60 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-19-16

  1. I can relate to that, Kim!

    The tree guys are here. That is scary, too.

    Needless to say, my overwhelm button has been pushed.

    Art is getting ready to leave for work. It will be more peaceful at the office than at home today. He keeps trying to get more done to be out for awhile for his recouperation.

    I hear all the tree guys talking. The head guy looks like a bouncer. I told Art that guy would not be the tree climber or else he would be a bouncer 😀

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  2. Miss Bosley went to the door to say bye to Art, and she ran from the door at the sound of the cranked up chainsaw. I hope she will not be afraid of Art now, thinking he sure sounded gruff this morning! Now she just left her favorite window perch for the same reason. I would not be doing this now except that I want my neighbors to have use of their back yard for their little boy without fear of that tree dripping something. Maybe he is enjoying all this excitement. It is fresh in my memory about the tragedy that happened at a preschool when a limb dropped on a little boy, hit him in the head which did terrible things to him. Much grief to a multitude of people over that one.


  3. I have seen bouncers on television shows, Chas. I don’t ever remember seeing one in real life 😊

    Beautiful header! That one on the left looks so much like an airplane♡

    Yes, agreeing with Jo in prayer for Mr. P.

    It is difficult to pray with mulching equipment chewing up a tree right outside my window.


  4. Michelle will appreciate that we ate in a naval hospital. Everyone I pass in a hallway or anywhere else nods or speaks. Of course you know I have to speak too.
    I think military hospitals suffer a reputation but today everyone has been extremely nice and efficient.
    Of course the day isn’t over and I will be in the waiting room for q or 3 hours.

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  5. I was reading the first chapter of Luke this morning. It’s where Gabriel appeared twice. I wondered what I would do if an angel suddenly appeared. I would:
    1. Ask him if he was the guy who put the rotor in that distributor in 1959.
    2. I would ask him how he handles time. It means everything to us and probably nothing to him.
    3. REALLY?/ I would be just as scared as they were. And wouldn’t think of anything to say

    Judging from reactions that I read. An angel is a fearsome creature. (if “creature” is appropriate. I can’t think of another word.).

    In reading Luke 1, have you noticed that the declarations (there is a word for it, but I can’t think of it.) of Zachariah and Mary are OT stuff? (Deliverance from our enemies. This is a gentile writing this.)

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  6. Janice,

    You saw what I saw–the look of airplanes, or X’s, with the swans landing, more the design than the birds. (I had to crop this photo, since I didn’t actually zoom in this close before they had landed.) I was photographing something, I forget what, when my husband told me to look up, and these three were overhead and coming in for a landing.

    Anyway, they are mute swans coming in for a landing at the same marshy area where I got multiple species of dragonflies and butterflies on one day a couple weeks back. I think it’s commercial land, swampy and not really useful for anything except some company’s electrical substation, and apparently that company has some agreement with a land-trust company to let the land be natural habitat for waterbirds, frogs, etc. We’ve seen an eagle in there once, many great blue herons, ducks, turtles, and more. It has trails here and there (kept mowed), but otherwise is natural. Late spring to fall it keeps busy with wildlife (though our winter visit was a very “dull” walk, with nothing to see).

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  7. Chas, I think “creature” is the correct word, though we have moved toward using it of animals more than people. But a creature is a created being, as distinct from the Creator, and thus we and angels are creatures, too.

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  8. Chas- Yes, angels are creatures. The only being in the universe not created is God – the Creator Himself.

    I like the fall look to the blog. I like orange in the fall.

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  9. I know what you mean Cheryl. But it was a guy who appeared out of nowhere and put a rotor in a distributor. I didn’t think about it until decades later, but it must have been an angel.
    I told you about this, I think.
    I believe that angels appear in whatever form is necessary. I have heard tales in which I believe that an angels appeared as a dog. Whatever is necessary.

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  10. It’s really raining in Greensboro. We need the rain, but I can’t work outside.
    You may have me all afternoon. Just puttering around the blog. ;-(

    Between sessions of free-cell.

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  11. Chas- Since Daniel had a high position in Nebuchadnezzar’s government, I imagine Ezekiel knew of him. After all, a Jew holding such a position while in exile would cause people to talk about it in the Jewish community.

