35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-29-15

  1. Hello to all from Hilton Head!

    Son went out to the beach earlier and got a few pictures of sunrise and a picture of a double rainbow over where we are staying. ♡

    Yesterday we went for an early seafood dinner and the weather was so pleasant that we got to sit outside by the inland waterway and watch kayaks and other small boats pass by. In all our years here we have never been able to do that before. Sweet! Our waitress commented, “It’s a good way to end summer.” 😉

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  2. Good Morning! The sun should be coming up soon…it’s cold and the plows finally came through yesterday, pushing the snow in front of our cleared driveway….grrrr
    Janice it certainly sounds heavenly to be visiting Hilton Head…a little warming of the bones by the rays of the sun would be much welcomed around here right now!

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  3. Chas, I was waiting for today’s thread so that I could make a suggestion for Elvera. I know you all have iPhones now. You mentioned the other day that the doctor has suggested that she play Sudoku to keep her cognitive abilities active. I started out playing in the newspaper (actually back in grad school because it is based on Napier’s Bones), I eventually found I could print them off the internet and used to have “speed solving” competitions with a friend, then I found I could solve them on line. Now I play on my phone.
    If you mess up solving the puzzle on paper it is harder to go back and start over. Sunday night I started trying to solve one and kept boxing myself in with the 4’s and 9’s. It took me four tries but I finally solved it yesterday. Electronically I can highlight a number so that I can see which squares it is already in. That may be less frustrating for Elvera and keep her more engaged in it. I don’t know. Maybe the doctor wants her to have to solve them on paper. I know that it bothers me if I can’t solve it at all.

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  4. If the link works, I thought you might like to read about another place near me. In the Magnolia River there is a place known as the Cold Hole. The rest of the water can be nice and warm, but jump in that spot and it is icy cold—great on a hot summer’s day.
    Maybe Michelle can set one of her stories here and have to do some local research?


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  5. The victor and the vanquished together, uneasily, under a lamp. 🙂

    It’s cold here but I already had someone post a mocking tweet about my story today. I even said in the story that our Midwest relatives would mock. …

    Woman I interviewed at the dog park (not our dog park, another one) said she was from Chicago but still was cold here. Her theory is that it’s the dampness from the ocean. I think it’s just a case of our bodies’ thermostats adjusting to the new place.

    I dug out my gloves and knit caps this morning.

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  6. I’ve been to the gym and back already. As I drove home, I passed a man in sweat pants and a shirt coming from the Catholic Church clutching a brown bag. It must have been a breakfast give away.

    Since it’s 30 degrees here, I wanted to roll down my window and shout, “put up your hoodie!”

    Next stop was to drop off some Japanese candies one of my daughter’s friends left at our house.

    They’re jellies, so I realized they might freeze if I just left them on the doorstep. A light was on, so I knocked. A puzzled dad came to the door in his bathrobe!

    I explained who I was handed him the candies, he laughed and said, “awfully cold and early to be running errands . . . ”

    As I continued on my way, shivering, I passed a man wearing a ball cap and wrapped in a blanket shuffling toward a creek where many homeless hang out. I thought, “maybe I should take him home where it’s warm.”

    But then I was a block past and thought, “No. I’m alone and he’s bigger than me. The shelters would take him in.”

    But I wonder.

    Last stop was the grocery store. No news from there. 🙂

    I’m thankful for the warm house, though.

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  7. Wet cold just like wet heat (humidity) is amplified. Here in the Sunny South when it is wet and cold it seeps into your bones and they ache whether or not you have arthritis. Last winter I could NOT get my hands warm enough.

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  8. There is a huge difference between a damp cold and a dry cold. You can easily freeze your ears in a dry cold. I had a relative who moved from Missouri to North Dakota and found this out the hard way, although warned. It just does not feel as cold. Humidity makes a big difference. Wind also makes a big difference.

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  9. A lot of the homeless remain on the streets and in their tents here, too — there is a cold-weather shelter open every night in the city across the harbor (with buses that come to pick people up where we are). Not sure if there is no room or (more likely, though hard to fathom) whether some just choose to stay put.

    There’s an occupied tent on the other side of the R/R tracks that run next to the dog park — set up in the bushes leading up to the freeway onramp. There’s a light on inside the tent by dusk and a whole lot of stuff now spread out around it. Some maybe feel they just have too many belongings and don’t want to leave it all behind.


  10. Cold is relative. It’s been -8F here for a week or so but tomorrow it’s supposed rise to just below freezing which will feel warm and we’ll be out and playing in the snow 🙂 I would much prefer desert heat, however…


  11. Cold is definitely relative and body thermometers change! I grew up in upstate NY both in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and in the snowbelt south of Buffalo. I think it’s safe to say that I was used to the cold. Now after so many years in Africa??? I think 70 is sweater weather!

