Our Daily Thread 2-28-14

Good Morning!

It’s Friday!

Sorry, I can’t figure out how to enlarge this properly for the header, but I can post it here. It’s from Donna.



On this day in 1844 several people were killed aboard the USS Princeton when a 12-inch gun exploded.

In 1854 the Republican Party was organized in Ripon, WI. About 50 slavery opponents began the new political group.

In 1861 the U.S. territory of Colorado was organized.

In 1940 the first televised basketball game was shown. The game featured Fordham University and the University of Pittsburgh from Madison Square Gardens in New York.

In 1953, in a Cambridge University laboratory, scientists James D. Watson and Francis H.C. Crick discovered the double-helix structure of DNA.

In 1979 Mr. Ed, the talking horse from the TV show “Mr. Ed”, died.

And in 1983 “M*A*S*H” became the most watched television program in history when the final episode aired.


Quote of the Day

“Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away.”


Today is John Fahey’s birthday.

Today is also Pat Monahan’s birthday. From TrainVevo

And it’s Lisa Daggs’ as well.


Anyone have a QoD?

62 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-28-14

  1. Cheryl,

    Ouch. That’s painful. Hope it feels better soon. 🙂


    Have you seen the weather forecast for Sun/Mon? According to the EPWA we’re in what’s called the jackpot zone/sweet spot. I think it’s an inaccurate term(s) ‘cuz there ain’t nothin’ sweet about it. 14-18 inches. 😯

    Again. 😦


  2. I probably could have been first but I have been on the receiving end of a whole lot of puppy love this morning. Amos was wanting a little extra this morning and Lulabelle weighs 50 pounds but thinks of herself as being a small little lap dog. Things are less bitter this morning. I have been on my new job a month now–it is the end of the month so I expect we will be quite busy today with agents coming in and needing their commission checks cut.
    I pretty much have a 90 day training plan put together.
    We are tentatively approved to buy this house. The owner’s daughter mentioned something this past Sunday about wanting to sell it. She could get cold feet. Her mother is in a nursing home and likes to come by and look at her house from time to time. The daughter lives out of state but tries to get back often to see her mother.
    I got out yesterday afternoon to see what some new construction looks like. Just a couple of hundred square feet larger, in a former pasture/cotton field/ soybeen field, and 80-100 thousand dollars more. The location of this house is unbelievable but it was built in 1962, A new roof, a new HVAC system, and plumbing are all in the nearer rather than farther future.
    I don’t have my father to bounce these things off of anymore and I dialed my ex-mother-in-law the other day to ask her opinion and hung up before she answered. Mr P is used to making his own decisions and sticking with them—me? Not so much. I have always sought parental advice.
    In other news it seems that ex-husband has finally sold his house. I had it listed for sale but we took it off the market when I switched companies. A couple he goes to church with called him and asked if he had sold it. They made him an offer. Legally I could make a claim that I am owed a commission, but I am relieved not to be in the middle of it. His mother is furious with him for selling it. Of course she came home from the hospital to the five acres she lives on, got married, built a house next door to her parents and has been on her hill for 75 or so years.
    I am off to earn the kibble for these puppy dogs.


  3. Love that beautiful scene, Donna. I think blue is my BFC, Best Forever Color. So your view has lots of that! I do love all the colors, and even black for the contrast it gives to colors.

    Do you ever get out in the boats in the harbor?


  4. Timely to hear of Mr. Ed today. Since we covered Balaam and the Talking Donkey in Sunday School one of the other teachers and I started singing the Mr. Ed song but changing the words to be about Balaam’s Donkey. The third teacher with us is near fifty but had never seen Mr. Ed. Tragic, I know. Of course, we had to explain to the children who Mr. Ed was.


  5. Last post for a bit. I threw a paper towel into the trashcan and Bosley leaped in after it. It was an empty can so of course it toppled over. Thankfully I had just taken the garbage to the street so she didn’t jump into the ooey gooey bag.

    I hope Cheryl’s toe is going to be okay.


  6. I hit my foot against the dresser yesterday morning, hard but it didn’t seem any harder than I’ve kicked furniture (accidentally) other times. But instead of the pain subsiding in a few minutes, it got worse. Within an hour it was throbbing. Now it’s purple and black and it really hurts if anything touches it. So it’s raised and iced, and my husband pampered me yesterday and is doing so today.


