18 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-17-16

  1. Re: The discussions about relative power yesterday. Ricky $ HRW in particular.
    See my 3:45 yesterday.
    Russia thinks the next war will be a cyber war. They are prepared. We aren’t.

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  2. Trump has had two good days in a row.


    On Monday, his speech on Muslim immigration was good. Yesterday, he made it clear that he was on the side of the police while seemingly appealing for black votes. The speech won’t win him many black votes, but it will help him with people who object to the way Democrats seem to favor criminals over the police.

    Trump also had his second campaign shakeup in 2 months. We’ll see what today brings.


  3. One can make an argument that of all the years since Reagan left office, the year when liberals did the least damage was the year Bill Clinton was completely focused on the Lewinsky scandal and unable to push a socialist agenda.

    If Trump somehow wins there is good evidence to predict he will also push a leftist agenda, but there is also hope that he will be tied up with various lawsuits and scandals associated with his previous frauds, con games and “business ventures”.


    Of course, the same can be said for Hillary. Get ready to play defense. Where is Linda Tripp?


  4. We have no idea what will happen if Trump is elected.
    If Hillary is elected we will have corruption and scandal.
    It follows them. It never touches them but reeks havoc on the rest of us.


  5. If you look at what has happened to Trump’s former business partners, former wives, former “students” and former employees and contractors, we can predict what will happen if he is elected.

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  6. Based on what I read this morning, no matter who wins Obamacare will collapse and the Iran- Russia coalition (Russian military jets now flying in and out of Iran) will continue to destabilize the Middle East.

    Who would want to be president with that going on?


  7. So if these are so super secret that even Congress can’t read some of it, doesn’t that show that they were indeed classified, in contrast to what Clinton and the State Dept. continue to say?


    “A congressional source confirmed to Fox News Tuesday that the House Government Oversight Committee had received a heavily redacted FBI summary of Hillary Clinton’s session last month with FBI agents who interviewed her about her use of a private server for government business. The agents’ notes were provided as well.

    Separately, the Republican chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, confirmed that even he does not have a high enough security clearance to read the documents in full.

    “As the chairman of the chief investigative body in the House, it is significant I can’t even read these documents in their entirety,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah told Fox News. “This shows how dangerous it was to have this intelligence, highly classified to this day, on the former secretary’s unsecured personal server where it was vulnerable.”

    The fact that portions of the FBI investigative file are heavily redacted and must be held and read by lawmakers in a secure facility on Capitol Hill shows how classified the material remains, despite claims made by the Clinton campaign.

    The campaign’s call to release the FBI agents’ notes appears suspect because the material is too highly classified to make public.The FBI told the committee that the documents cannot be released in part or in full without prior agency approval.

    “This information being highly classified according to the FBI is in direct conflict with what the State Department and Ms. Clinton have said is on the server. You could not have it both ways,” former military intelligence officer Tony Shaffer said. “You cannot say one day this is unclassified ‘nothing to see here’ and the next day, only certain people can see this and you must not be able to take it outside of a secure facility.”


  8. Why do I get the feeling the DoJ will squash this until after the election?


    “House Republicans have detailed perjury allegations against Hillary Clinton, citing the apparent conflict between her 2015 congressional testimony about her email practices and the FBI’s conclusions announced in July, according to a letter to the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia.

    “The four pieces of sworn testimony by Secretary Clinton described herein are incompatible with the FBI’s findings,” House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., wrote to U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips. “We hope this information is helpful to your office’s consideration of our referral.”

    The Justice Department Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, Peter Kadzik, confirmed in an Aug. 2 letter to both committees they had the perjury investigation request and the department would “take appropriate action as necessary.”

    The one-page response offered no timeline nor specific commitment to act on the allegations.

    According to the Justice Department website, Kadzik, “led the successful effort to confirm Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates.” Both women were central players handling the Clinton email matter. “


  9. So the FBI Agents who questioned Hillary all had higher security clearances than”…House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va…” So why can’t Chaffetz and Goodlatte get the highest security clearances , along with their Democratic counterparts, so they can see, read, and hear the interviews? If they can’t get the clearances than they shouldn’t be on those committees.

    More cover-ups…

    Something is rotten in Denmark, er, D.C.

    By the way, I will be surprised if those FBI agents had Security Clearances high enough.


  10. Hmmmmmm….

    Tell the truth Ricky, this is why you seem to want Trump to lose, isn’t it? 🙂

    Then you’d finally have the votes to secede, and it would be Trump voters that put you over the top.

    Devious and genius, at the same time. 😆


    “If anyone needs proof that the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton truly is dividing the country, they should look to Texas.

    According to poll results from Public Policy Polling released Tuesday, three out of five Texans who support Donald Trump said they would support seceding from America if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

    The left-leaning polling firm learned Donald Trump leads 50 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 44 percent after polling Texans. According to the polling results from PPP, only one out of four Texans support seceding from America generally. But when faced with the possibility of a President Hillary Clinton, a majority of Texans said they’d rather leave. “

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  11. So I want to know what percentage of Texans want to secede if Trump is elected. I think either idiot will be great for the secession movement.


  12. Despite alarmists from “security experts” and the right wing, the US is still doing fine on the military superiority file. Security experts look at the worst case scenario both to cover their butts and to increase defence spending. Right wing pundits don’t want Obama to look good. But the truth is US defence is fine. In terms of electronic/cyber abilities, the US is still the leader in software and hardware development and if they fall behind they simply bribe the innovators to move to the US — i.e. US graduate schools are the best thing going in bring foreign talent to the US who then work for the military complex.

    Trump has hired a Beibert editor and Roger Ailes. We can make two conclusions a) he likes to live in an echo chamber and b) he has no problem with sexual harassment.

    Obamacare won’t collapse. Its based on neoliberal economics, Friedman and Bob Dole and has been successfully practised in Switzerland, Massachusetts etc. If it doesn’t work, its either bad management or neoliberal economic theory is wrong. Now as a social democratic, I’ll grant the latter but the Swiss have run a similar system for decades.

    I don’t think the FBI investigators have top security clearance hence the redacted portions of their investigations probably aren’t redacted based on security concerns. If the FBI does share too much information concerning their investigation it can be compromised and politicized. Perhaps its not top secret info being redacted, its police/prosecutor info they don’t want compromised in a politically sensitive investigation.

    The math on Texas secession is a bit sketchy. 44% prefer Hilary but 60% will vote for secession if Hilary is elected. Does this mean 4% prefer Hilary and secession?

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  13. Hurricanes are made for TV; there’s an advance build up, technolgy, reporters standing by the ocean, and you can almost schedule the landing live on T.V.. Floods are boring. An unpredictable rainstorm, rivers slowly rising etc. Its like watching paint dry.


  14. Charlie Sykes posted this today:

    Trump’s campaign has now entered the Hospice Phase. He knows he’s dying and wants to surround himself with his loved ones. #BreitbartCEO

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  15. HRW, your sketchy math in Texas comes from reading the misleading URL (Poll-Three-out-of-five-Texans-support-secession) and missing what the article itself said: Three out of five Texans who support Donald Trump would favor secession if Hillary wins. If 50% of Texans support Trump, then that means 30% of Texans, not 60%, would favor secession if Hillary wins.

    Math problem solved.

    I agree with your point about the material redacted from the FBI’s interviews with Hillary. Nowhere does it say why it was redacted, and it’s jumping to conclusions to assume that the FBI discussed with Hillary any specific classified information.

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