35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-25-16

  1. My modem is on the fritz. They’re delivering a new one tomorrow, until then it’s hit or miss. Tomorrow’s posts may or may not be on time. Depends on my ability to get consistent internet. 😦

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  2. Hi AJ, we just figured you’d “gone fishing.” 🙂

    Annie Oakley & Tess — separated at birth, but it’s an uneasy alliance, Tess always has her eye on the cat.

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  3. Cute, Donna.

    Well, I hardly have a working computer these days. Two or three times a day my internet locks up and I have to reboot my computer and then reboot the modem, and sometimes I have an additional step on my computer too. If I’m working with photos it’s particularly subject to freezing and going s-u-p-e-r slow, but sometimes even when I’m just working with documents and have done nothing with photos since a reboot. So we’re upgrading me. It’s time. This thing is six to seven years old and I was doing nothing with photos when I bought it as a single woman. (I bought my first digital camera preparing for my honeymoon five years ago, and before that I scanned one or two dozen photos and that was about it. I didn’t even have speakers or sound or video “on” on the computer.) So my husband has been researching what I need and he will order it.

    That 800-page project I worked on during our vacation? It will pay for it. (I mostly worked on it during the non-vacation parts of the trip, when my husband had church business, but I initially thought that week would be a vacation week for me. And even our vacation days in Florida, I worked on it for an hour or two or three every night–except Sundays and my birthday. And then when we returned home, I put in more than 40 hours in four workdays to finish it up. So I earned my new computer!)

    Meanwhile, I hate working on a computer on its last legs. This hasn’t quite gotten as bad as my last one did, but it has become super pesky and I’m ready for a new one. Even editing is not always straightforward, because sometimes I have to wait a minute or two before it will let me scroll down, and occasionally it simply freezes and needs a forced reboot.

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  4. So glad all is okay except for a modem.

    That Annie and Tess (cat and dog show) are over the top cuties!♡

    Glad you are getting a new computer, Cheryl.

    I have been up since around 4 a.m. I had a lot of caffeine yesterday which does that for me. I had my usual coffee and then loaded up on iced tea at the sub shop after church.


  5. My “tech guys” told me before I bought this one that you want the fastest processor you can afford to get and you want at least 1 t-byte of memory. Other than that it doesn’t matter what kind you get. I got a Samsung that folds back and converts to a tablet. It has a touch screen. Those things don’t matter to me YET, but I am sure as I get used to them I will like them.
    I went down from a 17 inch screen to a 15 inch screen. One of the things I love the most is how light weight is is. The 6 year old one was very heavy and hurt my neck and shoulders when I had to carry it.

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  6. AJ’s here! Tech stuff makes my head hurt….I just want to open my iPad or laptop and have it work..kind of like my car…I want to put the key in, turn it and go! 🙂 Our internet stinks…and Comcast has still not fulfilled their half of our contract…we were supposed to have service by the end of April…then it was May…June…and now it is the end of July and nothin’…..it is what it is…. 😎

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  7. From the weekend threads:

    Congratulations, Jo, on your new grandson, and Chas, on your new great-grandson!

    Cheryl, great pictures you sent AJ, and that pair of turtles was the cutest. 🙂

    Ann, enjoy your trip! The Tetons are beautiful, one of the loveliest places I traveled to in my childhood.

    Janice, that movie “Departures” sounds excellent. I’d never heard of it before. I’m glad you mentioned it. I will have to try to find that and watch it sometime.

    Chas, my grandmother who lived next door had a caned chair. A nice, sturdy piece it was, white, with a lot of character. I wonder if it’s still at my parents’ house (which is the home my grandparents lived in while I was growing up). I’ll have to check on that. I’m kind of nostalgic about that chair now. 😉

    Mumsee, the ten-year-old — I have no words, except to say, that was absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.


  8. I like that header photo! Annie Oakley looks like she’s turning on the charm, and Tess does appear to be quite watchful!


  9. 6 Arrows, a caned chair may be valuable.
    Caning, or repairing a caned chair is a long tedious process.
    You can likely by one from China much cheaper than you can have that repaired.


  10. Cane chairs aren’t as common as they once were….I had a Victorian era high chair recaned by a master caner in Colorado Springs….he was mentored by the best and took over when his mentor passed away….the repair cost me 50 dollars and was well worth it…..if repairs are needed, it is always a good idea to go to your local antique shoppe and ask who they would recommend…. 🙂


  11. I had my mother’s caned rocking chair from when she was a little girl. It was read with yellow/tan cane. No one could repair the cane, so my dad went to the stock yard, bought a cow hide, tanned it himself and made a cow hide seat for it. It is painted brown now with a white cow hide seat. It is up in the attic. If my math is correct my mother would be 80 or 81. She did not have a birth certificate. I found her the other day on the 1940 Census (which is what she used). Her name was not spelled the way she always spelled it. They had her as Alletta.


  12. NancyJill – Last night you asked if 1st Daughter could wake up Little Guy & have him walk upstairs on his own. Believe me, she has tried! When he is asleep, he is deeply asleep. She’d get him to open his eyes, he’d look at her, then turn & curl up again. 🙂

    We’ll work it out somehow, but it will be a difficult adjustment in the beginning.


  13. Kim, my local IT guy is good at this sort of stuff–I tell him that’s why I married him. He was on the phone with someone earlier, asking questions, and it sounds like he’s getting me a really good machine. He’s also researching what will be best for me in terms of software. When we married, he talked about getting a smaller base unit, and I told him the computer was too new to spend the money replacing it, but now we’ve gotten an additional five years of use out of it, and newer computers have more and faster memory, and now it’s time to do it.

    I have a desktop, and after we married we got me a larger screen (I had had the screen size limited by the size of free space I had on an ancient computer desk in Nashville), because for me it is helpful at times to be able to see two text pages side by side. Meanwhile my husband has a laptop and a tablet, and our daughter who is not marrying has a laptop and a smart phone . . . so whatever size screen is needed, it’s available in-house. When we travel, my husband takes his laptop for me and his tablet for himself. I don’t really like working on a laptop, but to have the ability to work on it on the road is good. (As far as editing work, I try to have hard copy for the road, and then I don’t have to work on the laptop but can just check e-mail, fact-check on the web, and so forth. But it’s great to be able to check e-mail from the road, and I have access to my files if I need them.)

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  14. Good morning, Jo! I am impressed by how you managed to get around to so many places while in the states. I have not ever traveled to more than one or two destinations on one trip.


  15. I really made a boo-boo on a book review I posted earlier. It’s based on an ebook or PDF copy so I did not have the cover to go by. The book is titled Who Killed My Church? I didn’t quite get that title right and posted for the book titled Who Stole My Church? So I had to backtrack, cancel the wrong reviews, and repost the right reviews. I must learn to be very careful! I had to submit a request to cancel the review on Christianbook.com, so the wrong book has my review posted for it until they remove it. CBD does not even carry the book I reviewed.


  16. I found some British detective DVDs at the library about a lady named Vera. We have never seen the program on our PBS stations. Has anyone else seen it? Art really likes the program. He also likes Wallender.


  17. Kim @ 6:07 That is the program I used.
    Another question. I have been using AVG for protection. Is that the best one? Or, does it matter. i.e. Do all do the same thing?


  18. I don’t know that I have used AVG. Currently I am using Norton. I have used McAfee in the past. Someone with more knowledge should answer that for you.
    I think I am currently uploading and downloading at 4or5


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