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  12. We had a dive bar (before my time) in the harbor called Shanghai Red’s. Among the famous pics from that place (long ago bulldozed, but in hindsight everyone agrees now it should have been saved along with the rest of that waterfront bowery district as a historic stretch) shows the bouncer, named Cairo Mary, “escorting” another customer out the door

    bouncer cairo mary escorts another customer to the door of shanghai reds beacon and 5th street San Pedro 1953

    I see we’re awash in pumpkin spice for fall today. Love this coming time of year. I wish it were raining …

    It’s back to paid work for me today. Luckily there are several stories that i saw popping up on the radar last week while I was out, so I should be able to find something to work on today and for the rest of the week.

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  13. I am reading a book called Second Term by John Price. The President is running for re-election and the “hero” has discovered fraud in St. Louis.
    It’s very poorly disguised, one of the characters is “former first lady” named Hilde Ramona Calhoun.


    It’s rather interesting. Not a “page turner”.


  14. I just tried to post that they finished the tree work without incident! Lost that post. Good news is great to write twice, and give God praise twice! It went much faster than I expected. Now I can settle into serious prep for tomorrow.
    I just ate the yummy chili I stayed up late making while Art an I watch the movie, Oh, Horton. a Norwegian film. It was beautifully filmed and the main character’s first name was literally Odd. The film could be said to be odd, too. We saw the movie Scoop with Woody Allen recently. It was filmed in Britain and was a cutesy cozy type mystery. I don’t care for the moral standards of Mr. Allen, but he does have a good sense of humor on display in the film. Our tax dollars pay for all these movies, and I just get the PG labeled films. I don’t agree with the lack of moral standards on display for a PG audience, but it had a lack of the kinds of things that would move it over to an R rating. The movies have been a wonderful distraction for us as we head into this heavy duty medical procedure tomorrow.

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  15. I think Donna may have found a character for one of Michelle’s historical fiction novels, the Mary Bouncer!

    It is an interesting thought about Daniel and Ezekiel being contemporaries.


  16. Probably was, Chas, but it’s survived as one of the iconic shots from that place and era in the port. Lots of stories from that stretch along the harbor back in the day when sailors and others would gather to have a good time. There was a jail on the top (7th) floor of city hall back then (it’s still there, long since empty — but the cells have been preserved all these years) called “Seventh Heaven” were the guys could call out the windows to their buddies still partying on the streets below.

    It all had a pretty bad reputation so tearing it down seemed like a good idea at the time. But people now say what a great little historic district it could have made with all those old buildings that could now be boutiques and decorated with hanging flower baskets.


  17. My former journalism teacher from college covered this waterfront area in the 1950s and recalled owner “Shanghai” Red’s funeral procession through the streets with all the assorted characters, including some tearful prostitutes, she told me.

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  18. Hilde’s husband, BTW is former President Wilbur Calhoun.

    None of you remember when the River through San Antonio was an “off limits” to military.
    They, of course fixed that.
    Dr. George Jones, my former SS teacher was instrumental in saving the old Henderson County Curt House and turning it into a museum. .

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  19. “Redevelopment” was big in LA in the middle part of the last century — and it largely meant just tearing stuff down and building very unimaginative box-style buildings in its place. We lost many great old structures, unfortunately.

    Those buildings that managed to survive did so (I’m convinced) either because the government do-gooders ran out of money to demolish them or private investors overlooked them as not being on profitable enough land.


  20. Two links to supplement the discussion on the weekend about the final version of the ESV:
    General discussion of the final version: http://blog.ayjay.org/uncategorized/the-frozen-standard-version/

    On almost all of the points at which serious scholars disagree with particular decisions made by the ESV committee, I side with the scholars. It really does seem to me that a particular theological agenda (sexual complementarianism) has guided the ESV’s translations of certain passages, and that’s very unfortunate…

    Detailed discussion of the linguisitics behind Genesis 3:16 by a pastor who formerly supported the ESV’s reading of the verse but has changed his mind as he understood more of Hebrew: https://myonlycomfort.com/2016/09/08/genesis-316/

    It seems to me that using Genesis 4:7 to interpret Genesis 3:16 is rather sketchy exegesis. It would be similar to saying that God spoke against Baasha (1 Kings 16:12 – the preposition is ‘el) and God spoke unto Moses (Ex. 3:14 – the preposition is the same) therefore, God was against Moses just as he was against Baasha. It’s really bad exegesis. It seems to me that the meaning of the phrases must be determined in the context.

    The fact is “sin” and women are not the same thing, and their desires are not the same thing. I wonder why we make the assumption that women’s desires are always for domination and manipulation even when the text doesn’t say so. Simply saying “Sin desires to manipulate and dominate and since the same preposition is used this applies to the woman as well” simply will not cut it. That’s not how language works…
    The question is whether the preposition ‘el ever has the meaning “contrary to”, as the ESV revision committee, following the lead of Susan Foh, claims.

