27 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-11-16

  1. HRW, I enjoyed yesterday’s trade discussion. My question today is: In what areas would the policies of Bernie Sanders be substantially different from those of Hugo Chavez?


  2. I am very disappointed with Russia. I heard it has passed a law to outlaw the spanking of children by parents. Texas and Mongolia are considering whether this action may warrant Russia’s expulsion from the Axis of Heterosexuality.


  3. “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep seated religious beliefs have to be changed>”
    HRC 23 April 2015


  4. Listened to a discussion on the car radio yesterday (I think it was Focus on the Family) about SB 1146 in California that I see today has partially been amended again. As the discussion pointed out, the LGBT rights movement is essentially on a collision course with religious liberty guarantees in many of these cases, there’s no avoiding that inevitable conflict.



  5. It occurred to me while listening, though, that Christians, who have enjoyed immense privilege in the U.S., will have to be ready and willing to cope with what I think will be a rather unfriendly religious/political climate in this country for the foreseeable future — and we’ll have to find a way to do so with a Christ-like attitude.

    I was struck by the calmness of the discussion I listened to — while much of this is a serious cause for concern, the participants were able to talk about it in a calm manner — expressing both truth but also acceptance that the culture simply has changed, presenting what will surely be daunting challenges. Is the church prepared? I think we’re still somewhat caught in the “what the heck has happened??” shock which we will need to move beyond.

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  6. DJ, Focus on the Family came to my mind yesterday when reading about religious organizations getting involved in politics. I think they walk a dangerous line many times (and make us all look bad; one of the many things I don’t like about Dobson).

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  7. Dobson wasn’t part of the discussion (hasn’t he essentially retired from doing the radio program?) — it was an informative and reasonable discussion. I was impressed.

    And religious liberty issues, I think, qualify legitimately as areas of rightful concern for the church

    There’s a difference between becoming overly partisan and bringing the gospel to bear on areas of public policy that affect the citizenry (all of whom are our neighbors)

    I’m no expert on (or fan of) Dobson though i think his program helped many young and growing Christian families through the 1980s.

    1 Timothy 2:2

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  8. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/08/09/isis-intel-was-cooked-house-panel-finds.html

    “A House Republican task force has found that officials from the U.S. military’s Central Command altered intelligence reports to portray the U.S. fight against ISIS and al Qaeda in a more positive light than lower-level analysts believed was warranted by the facts on the ground, three officials familiar with the task force’s findings told The Daily Beast.

    A roughly 10-page report on the controversy is expected to be released by the end of next week, two officials said. While it contains no definitive evidence that senior Obama administration officials ordered the reports to be doctored, the five-month investigation did corroborate earlier reports that analysts felt the leaders of CENTCOM’s intelligence directorate pressured them to conclude that the threat from ISIS was not as ominous as the analysts believed, the officials said.

    “The investigation is ongoing but the report substantiates the claims” that intelligence reports were altered, one official familiar with the report explained to The Daily Beast. Another official said that the investigation could remain open even after report is released.

    The task force, led by members of the House Armed Services and Intelligence committees and the Defense Appropriations subcommittee, was created after The Daily Beast first reported that more than 50 analysts had filed a formal complaint alleging their reports on ISIS and al Qaeda’s branch in Syria were being inappropriately altered by senior officials. Some told The Daily Beast they felt they were working in a hostile, toxic office where they felt “bullied” to draw conclusions not supported by the facts.

    Some of the intelligence made its way into briefings presented to President Obama. However, administration officials have consistently said that they have confidence in CENTCOM’s reports and that they don’t believe White House policy was guided by false or misleading analysis.”

    “But some of CENTCOM’s intelligence analysts already are concerned that the DoD IG report will not have as much teeth as the House Republican task force report. These military analysts told The Beast that the head of CENTCOM’s intelligence directorate, Maj. Gen. Steven Grove, and his civilian deputy, Gregory Ryckman, had deleted emails and files from computer systems before the inspector general could examine them.”

    Except for the false and misleading analysis they were putting out. They altered it in the first place. Deleting emails is a theme with these people.

    Barry and Hillary own ISIS. It has thrived and conquered while these 2 insisted all was well, JV team and all.


  9. My wife loves Dr. Dobson and gives him great credit for his parenting advice on the radio and in his books. I was being serious (imagine that) about sending him to Russia. He could help Russian parents.

    The disturbing thing about the Russian ban on spanking is that it calls into question the motivation for their ban on homosexual propaganda. If they will outlaw biblical parenting, I think their anti-perversion laws may be based purely on culture, not Biblical standards.

    It was also interesting that the head of the Russian Orthodox Church opposed the spanking ban.


  10. Sitting at the car wash, it’s important to remember that while we may think we want to know all, our nation as a whole doe not benefit from armchair generals. Some things may need to be kept secret for national security reasons and that includes military preparedness—or not.

    If I know things, that means the bad guys know even more and when a loved one’s life, or any other soldier’s life is on the line, well, I’ll judge when I read the history books later.


