65 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-16-16

  1. Good morning, Chas.
    I was in Bandera Thursday through late Sunday and had no internet access….my Dad normally has wi-fi at his house, but claimed to have lost the router….we suspect he hid it on purpose, because last time my sister was there, they went over his allotted data usage…(she paid the bill in full when that happened, but he can be quite passive-aggressive). So….I’m extremely behind on the blog. Plan to catch up in a little while.

    Hope everyone slept well and that Jo had a good day.

    I’m in post-Bandera-recovery-mode….it always takes me a few days to regain my emotional equilibrium after a visit to my parents…it was good to see my sister. I miss her a lot. They’ve been in Africa for five years now. They plan to move back to the states in two more years….

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  2. We could go on a blog meet up trip. Have to go up north to see Kare. My passport is up to date so no worries.
    Can you tell that I am feeling frustrated today so planning road trips is just what I need?

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  3. Come on along Jo. I plan to be more of a hostess next time than I was able to be last time. You may even get a Southern Home Cooked Meal out of it.

    Ann, I don’t know the whole situation but could it be that your dad may think this is the last time your sister and her children will see your mother and wants the attention on her instead of everyone sitting around on their computers and phones. Again, I don’t know, but I have been observing people sitting across from each other in restaurants and instead of paying attention to each other, they are each on their phones. I confess I have found myself doing this to a degree and when I realize what I am doing I consciously put my phone away and refocus.

    I have really messed up my week. 2 appointments today (dentist and hair) 1 tomorrow (eyes) and BG has 3 on Thursday and I really need to go to 2 of those with her.

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  4. The dragonfly at the top was taken just down the street, at the edge of a field planted in wheat, with wildflowers at the edge. (The wild stuff gets mowed down two or three times a summer for visibility, but meanwhile it’s a good place to walk to if you want to see insects, birds, and more.)

    I started taking photos of dragonflies when I could because my husband likes them. But as I did, I began to realize how many colors and sizes the creatures come in, and became a bit interested in them myself. Unlike butterflies, they’re carnivores (insect eaters), although this is the only one of my photographs in which I’ve been able to tell the creature has prey. Like some birds, they “hawk,” meaning they sit on a stalk and fly out after an insect, and then return to the same stalk. Since they sometimes return to the exact same spot six or eight times in a row (birds rarely are quite that consistent), they’re easiest to photograph if you zoom in on where one sits and then if it flies away just wait until it returns to the same spot. If you see it go to a different spot the next time, you can try the other spot or you can just wait at the original good twig and see if it (or another one) returns. They have favorite twigs (presumably the right size, right angle, right texture), so good ones get used repeatedly, and recognizing that makes it a whole lot easier to photograph them.

    Interestingly, though I can easily photograph dragonflies on my street (there is no standing water in this field, with the closest water other than post-rain pools being more than half a mile down the street the other way), the species at the state park where we go (which has multiple ponds and/or lakes) seem to have a different mix than the species on our street. But I’ve seen several different species each place. I haven’t really worked to identify them most of the time, but I’ve seen bright blue, green, red, and a vivid gold. This one is not as brightly colored as some, but is still pretty.

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  5. 🙂 I just cleaned out my spam folder. In it was a note from Erica. She was really impressed by my art work. I doubt that she knew who she was sending to.
    I doubt that it mattered.

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  6. My sister doesn’t have internet at her house, nor can we get cell-phone service. When we visit her, we give the girls her home phone number, and every couple of days we go to McDonald’s, check voice mail, check e-mail, and take one of her children with us to get a sundae or some other treat. (One of us will be checking e-mail or writing replies, but the other is not. So my nephew might go with me to a field of wildflowers to get some photos if we finish our sundaes while my husband is still working on church business, or my niece might chat with my husband while I check my e-mail.)


  7. Learn something every day. I didn’t know that about dragonflies. Now I am extra happy I see so many in my back yard right now. We have the drains but water stands in them most of the time.


  8. Last night’s discussion on paying hospital bills reminded me of when our son was born. There was something on the bill we questioned, and we didn’t have insurance, so I went to the business office of the hospital to ask if we could have the extra charge dropped. I also offered to pay installments until the entire bill was paid, since our doctor agreed to that. The business officer settled for half the cost if I could pay it then. It was a week until payday, but he accepted a post-dated check.

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  9. I didn’t know that about dragonflies either. That they were insect eaters. I try to protect bees when I’m mowing. I will add dragonflies to that.
    Though I suspect I don’t have to. They don’t sup on clover and dandelions.


  10. I figured out the route this morning. Saskatchewan will stretch me, but otherwise I can pretty much get all the way around the country staying with friends except for a couple times. So, when are you retiring, Jo? 🙂

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  11. I need you to be here on a Sunday so you can go to church with me and I will also need you on a Monday because my Bible Study group will appreciate you. I don’t know when we will work the book event in… 😉

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  12. I saw a dragonfly last week, and at first I thought it was a hummingbird until it landed.

    Last night I had a fever close to 101. It’s been several years since I’ve had a fever so I felt crummy. Since I have recently gotten several mosquito bites, my mind ran to Zika. It would be hard to know without a test. I prayed a lot because I don’t want to miss this conference. This morning the fever was gone. I am hoping it will not return this afternoon as fevers sometimes do.

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  13. “Somewhere in Texas,” Alabama, Atlanta, South Carolina New Jersey (with a nod to Pennsylvania), Connecticut, Maine (Macmurry has a standing invite), southern Michigan, Indiana, Missouri,Saskatchewan, (speaking of which, is Roscuro in Ontario?), Idaho . . . It’s a summer long trip and that doesn’t count all the Navy pals and others along the way, too lengthy to mention.

    I’ll let you know when to expect me. 🙂

    My husband just laughs.