    The simple answer is no. If you wish to do a very technical study, you may look at Bruce Waltke and M. O’Conner, Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns) 1990. 11.2.2. A helpful summary of that massive work is the work by Bill T. Arnold and John H. Choi (A Guide to Biblical Hebrew Syntax. New York, Cambridge University Press, 2003). Hebrew prepositions generally have a primary spatial meaning, with metaphorical secondary meaning. The primary spatial meaning is terminative (to, unto, towards).

    I know, very technical. Let me break it down. The preposition ‘el means to, unto, or towards. It is a preposition indicating the termination of movement. That is its primary meaning. If I leave my office and walk to my house, I would use the preposition ‘el. Towards. Most commonly, it is used with the verb “to say” to indicate to whom the words are said. In the phrase, “And God said unto Moses”, the preposition ‘el would be used. God designed his words to terminate in the ears of Moses. I hope this makes sense…

    To summarize this rather complicated survey, the basic meaning of the word is to, or towards. Sometimes, if the context and the verb used are hostile, “against” would be a proper meaning. But this does not mean that we can pick and choose whatever meaning we want. “Contrary to”, in the context of Genesis 3:16 or 4:7, cannot be justified. Only if we make the assumption that the word “longing” indicates hostility can we make this phrase mean “against her husband”.

    The word “longing” only appears three times in all known Hebrew literature. In Genesis 3:16, Genesis 4:7, and Song of Songs 7:10:
    I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me. (Sol 7:10 KJV)
    In the Song of Songs, the preposition is ‘al, rather than ‘el. Formerly, I made much of this, but I was mistaken. the two prepositions have overlapping semantic fields and are used interchangeably, much like the English “to” and “towards”. The difference is not great enough to warrant new doctrines.

    The word “longing” in all three passages admits the same meaning: a great desire, a longing. It isn’t the same word as “covetousness”, and it isn’t the same word as “wanting something”. It is a rare word and “longing” is a good translation of it. I would be hesitant to go any deeper than that; that isn’t how language works.

    So the simple reading of the text is this: “To your husband your longing”. In English, we would have to supply the verb “will be”. To your husband will be your longing. In other words, “your longing will terminate on your husband”, or, “your longing will be to your husband”.


  21. I am glad we have the Holy Spirit working in us and God has allowed the publication of Bibles to give us opportunity to learn more about Him. I am also aware that, if knowing God was based on understanding linguistics, few of us would. All I know is Jesus Christ and Him crucified for me, about the sins that I did commit, for which Jesus died on that tree.

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  22. Which is not to say I don’t appreciate what Roscuro is trying to do, that is important. We are to study the Scriptures to show ourselves approved and all that. We are to watch out for error creeping in. But, as mentioned earlier, I wonder what the early Christians did. They were used to being told how to interpret the Scriptures and later, the people could not be trusted with it and could only learn from priests. But God has made His Word available to all. That includes people without linguistic leanings, who simply want to serve the risen Saviour. Is it a Mary and Martha question? All parts of the Body have value. It includes people who cannot read as well as deep thinkers. And many of the cannot readers are deep thinkers.

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  23. And notice, I did not argue about the pigskin stuff. Didn’t even ask why things seems so skewed this time around. I am just leaving it alone. All things will be sorted out in the end.


  24. Mornin’!!! I’ve been to DIA, gas station and the grocery…fridge is cleaned, dogs fed and I’m ready for a nap!
    Beautiful photo Cheryl….and AJ the autumnal colors here are very pleasing to the eye!! 🙂
    Praying for Mr P….. ❤ And you and Art as well Janice…. ❤

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  25. Chas, there is a catholic saint named Fr. John Bosco who was saved a number of times by a large grey dog. He would appear when needed then disappear. From the first time he was seen until the last spanned about 30 years. Really old dog? More than one dog? Angel?

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  26. I am home. Mr. P got settled in a room. He has to be on 24 hours of intravenous antibiotics before he can come home. The main problem was his oxygen levels the doctor wanted him at 95 and he kept dipping into the 80’s. He had three “children” taking care of him. 2 were corpsmen and one was an RN.
    I am home now…exhausted.

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  27. Chas, my point on the word “guy” was that I doubt Mary went to her friends and said “Some guy showed up.” I think that if it was definitely an angel, one would use the word “man” and not the more casual “guy.” That’s all. 🙂

    The new header photo is, of course, the same swans after they touched down.