  11. Ricky — Chavez’s trade policies were based on the idea of minimizing/lowering US influence in Latin America. He wanted to discourage the use of the US dollar, form free trade blocs of similar thinking countries (Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, etc) and attempted to price oil in Euros not dollars. He resorted to barter when necessary — exchanging oil for health care with Cuba. He employed trade as a tool of foreign affairs and forced corporations to cooperate or not participate at all. Not exactly an economic friendly approach. Conspiracy theorists believe his attempt to price oil in Euros led to his and his successors downfall as it threatened US economic security and interests.

    Sanders and his supporters view the TPP and agreements like it as not free trade but rather a corporate bill of rights. Outside of agriculture and its byproducts, there’s very few tariffs on goods imported or exported. The current crop of “free trade” agreements are not free trade agreements rather they give corporations rights that may in fact impede trade and technological innovation. Several tech firms have gone on record as opposed to the TPP because it will limit future innovation and protect present corporate policies. Thus opposition to TPP is not opposition to free trade but to corporate rights over democratic institutions. In addition, Sanders et al would also like free trade to be limited to free trade within the same playing field of labor and environmental rights — a fairly reasonable position.

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  12. Russia is probably bringing its policies, criminal and civil law to integrate with most European countries. Despite the dispute over the Ukraine, Russia continues to integrate economically wth Europe and needs to align its laws to match theirs. With the decline in gas revenues and targeted boycott/embargo, this alignment is even more important. Its free trade in action — the more your country aligns with others, the freer the trade.

    Dobson has, to be frank, jumped the shark. He had an unbelievable influence in the 80s and into the 90s but events seem to have passed him and his organization by. Dobson, Falwell, etc have probably endorsed Trump not as an act of leadership but as a desperate act to stay relevant with those “self-declared” evangelicals who follow Trump but probably haven’t heard from Dobson since they themselves were kids.

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  13. That’s why they’re called the Clinton News Network. (CNN)

    “10 minutes of CNN claiming technical difficulties, shouting down guests, and flat-out cutting the microphone of people who attempt to speak the facts pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s scandal-ridden past and present.”


  14. As I’ve said before, Dr. Dobson’s counsel through the radio benefited me when first raising children, but I got tired of him in the 1990s, in part because he moved into politics. Some of what he pointed out then has proven to be true, but . . . I’m thankful for Adventures in Odyssey, which the Adorables are enjoying even now.

    You have to be careful with power and Christians should know better than to get too close.

    It puts me in mind, as usual, of the temptations that can catch us and bite, even when our desire is to do good.

    Even I, who frequently thinks she is wife, make mistakes all too often. 😦

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  15. AJ — The first clip they cut off their own reporter. I believe that was accidentally in that I have heard similar stories on CNN they did not cut off and Clinton’s remarks on “super predators” has been well documented. The next two minutes was MSNBC — which makes me wonder about the media literacy of the compiler. The next two minutes was about Bill Clinton not Hilary. I would’ve cut off the belligerent man there too as he didn’t seem to realize discussing Bill’s behaviour as not analogous to discussing Trump’s behaviour as opposed to discussing Hilary’s. Finally, her success as a defence lawyer should not be seen as her personal moral/ethic as a defence lawyer she had an obligation to defend. And the yelling and talking over guests seems to be the norm on American cable news. Sorry not buying the bias. Now if we want to talk about the NYT this election cycle then yes I see the bias. Cable news has devolved into inane and obnoxious to have any meaningful bias.


  16. I fear Linda is in the great majority. My wife and I are in the tiny minority. We are reminded of this fact every time we go out to eat.


  17. I think HRW is right. Russia is beginning to conform to the norms of Western Europe.

    Dr. Dobson became very political in the 1990s.
    However, earlier in his life he had an amazing ministry. Responding to the permissiveness of Dr. Spock, Dobson gave sound, practical, Biblical advice to millions of Christian parents.

    Eventually, the tide of permissiveness overwhelmed Dobson’s reforms even as the tides of socialism, sloth, tree-hugging and criminality are swamping Reagan’s reforms.


  18. You don’t need to spank to keep your child quiet at a restaurant. Nice long walks in the parking lot work well or just stay home and be honest when your child asks why she hasn’t gone to a restaurant in awhile.

    Tychicus — Given the public displays of drunken “discipline” I’ve seen in eastern Europe, I don’t think your missionary friend is being targeted for his choice of discipline, rather its a convenient way of getting rid of a missionary.

    Given the continual decline of violent crime in the last 40 years, Ricky should rephrase his vast generalization.


  19. HRW, It is not just a matter of being quiet. Last Friday I saw a three year old scream for thirty minutes, then walk 50 feet out the side door of the restaurant into the parking lot before the “modern” parents went to get him.

    Spanking works. Modern, non-Biblical psychology-babble methods don’t work.


  20. The spanking isn’t the discipline. The swat on the rear or hand is to get the attention of the child so that you then discipline. I carried an Obie everywhere we went. It was a rubber spatula. I didn’t have it one day at my grandparents and my mostly slipping into senility grandmother handed me a wooden spoon. I may not have the best behaved child in the world but most of the time she behaves in public.
    Her Nana and I have decided she is a street angel and a house devil. I have decided if she can only behave in one of two places I would rather it be public.


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