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  14. Michelle- I see from your blog that you’re in St. Louis this week? I can get to the arch in about 2 hours, depending on traffic (which at times in StL can be treacherous).


  15. You folks can take the mountain lions with you.

    Michelle, I will need you here on Sunday so we can sit and chat under the walnut tree in the afternoon. And on Monday so we can sit and chat under the pines in the afternoon. And on Tuesday so we can sit and chat under the apple tree in the afternoon. And on Wednesday so we can sit and chat under the peach tree in the afternoon. And on Thursday so we can sit and chat under the locust trees in the afternoon. And on Friday so we can sit and chat under the poplars in the afternoon. And on Saturday so we can sit and chat under the willows in the afternoon. Other than that, I am flexible. Unless you come in the winter, then we can sit and chat by the fire. Or the Spring, in which case we can stand and chat as we weed and plant. Or in the Fall so we can sit and chat as we can and dry and process for freezing.


  16. I would like to join the group. But I’m afraid to. I notice that all the bloggers I’ve met:
    Worthy Girl
    Make it Man, and
    (The other) AJ and Cameron,
    are no longer with us.

    I may be a jinx.


  17. Michelle will need dancing time, mumsee. Maybe she can rumba (or whatever it is she takes classes in) under those trees for a while.


  18. D, that is what the mornings and evenings are good for. Up at five, busy busy until eleven when the sun gets too hot then back to busy in late afternoon. But we go to bed at eight thirty. That is a bit difficult for some, I suppose.


  19. Worthy Girl was a woman who’s last name was Worthy. She lived in Asheville and they had a ministry there. But she moved away, up to Iowa, I believe. She was not as regular as most of us. But she did post occasionally.

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  20. But I see you’re atoning, Kim, by posting the donation links on FB 🙂

    Nice close-ups of that dragon fly! Zoom – digital cameras are the best.


  21. This next dragonfly was at “our” state park. It’s over water, and I like it that you can see the background and see where the dragonfly is, but not in a way that distracts. This is, of course, a different species than the first one, and I have no idea what kind it is. The day I shot it there were dragonflies everywhere, more than I’d ever seen in my life, and from multiple species. One of my 8 x 10 photos for the fair was taken the same day I got this one.

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  22. One of the boys working on harvest suffered some injuries yesterday. He was working on a bluegrass burn when the winds shifted. In the attempt to get out of the way, he ended up with a broken collar bone and burns. No word on how extensive the burns. Last year he broke an arm riding a bike during harvest. The year before got his hand stuck in a combine. He and the family could use prayer.

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  23. Michelle, I will be home for a six to seven month furlough next summer. So I am good to go right about this time next year. 🙂
    Wait, how long is this trip??


  24. Peter, I read Michelle’s post and then checked on the date. She wrote that in 2011 so probably won’t be in Saint Louis this weekend.


  25. Michelle, yes, I’m in southern Ontario. It would probably be shorter to come through the States to get here, even from Saskatchewan, though if you go through Manitoba and northern Ontario, you’ll see a lot. I’d offer to accompany you on the trip, but it looks as if I have to take a course next summer. But I would be delighted to see you at any time.


  26. Hey, folks. I know some of you know a lot of people in Louisiana who got flooded out. We know of a church that had a lot of damage to its building and the pastor’s house and cars are a complete loss. We stayed with the pastor last summer on our trip South. If you want to help out financially and don’t know where to give, here is a link set up by a young woman we know personally. It is a trustworthy site to give: https://www.gofundme.com/2jxdjkjg. The name mentioned as a recipient is the daughter of the pastor.

    Thank you.


  27. techno-geeks: I have a site I’ve ordered from in the past (Vistaprint, mentioned by Michelle a few days ago), but I now have a new computer. When I went to place an order just now, it told me I needed to enable Javascript. I’m guessing I enabled Javascript on my old computer, but I’d had it six or seven years and I don’t remember what all I did to it.

    The instructions on Vistaprint on how to enable Javascript say this (italicized):

    • In the address bar, type about:config and press Enter.
    • Click I’ll be careful, I promise if a warning message appears.
    • In the search box, search for javascript.enable
    • Toggle the javascript.enabled preference (right-click and select Toggle or double-click the preference) to change the value from “false” to “true”.

    What they don’t tell you is that the “warning” that prompts you to click “I’ll be careful” is that enabling Javascript “may void your warranty.” Obviously that isn’t a risk I’m willing to take with a brand-new computer! Is this familiar to anybody? I’m tempted just to call Vistaprint and place my order over the phone (since I have already created the product I wish to order) and then just not do business with Vistaprint in the future. But that is really only a temporary fix, as I may well need Javascript for something else (and I’d also planned to do future business with this company).


  28. I’ve spent most of the afternoon in social media updating and am tired. My inbox, however, is now manageable. In examining some of the emails I found this overview of Martin Luther:


    In the last month or so, we watched the 2003 movie Luther–excellent and I read the new best seller, Martin Luther, superhero. Er, no, it was “Martin and Katarina”–a love story by Jody Hedlund.

    Interesting novel, I didn’t know much about the time, but I’m dubious of the excommunicated priest leaping onto a horse and riding to the rescue of the fetching Katarina, not once but twice.


  29. Apparently the “this can void your warranty” was just a dumb tech joke.

    The newest dragonfly is the one I enlarged to 8 x 10 and will enter in the fair. I like how the colors are all clean and distinct, a very clear background in a different color from the insect and the stick. This is the bluest dragonfly I’ve seen, though I’ve seen several with blue on them here and there. (And we have a damselfly that is a vivid bright blue.) But my favorite part is the intricate lacy designs of the wings on the insect’s far side.


  30. Chas:

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Charlie, happy birthday to you!

    We’ve been blessed to have you as part of our family.

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