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  28. Cheryl, his life was thoroughly investigated in order for him to become a saint but I don’t know how thoroughly his “angel” was looked into. He himself believed the dog was an angel. This was only back in the 19th century. I have had a few angelic dogs and one angelic cat.


  29. KBells, the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic church votes somehow (I don’t know details) about whether someone is a saint, when Scripture refers to all believers in Jesus Christ as saints. Part of being declared a saint is that they had to have performed miracles, which is again extrabiblical. Even granting there is still such a gift as miracle working (that is debated), not everyone has that gift. And many people the Catholics declare to be saints aren’t even believers in Jesus, by the biblical definition–certainly their popes (antichrists, false priests and those who would take Jesus’ role as mediator between God and man) are not believers.

    So I take everything that has to do with Catholic stories of becoming a saint with a grain of salt. It is not trustworthy history of people given power by the grace of God in Christ; it is the same sort of legend that gives all sorts of power in the myths of the gods of antiquity. The urge to exaggerate and make stuff up can allow any sort of story they desire. But it’s no more trustworthy history than the Apocrypha is. The stories bear little similarity to supernatural stories in Scripture.


  30. I’m not arguing for the validity of the Catholic idea of canonization. But the stories of the dog came form the writing of Fr. Bosco himself. Nothing I’ve read about him makes me believe he is a dishonest person, so it is very possible that the dog stories were real. It is possible that a stray protective dog took a liking to him. It is also possible that a dog who looked similar to the original appeared years after the other one died. And it is possible that the dog was sent by God.

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  31. I just found out I am going to be grandma again…on facebook…. what happened to the good old days…when daughters called their mothers to tell them the good news? 😦 I have yet to talk to her….I’ll just wait it out….and be happy for her….

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  32. Chas, I’m not doubting “him”: I have never read him and have no reason to trust or doubt. But in Scripture angels appear as men and tell people not to be afraid. Biblically it would seem that angels (at least usually) either act behind the scenes, invisibly, or they appear as men. So I’m a skeptic because there is no biblical precedent and it in fact goes contrary to biblical precedent.

    A week or two ago my husband and I were on the expressway and something small and white came our way. He was driving, but I think without conscious thought, he ducked. And then he said something about it. I asked, “Was it a golf ball?” He said, “Yes, and I’m really surprised it didn’t hit the car. It was heading for the windshield. (My husband used to play golf and understands golf balls a lot better than I do.” I said (not facetiiously), “It could have been an angel that kept it going somewhere else.” I do think angels are involved in our lives, how often we do not know. I don’t think it’s impossible (though it probably isn’t done) one might show up as a dog . . . but I do think it’s impossible for one to show up as a dog and yet we know it as an angel. That doesn’t fit what we know of angels, from Scripture.


  33. I don’t know if this was intervention by an angel or not, but it certainly struck me as some kind of divine intervention. . .

    One evening, when Little Guy was around two years old, Chickadee & I were babysitting. There is a cabinet in our kitchen with a door on the bottom section, a shelf above that area (mid-section), then a top shelf. On the mid-section shelf was a KitchenAid mixer. Those of you who have one know how very sturdy & heavy they are.

    While Chickadee & I were doing something – I forget what – Little Guy had opened the door of the bottom section, & was then leaning on it. That caused the whole unit to teeter, close to tipping over, with things falling off the shelves.

    The very heavy KitchenAid mixer fell to the floor. Looking at the angle at which it fell, I truly believe it was a miracle that it did not land on Little Guy. He really was in the path of its fall, but it landed upright, off to the side a bit.

    I thanked Jesus that whole evening for that.

    As for that mixer, we’ve had it for close to 25 years, & it still works. 🙂

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  34. I’ve had maybe 1-2 dreams that I felt may, indeed, have been directed by God — but with all these things, I hold them loosely (as far as their being specifically from God or not). I wouldn’t “die on that hill,” as our pastor says; and yet, I also hold open the possibility that it was God’s intervention, though not a normative one.

    God and his world contains enough mystery that I think we can acknowledge that with an honest “I don’t know” — but if spiritual good comes from it, if it grows and strengthens my relationship with Christ, then, well … maybe. Or maybe not. Either way, God uses it and is sovereign in all that comes to pass.

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  35. I also (I think) had a brush with death in my 20s when my boyfriend and I were at the San Diego Zoo and a huge metal pole came clamoring down, slamming onto the concrete literally inches from us. Whoa. I think it rattled both of us at the time. And amazing that it didn’t hit anyone, the zoo was fairly crowded. I think we just stood there for several moments before moving on, but I’ve never forgotten what a close call that really was!

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