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  12. 🙂 Power’s back on.
    I went out about 9:30 to get a haircut and other things. When I returned about 11:00 Elvera said the power had been off since about 10:00. I called Duke Pwr. They said it would be back on about 9:00 tonight. I knew that they didn’t know, That was their way of saying “we’re working on it.” And that’s all I needed to know.
    I was afraid for the stuff in the refrigerator, so I went out and started my generator, hooked it up, to the refrigerator, etc. Took lots of time and effort. But I finally got it hooked up and running. It ran for about half an hour.
    And the power came back on.
    I’m glad for the power. The generator is still running because I need to run the gas out.

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  13. Kim. She doesn’t even use the phone to follow me. She has problems using the phone because she wants to dial a number. But she has started checking the weather.
    The “smart” phone is useless to her.
    She would not play a game.

    We left Chuck’s house at 5:30 Saturday morning. Elvera wanted to leave a note, as is her custom, telling that we had left and the time.
    I explained to her that it wasn’t necessary. Chuck could tell that we were gone and where we were when he got up.

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  14. So chas can get away with most anything, I guess, since no one’s really tracking him.

    Our Polar Bear ocean swim is on for Friday.

    For some reason (I guess listening to the Mississippi River flooding news on the radio in the Jeep) I started thinking about the Little Sioux River that used to run right behind my uncle’s farm in northwest Iowa


    I remember watching it from the banks when I was a kid.


  15. Today Mr. P and I went to see the movie Joy. The previews don’t really tell you what she does that turns her life around and I don’t want to spoil if for you but….
    She invented the “Miracle Mop” that was sold on QVC back in the early to mid ’90’s. As that part of the story was unfolding I leaned over and whispered to Mr. P to remind me later to tell him something about that kind of mop.
    Later when she is on QVC demonstrating the qualities of the mop, I lost it. I didn’t laugh out loud but I was silently giggling enough that he asked me what was so funny. Through laughter tears I told him I couldn’t tell him but I promised I would after the movie was over.

    My ex sister in law and my nephew are both natural red heads. To compound that my nephew has ADHD with a double does of the Hyper. I promise you he has blue eyes and when you see them sparkle…. well as my father used to say “Katy bar the door. All H is about to break loose”.
    Nephew was about 6 and his baby sister was about 2 and half. SIL went to put niece down for a nap and when she came back into the kitchen—she had left nephew watching TV— he had poured cooking oil all over the floor, added some ketchup, flour, and an assortment of other items. He had his mother’s mop out and was trying to clean it all up. She was so angry at him she was shaking. She picked him up by the upper arms, plunked him down in the garage, and locked the kitchen door. She then began to clean up the mess. It took a couple of hours and she had to scrape some of it with a flipper and clean again and again.
    Poor little boy, just wanted to see if his mother’s mop would do the same thing as the one on TV and if he needed to ask his dad to get her a Miracle Mop for Christmas.

    As soon as we got out of the movie I sent her a text asking her to PROMISE me she would go see the movie. Then I called Ex MIL and told her about it. We both laughed until I had tears streaming down my face again.

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  16. Similar story:

    Once upon a time, my husband was actually home from sea when the doorbell rang at our Navy housing unit. He opened the door. From the kitchen I heard him say, “I see. We’ll take care of him.”

    The door shut and he walked upstairs.

    I followed and found him in the bathroom. Our 9 month-old godson (the one who eventually got married in Romania) was sitting in the tub with all his clothes on and R had turned on the water.

    “What’s up?”

    “ML just handed him to me before she killed him. While she took a shower, he opened the cupboard, pulled out a gallon of Crisco Oil and poured it all over the floor. She came down to find him splattering happily in the mess.”

    I started to laugh.

    It was one of R’s finer parenting moments. ML didn’t return for a couple hours . . .

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  17. AJ’s daughter still reminds me of a young Laura Hillenbrand. 🙂

    Our local battleship is holding a big pep rally Thursday for the Hawkeyes who are playing in the Rose Bowl the next day.

    Go Iowa.


  18. After some misadventures, daughter made it to her destination. Seems she missed her bus by ten minutes as the border did not open for an hour after the posted opening. But she caught up with the bus at one of its stops and got somewhere and her friends arrived to pick her up.

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  19. The days are supposed to be getting shorter.
    But the sun rises today a minute later than it did yesterday.
    7:38 vice 7:37 according to my phone.
    (I remembered 7:37 because it’s the name of a jet.)


  20. Chas, I suspect you meant to say “the days are supposed to be getting longer.” And IIRC, they do, but not necessarily by the sun rising earlier – it may rise a minute later but also set five minutes later with a net gain of four minutes.


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