8 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-30-16

  1. FoxNews reports that hackers have penetrated Hillary’s campaign e-mails. This brings up again the issue of cyber security. I am reading a book called “Cyber War” by Richard Clark. He discusses the problems we face nationally WRT cyber security. Some comments about what he says.

    America is the superpower WRT cyber warfare. We have superb capabilities to attack others. However, we are the most vulnerable. “We are a technological nation, but we are more fragile. We have come to depend on cyberspace for every facet of our lives. Power, groceries and other necessities, communication, finance and almost everything else. “From turning on the lights to calling 911 to boarding an airplane, we rely on integrated computer systems.” Our potential enemies do not depend on cyberspace for their existence. Even parts of our military equipment is produced by potential enemies and there is no assurance that they do not have “trap doors” into the workings of our equipment. Much of the Windows operating systems are programmed overseas.

    The problem exists in all of our infrastructure. Protecting against cyber attacks would cost Duke Power, for example, lots of money. There have been no attacks so far, and likely will “not be on my watch”. Someday, maybe. “But not on my watch”
    The Chinese have both the power and means to disconnect China’s slice of the internet from the rest of the world, which it may very well do in the event of a conflict with the United States. The U.S. government has no such authority or capability.” The military has provided some security for it’s functions. Dept. of Homeland Security would be responsible for the homeland, but is doing nothing, so far. Nor do they have plans.
    There is no reason for our electric grid to be on a worldwide, even nationwide net. There are separate, secure nets in our DoD. But once, a guy took a thumb drive from an insecure net and put it into a secure computer. It had a bug.
    You have to know that some bad guys have everything Hillary ever sent out.

    I highly recommend “Cyber War” to anyone interested in that sort of thing. As I said, our military has secure nets. However, logistics and other non-classified data is sent over the insecure net.

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  2. Washington Post says I have read my five free articles this month, so I cannot access that article. I even tried the Google trick, which usually works, but it didn’t work this time. 😦


  3. http://www.ndtv.com/world-news/backlash-for-trump-after-he-lashes-out-at-the-parents-of-muslim-solider-1438388?site=full

    Karen, Here is the article from another source. Insulting parents of soldiers who died in battle follows the pattern of mocking a disabled reporter, cursing in front of children, posting unflattering photos of opponents’wives, insulting POWs, etc. However, none of this matters to Trumpkins. As he said, he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and his followers would still love him.

    The Gold Star father questioned Trump’s sacrifices. Yet Trump has already told us how avoiding venereal diseases in New York City was his own personal Vietnam.


  4. I’m old enough to remember that to avoid any misfortune in 1970s New York was worthy of a medal. Thus any fear mingering about law and order today is just that fear mongering.

    From the Trump candidacy, it appears the Republicans have lost the foreign affairs and patriotism edge they for one reason or other enjoyed. With Trumps penchant for bankruptcy they should also lose any claim to fiscal responsibility.

    The Democratics have done a back to the future, a New/Fair Deal/War against Poverty with cold war style militarism abd patriotim. I’m waiting for Truman or Johnson to start campaimging but the Democratics seem more willing to bring up Reagan.

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  5. With Hillary and Trump as the “leaders” of their parties, we have returned to times such as 1948 or 1960 when there was little substantive difference between the parties:
    A. On economy issues both Hillary and Trump:
    1. Like to scapegoat.
    2. Like entitlements and don’t want to deal with the issue of sloth.
    3. Don’t understand free enterprise but like crony capitalism.
    4. Are pawns of the AARP, big Pharma and the healthcare industry.
    B. On social issues, the war is essentially over and abortionists and perverts have won. Both Hillary and Trump favor Organized Perversion over Christians.
    C. Neither candidate recognizes any Constitutional limit on the power of the President or the federal government.
    D. On foreign policy, Hillary favors the Little Bush/Obama interventionist, pro-democracy muddle. Trump has raised some interesting questions, but in such a dishonest, inconsistent and awkward manner that he has only added to his reputation as a buffoon.


  6. There are some differences — Trumps is a protectionist yet against social programs whereas Clinton is a free trader yet for social programs. In foreign policy, Clinton will continue traditional American policies, Trumps is quite clueless and irrational. Its the latter which scares the rest of the worlds — Trump really doesn’t understand the chess game of international relations.


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