounded the alarm about secret waiting lists leaving veterans struggling for care at the Phoenix VA, investigators said some services have improved, and they cleared the clinic of allegations that top officials ordered staff to cancel appointments.

    But confusion and bureaucratic bungling are still prevalent, some veterans are waiting a half-year or longer for treatment, and staff are still canceling appointments for questionable reasons.

    More than 200 veterans died while waiting for appointments in 2015, and investigators said at least one veteran would likely have been saved if the clinic had gone ahead with his consultation.”

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    I didn’t watch as much of the debate as I did Hillary and The Donald.
    I couldn’t take any more of Tom Kane.
    He came across to me as a boorish slob, talking over everyone.
    That is a deliberate technique to take control of the discussion and prevent, as much as possible, the raising of possible embarrassing items.
    I don’t know how successful that was in the end.
    And don’t really care.

    I like Mike Pence.

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  3. But rest assured, no deviants will die on Obama’s watch. Their treatment will get them bumped to the front of the line, ahead of normal soldiers.


    “Starting the first week of October, the government will pay for gender reassignment treatments and surgeries for eligible soldiers — an estimated expense between $2.4 million to $8.4 million per year.

    There are between 1,320 and 6,630 transgender troops in the active-duty force of 1.3 million, according the RAND Corp. which conducted a study for the Pentagon. Of those troops, RAND estimates that between 30 and 140 would like hormone treatment, and 25 to 130 would seek surgery.

    The Defense Department policy states if a service member’s ability to serve is hindered by a “medical condition or medical treatment related to their gender identity,” they will be treated. When an active duty service member receives approval from a military medical provider to undergo gender transition, the commander must approve the timing of medical treatment.

    Defense Department spokesman Air Force Maj. Ben Sakrisson said starting Oct. 3, the military health program will cover therapy and hormone treatments for Tricare beneficiaries with gender dysphoria. According to Sakrisson, gender reassignment surgeries for active-duty personnel will be conducted at either a military hospital or, if qualified care is unavailable at a military facility, at a private hospital paid by Tricare.

    Ron Crews, executive director of Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, said this is not the best use of government money, because soldiers undergoing treatments or surgeries will be unqualified for deployment for extended periods of time.

    “I think this is a gross misuse of military medical dollars that should be used to make our military forces deployable or to help those who are wounded or injured while they are deployed,” Crews, a veteran, said.”

    Well it’s definitely a misuse of funds and it definitely is gross. But it’s not the only wastes of resources.


    “The Department of Defense issued its official implementation handbook for transgender service members and their commanders on Friday, just days before a Pentagon deadline for the military to provide gender transition medical care to members of the armed forces.

    As “an administrative management tool,” the handbook is the core policy guide on which each of the services will base its own implementation plan. The handbook defines key terms, such as “gender dysphoria,” the clinical designation for individuals who feel that their sex and gender do not match. And in an introductory section titled “The Basics,” the handbook explains the differences between sex and gender identity, an understanding of which is now necessary for all military personnel:

    “Every person has the right to have their gender identity recognized and respected, and all Service members who receive a diagnosis that gender transition is medically necessary will be provided with support and management to transition, within the bounds of military readiness.”
    The handbook guides a serviceperson seeking transition between genders to communicate his or her intent with his or her unit, via letter or in person. The pre-transition serviceperson in question should, however, consider the consequences such a decision might have on his or her career, the handbook says. (The handbook, wisely, uses second person pronouns.)

    One should also bear in mind that there is a physical readiness test required post-transition. (This is noteworthy because the standard physical readiness test, or PRT, demands slightly different levels of rigor for men and women.) There is, as yet, no standard assessment of psychological fitness for transgender service members, Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon explained to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.”

    And they’ll waste even more on this disgusting nonsense. As will this.


    “The Air Force announced a new set of 13 inclusion initiatives Friday with the goal of ensuring the force isn’t as white, male and heterosexual as it is now.

    Air Force officials are intent on building upon a foundation of nine initiatives from 2015, in order to boost diversity.

    Those nine initiatives weren’t enough to make the Air Force as diverse as desired, which is why it is taking more intensive steps in 2016.

    The first new initiative mandates that at least one diverse candidate will have to be in the running for important developmental positions like aide-de camp, senior enlisted advisor and executive officer, among other roles.”

    These so-called leaders and their social experiments are repulsive.

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  4. I see on Drudge that 95.42% think Pence won the debate.
    I realize Drudge is watched by mostly conservatives, but 95.42% is significant in any case.

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  5. The problems Aj is discussing could be easily corrected by next year this time.
    I don’t know if Trump/Pence will do it. I know Hillary won’t.

    I’m sick of all this. I went to bed completely irritated by it all.

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  6. The Obama DoJ has dropped prosecution of a Libyan arms dealer after he threatened to expose the Obama/Clinton illegal gun running operation shipping arms from Libya to Syria.


