Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks- Week 10

Ten games. Ten weeks into the season. But so far, no one has gotten all ten games correct. Several times someone got 9 of ten. Gotta love college football when it is difficult to be 100% accurate in predicting the outcome of ten games. So, without further ado, here are our ten choices. (Boise State doesn’t play this week, so Idaho is represented by the not-as-good Vandals.)

Get your guesses in by Saturday, Nov. 1 @ 11:30AM EDT.

 1. Air Force @ Army – The battle for the Commander-in-Chief Trophy comes to West Point. Air Force can clinch it with a win, having beaten Navy already.

2. Purdue @ #17 Nebraska – B1G game? Not really.

3. #4 Auburn @ #7 Ole Miss – Big game? Yes, indeed.

4. Kentucky @ Mizzou – I suppose you could call this a border battle, even though the border is short (I am not even sure if there is anyway to get from MO to KY without going through IL or TN.)

5. #24 Duke @ Pittsburgh – The Demon Deacons are in the Top 25! (Yawn. They have a weak schedule.)

(EDITOR’S NOTE) (That’s Blue Devils Peter. The Demon Deacons are from Wake Forest. And don’t be hatin’)

6. Tennessee @ South Carolina – Chas might be pleased with the result of this one.

7. #14 Arizona @ #25 UCLA – Another test for the Wildcats. The PAC-12 South is on the line. 4 of 6 in the Top 25. 5 of 6 could claim the South title.

8. Arkansas State @ Idaho – How do these Sun Belt Conference teams pay their travel expenses?

9. Pillow Fight: Georgia State @ Appalachian State – The Sun Belt also has a lot of bad teams. These two are a combined 3-12. (And Idaho is 1-6.)

10. Tie Breaker (pick winner and score): #10 TCU @ #20 West Virginia  – By Ricky’s request. A Big 12 showdown between #2 and #3 in the conference.

Disclaimer: There is no prize other than bragging rights and the opportunity to pick the next Tie Breaker game. Winner determined after all games are played.

16 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks- Week 10

  1. Aj didn’t give a score for TCU

    , Chas’ Wild Guesses:
    1. AF over Army. A former Air Force man, but I have no attachment to the team.
    2., Purdue. That’s my heart betting. I don’t really believe this.
    3. Ol Miss. More heart than brain in this one. But the Gamecocks showed that Auburn can be scored on.
    4. Wildcats, not Tigers. There is a way to get from Poplar Bluff to Paducah. From there, you’re on your way.
    5. Blue Devils. On our first date, I took Elvera to a SC-Duke game. Duke won and I’ve never taken her to another football game.
    6. Gamecocks gotta win this. Or they’re out of the bowl picture.
    7. Arizona. Don’t know why.
    8. Appalachian State It may be a pillow fight, but the Mountaineers have put out good teams for their league.
    9. Idaho (???) I hear SC paid Furman $500,000 to come to Columbia. I doubt Idaho has that kind of money.
    10 TCU. Horned Frogs 21-14

    It occurs to me that I have some kind of attachment to most of the teams selected this week.
    I was in the AF, I got a master’s from Purdue. Our new pastor just came from Opalaka, Youngest GD graduated from Appalachian State and married a Kentucky guy. I took Elvera to a Duke game on our first date.. I’m a Gamecock. I attended a summer seminar at UCLA (but have no attachment), And I took a course at TCU while in Ft. Worth.
    The only teams I care about are Gamecocks and Boilermakers.


  2. AJ- Demons or Devils, either way they chose an evil mascot. And I was going to check on the right mascot but got side tracked.

    My picks:
    Air Force – No reason other than record
    Nebraska – Holding my nose and being a realist
    Ole Miss – This could be their year
    Mizzou – Need you ask?
    Pitt – Being an idealist, because in an ideal world, evil never wins.
    SoCar – In honor of Chas
    Arizona – Again, need you ask?
    Arkansas St – No offense to the Idahoans around here, but have the Vandals ever been good?
    App St – don’t know why. I guess because a few years back they were a really good team.
    WVU 41-28 I rarely go for a team with Texas in its name. And it is being played in WV.


  3. Chas, That was a pretty impressive list of connections.

    It was cold when we were in Morgantown two weeks ago. It is going to be colder tomorrow. We’ll see how the Horned Frogs adjust.


  4. Real horned frogs (we called the “horny toads” in Arizona) prefer warm sunshine. They blended in with the sandy surroundings so one would not see them until they moved. I don’t know about the kind wearing football uniforms.

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  5. It looks like I’m late to the show (I was painting all day). I haven’t seen anything (and actually I never see any games, being here in Central Europe), but I’ll throw in my picks just for fun.

    Ark. St.
    App. St.
    TCU 44-37


  6. Uh, oh. We have a problem. Tychicus put in his guesses after the deadline, but says he hadn’t seen anything yet. Most of the games hadn’t ended by that time, but in a lot of them, the winner might have already been clear. Now, I trust Tychicus is being honest, not knowing him to be anything but honest. So do we give it to him, since he got 8 correct and won the tie breaker? (Ricky also had 8 correct, but did not get the winner correct in the tie breaker.) Now, rules are rules, aren’t they? And if I give the victory to Tychicus, i may have complaints from others who wanted to enter, but missed the deadline. Whaddya say folks? My opinion- we give it to both Ricky and Ty with an astersik. Sort of like the one Major League Baseball gave to a home run winner in 1961, because it took him more games to get 61 home runs than Babe Ruth took to get 60, when there were 8 fewer games. So, unless someone has a complaint, here are the results:

    Co-winners (TB=tie breaker result): Tychicus* (TB 20) and Ricky (TB n/a) – 8 correct. Ricky gets to pick the tie breaker game unless he defers to someone else.
    7 correct: TRW (TB 13) & kbells (TB 16)
    5 correct: IBNO and Peter L (both TB n/a)
    4 correct: AJ (TB 11) & Chas (TB 26)

    So what’ll it be Ricky?

    Actual game scores:
    1. Air Force 23 – Army 6
    2. Nebraska 35 – Purdue 14
    3. Auburn 35 – Ole Miss 31
    4. Mizzou 20 – Kentucky 10
    5. Duke 51 – Pittsburgh 48 2OT
    6. Tennessee 45 – South Carolina 42 OT
    7. UCLA 17 – Arizona 7
    8. Arkansas State 44 – Idaho 28
    9. Appalachian State 44 – Georgia State 0
    10. TB TCU 31 – West Virginia 30


  7. Peter, I appreciate the mention, but I didn’t meet the deadline, so I shouldn’t be considered. I’ll be more on the ball this week!


  8. If I had been in Eastern. Europe, I would have been late as well. To Tychicus goes the victory and the right to pick this week’s tie-breaker.


  9. Well RW, thanks for the “hat tip” – I guess I’ll have to accept, even though it’s coming from a Thunder fan!

    Since we’re from Big 12 country, and since I’m a UT grad, I’ll go with West Virginia at Texas for this week’s tie-breaker.

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