7 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-29-14

  1. Saw this post from a FB friend last night: “Enough is enough. Never in the history of the United States has a political party devoted all of its efforts to the destruction of the presidency at any cost to the American people. We cannot in good conscience reward them with our votes this November.”


  2. Donna – I can see where Republicans would think that can apply to Democrats, & Democrats would think it applies to Republicans.


  3. Exactly, Karen. What’s amusing is that this person virtually gloated over Bush’s bungling of Katrina. It’s amusing how people (all of us can be guilty) wear blinders when it comes to politics. Let’s face it, Bush’s last term was not successful by most measures. Obama’s administration has not been successful by most measures. But it’s always easier to blame the “other” side for your guy’s downfall.


  4. But that said … It is always interesting to me to hear people who really pretty viciously tore into Bush now say that Obama’s an innocent victim of political meanness and bullying. 😉

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  5. I’ve long admired the clear thinking and writing of Russell Moore and Al Mohler. Colson was the voice in the past, but they’ve become the new clear thinkers in this decade.

    Speaking of living in Babylon, I was chatting with someone (definitely not a believer) after covering a port meeting tonight and he made the comment (regarding a boy scout facility that’s being debated in the community right now) that the scouts having a “religious test” might fly in a (his words) “backwater Arkansas” town, but not here in L.A. — where, he said, there are no doubt more atheists and agnostics than there are Christians.

    (which also reminds me of how excited everyone on FB seems to be now over the pope’s most recent comments about evolution — “Wonderful, he’s an antidote to stupid” wrote someone on one of the posts)

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