    “The Obama administration is moving to dismiss charges against an arms dealer it had accused of selling weapons that were destined for Libyan rebels.

    Lawyers for the Justice Department on Monday filed a motion in federal court in Phoenix to drop the case against the arms dealer, an American named Marc Turi, whose lawyers also signed the motion.

    The deal averts a trial that threatened to cast additional scrutiny on Hillary Clinton’s private emails as Secretary of State, and to expose reported Central Intelligence Agency attempts to arm rebels fighting Libyan leader Moammar Qadhafi.

    Government lawyers were facing a Wednesday deadline to produce documents to Turi’s legal team, and the trial was officially set to begin on Election Day, although it likely would have been delayed by protracted disputes about classified information in the case.

    A Turi associate asserted that the government dropped the case because the proceedings could have embarrassed Clinton and President Barack Obama by calling attention to the reported role of their administration in supplying weapons that fell into the hands of Islamic extremist militants.

    “They don’t want this stuff to come out because it will look really bad for Obama and Clinton just before the election,” said the associate.”

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  7. The Clinton News Network’s (CNN) bias is showing again. Deceptive editing to push an agenda is what they do, and not just for Clinton. Sometimes they’re needed to push false memes and incite riots too.


    “A law enforcement group is charging CNN edited video of the racially charged police shooting of a Charlotte, N.C., man to make officers look bad.

    Blue Lives Matter, an organization comprised of active or retired law enforcement officers, claims the cable news network edited video of the Sept. 20 fatal shooting of Keith Scott to cut out police ordering him to “drop the gun,” fueling claims Scott, a black man, was unarmed when he was shot by Officer Brentley Vinson. Although Vinson is black, the incident was the latest police shooting around the nation to spur violent protests and rioting.

    “The editing was clearly intended to give viewers the impression that Scott wasn’t armed. By intentionally excluding information to promote the false narrative that the officer-involved shooting of Keith Scott was unjustified, CNN directly contributed towards inciting violence and destruction in the Charlotte riots,” Blue Lives Matter said in a statement. “Innocent citizens were hurt during the Charlotte riots, but editing like this also incites violence against police officers long after the riots are over.”

    The video in question was taken by Scott’s widow, Rakeyia Scott. In it, she can be heard saying, “He has no weapon.”

    Video released by the police shows Scott, who police say was in his SUV rolling a joint, getting out of the vehicle and backing away from police as they crouched with their guns drawn. The grainy video does not clearly show whether Scott had a gun in his hand, but police say they recovered a stolen, loaded handgun at the scene and that Scott was wearing an ankle holster.

    The full, unedited video includes a police officer shouting, “Gun. Gun. Drop the gun.”

    Just one more reason on an ever growing list of reasons not to trust CNN.

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  8. The invasion of America continues, both legally and illegally.


    “At 42.4 million, there are now more immigrants, legal and illegal, in America than ever before, fueled by a massive flood from Muslim nations, and the growing numbers are substantially impacting public services like public schools, according to a weighty new analysis of Census Bureau data.

    One impact of note: There are 10.9 million students from immigrant households in public schools, accounting for 23 percent of all public school students, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

    And while the doors remain open on the U.S.-Mexico border, the biggest percentage increases in immigration are all from largely Muslim nations, a fact that has been drawn into the presidential election.”

    “Their conclusion is sweeping in impact. They wrote:

    The latest data collected by the Census Bureau shows that 18.7 million immigrants arrived in the country from 2000 to 2014. Just between 2010 and 2014, 5.6 million immigrant arrived in the United States. The more than one million immigrants settling in the country each year have a very significant effect on many areas of American life. New immigration plus births to immigrants added more than eight million people to the U.S. population between 2010 and 2014, accounting for the overwhelming majority of population growth. Immigrants account for more than one in eight U.S. residents. Children from immigrant households now account for nearly one in four public school students, almost one-third of children in poverty, and one-third without health insurance, creating enormous challenges for the nation’s schools, health care system, and physical infrastructure. The large share of immigrants who arrive as adults with relatively few years of schooling is the primary reason so many live in poverty, use welfare programs, and lack health insurance.”

    And they’ll be so thankful, that they’ll vote Democrat for decades, which is the whole point of this for Obama and Dems.

    The full report is here, if you’re interested.



  9. I watched the entire debate….Pence is a man of integrity and grace. It was quite evident to me that he had prepared by spending time in the presence of our Lord. The other guy however seemed to be desperate and seethingly vicious…what a contrast.

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  10. I realize I operate in small circles, but I’ve only known two transgendered people in my many years, though I suppose there are more and I just didn’t notice.

    It’s hard for me to believe so many transgendered individuals are currently serving in the military.

    If they’re that confused about who they are, why would they join the military?

    And if they’re that confused, why would the military enlist them–especially if they are working with weapons?

    In highly sensitive roles, psychological testing is done–as to serve on a submarine. Surely gender dystopia would be considered a disqualifying condition.

    I don’t trust those numbers.

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  11. My beef with the “debate” is that no one knows what a true debate is anymore. I never attended one in college or high school, but isn’t each side supposed to get a certain amount of uninterrupted time, and if the other jumps in out of turn he/she is penalized? Our modern TV debates are nothing more than shouting matches.

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  12. I believe the early CNN poll last night gave Pence the edge in the debate (I believe theirs is somewhat scientific in calling people — the polls where people just enter their vote online at random tend to be skewed based on the audience of the website)

    Even so, I saw at least one person on FB pointing out all the homophobic comments Pence made (apparently).

    And from what I heard, Kain tried to make the entire thing all about Trump?

    That’s all they’ve got, the anti-Trump theme, nothing else to offer apparently.


  13. Of course, Kain made that comment that he’ll be Hillary’s “right hand *person* (not man)” which is pretty hilarious.

    The politically correct hoops everyone is jumping through nowadays. Someday, if we get our heads back again, it’ll all sound so silly.


  14. Oh look, more of that “nonexistent” voter fraud.


    “At least 86 non-citizens have been registered voters in Philadelphia since 2013, and almost half — 40 — even voted in at least one recent election, according to a legal group that sued to get voter registration records.

    Joseph Vanderhulst, an attorney with the Public Interest Legal Foundation, noted Philadelphia knows about those 86 illegal voters only because officials received specific requests — in almost every case from the voters themselves — to remove the names from the rolls. He said there is no way to know how many non-citizens might be registered to vote in Philadelphia, let alone in the rest of politically crucial Pennsylvania.

    “This is just the tip of the iceberg,” he said. “Who knows how many are on and don’t ask to be taken off.”

    Research by the law firm also indicated that Philadelphia makes no effort to proactively remove non-citizens or incarcerated felons, who also are ineligible to vote under Pennsylvania law. Philadelphia becomes the latest jurisdiction that the Public Interest Legal Foundation has revealed to have irregularities in the voter rolls. The group recently found 1,046 non-citizens who had been registered to vote in eight Virginia counties and that nearly 200 cast ballots between 2005 and 2015.”

    And things are getting even more interesting in the Indiana case, with a State Police raid.


    “Indiana State Police investigators on Tuesday searched a voter registration agency on Indianapolis’ north side as they look into a voter fraud case that spans nine counties.

    The investigation began in late August when police learned of the filing of fraudulent voter registration forms in Marion and Hendricks counties.

    The investigation has expanded from Marion and Hendricks counties to include Allen, Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Johnson, Lake and Madison counties, according to a statement from State Police.

    Police said the growing number of involved counties leads investigators to believe that the number of fraudulent records might be in the hundreds.

    The possible fraudulent information is a combination of fake names, addresses and dates of birth with real information.

    As part of the expanded investigation, State Police detectives served a search warrant for the business offices of the Indiana Voter Registration Project in the 2400 block of North Meridian Street.”


  15. When you don’t hold people accountable for their crimes and misdeeds (and yes, there were crimes) this is what you get. More of the same.


    “The IRS‘ battle against holdout tea party groups is heating up again, after the tax agency promised it would begin processing their long-delayed applications, but sent a new round of prodding questions demanding still more information.

    More jarringly, the IRS then publicly released one of the sets of questions it sent to the Texas Patriots Tea Party — a move the group’s lawyer says puts secret taxpayer return information, supposed to be protected, out in the public.

    Tax experts say the IRS may be on safe legal ground, since the filing was made as part of a court case, and that’s one of the few narrow exceptions to strict IRS privacy laws.

    Still, the move to release the information has inflamed an already tense class action legal battle between the IRS and tea party groups who feel the agency is still targeting them more than three years after it promised to cease.

    “The IRS has taken the unprecedented step of publicly filing actual return information,” said Edward Greim, who is handling the case on behalf of more than 400 groups targeted by the IRS.

    He said the questions asked by the IRS show the agency has not ceased the intrusive questioning that landed it in trouble in the first place back in 2013.”


  16. I watched most of last night’s debate, but I turned in about half an hour late and was watching on my computer and it kept cutting out for a while. So it wasn’t anything like watching the whole thing on a large screen.

    It seemed to me that both of them (rightly) saw their strongest point being how bad the other guy’s running mate is. Kane made a much better case (though I don’t believe him) that Clinton is prepared for international affairs. I thought Kane did well in trying to press whether Pence would actually support many of the outrageous things that Trump says, and Pence did well on pressing the server issue. Kane actually answered the question that was answered about when his religious beliefs might have caused tension between his beliefs and his responsibility in elected office; Pence answered for his opponents but not for himself. Both seemed to have actual respect for the other man, and it wasn’t anything nearly as strong in buried rage as the presidential one–though I don’t know what I missed in the first half hour or watching it intermettently (sp?) on a smaller screen. I’d vote for Pence if I could vote for him without also voting for his running mate.

    My husband and I saw “Sully” today, by the way, and we both really liked it.

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