  7. It’s Friday!
    You know what that means!
    If you need to do something in February, you need to get with it..
    I don’t recall seeing a single episode of Mash. Nor most of the other popular programs in those days.

    Now for some serious stuff:
    Phos, from yesterday. I’m mentioned before that our middle GD met the guy who became her husband online. I don’t know what program she used. It seems to have worked out well.
    She is the one who had the baby in January.


  8. I caught Mr. Ed in the ealiest version of Nick at Night back when they were showing Burns and Allen and The Dick Van Dyke Show to fill up cable time.
    Now there is NOTHING you can watch on TV with any safety. There is a new pirate themed show on some station called Blacksails. Mr. P had recorded a few episodes to watch. I can handle that yes, there were probably prostitutes in a port that men frequented but I can’t handle the lesbian theme running through it with a prostitute and the daughter of a sea captian who dresses like a man and drops the F bomb every other word, or the full frontal nudity. All that within about 5 minutes. Not on our list of things to watch anymore. Oh, and it is set in the 17 to early 1800’s.


  9. AJ – yes, we did see the forecast for Sunday-Monday; they’re saying 6 – 12 here. I was going to post this tomorrow on R&R, but as of today, I’m working from home every day (instead of the previous M-W-F), so….. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


  10. Inspiring story, michelle.

    This morning is cloudy and windy and rainy (as it’s been all night). I didn’t realize how much I’d missed the rain until this morning, I’ve always loved days like this and we’ve had precious few of them in the past couple years. I don’t even care that my kitchen floor is covered with muddy paw prints.

    I’ll have to stop being lazy about sending my photos via phone and actually attach them to an email. 😉 But the photo of the harbor (I took it last week when I was heading back to work after a local interview) shows what was a very odd blanket of low fog (the shipping cranes are peeking out above).

    Janice, yes, I’ve done some harbor cruises along with whale watch trips but I’m prone to seasickness so I really do try to avoid boats. 🙂 I still remember covering some Middle Easter sheik who was visiting and insisted on going on a whale watch trip. It was in March and the ocean was very choppy, it was a cold, windy day. Nearly 2/3 of the people on the boat, including me and our photographer and dozens of school kids who were along as part of a field trip, spent much of the time hanging over the edge of the pitching, rocking boat. Then I had to come back and write a story. Blech.

    (Our photographer swore me to secrecy, he said he’d be teased endlessly if some of the newsroom guys knew he’d gotten seasick so I kept my word.)

    Thankfully we finally did see a whale out there, at which point the sheik — who never did get sick — said we could now return to the harbor. Torture.

    Ouch, Cheryl, take care of the toe, that sounds very painful. Do they tape-wrap broken toes? I don’t think there’s much more than that you can do to “fix” it.


  11. It’s supposed to snow here as well. 2″ tonight and 8-10 Saturday-Sunday. I guess we won’t be having church on Sunday nor school on Monday.


  12. I’ve been visiting on the East Coast a couple times in March in years past and it always seemed to snow.

    I like Janice’s idea.

    This storm will bring some needed snow to our mountains, too, though — the ski resorts are very happy but it also helps (a little bit, anyway) for the snow pack that we rely on for water down in the “basin” lowlands.

    I love-love-love rain. I’m only sorry that this is pretty much all we’re expected to get. 😦


  13. AJ, I forget what state you live in. They’re not predicting any large storms for us, that I know of (but yes, some smaller ones), but we’ve had our share and more, so that’s OK. (We are just about tied with the snowiest winter on record, I think about an inch short, but they’re counting December through February. If there’s another record that includes November and March, we might well get it by the time this is all done.)


  14. I was out shoveling snow on the deck when I noticed it was perfect snowman snow. So now there is a large snowman on the deck. Next to a little one on a children’s camp chair that was left out. One of the sixteen year olds helped. The others were off shoveling the basketball court so theirs is just boring, no snowman. I would send a pic but I don’t know how to make it work right.


  15. I took Chas’ advice (first paragraph, not the second) and did what I needed to do in February. The postage goes up next month, so I was using up my stock of stamps 🙂


  16. OK folks,

    I added a photo gallery in the right hand column of the photos you folks sent in, and the ones I’ve have posted. Just click on any photo and it will bring up a gallery and you can view them all.

    🙂 Cool right? 🙂


  17. I am WAY behind on reading the daily thread, but I’ve been checking here every day for these lovely pictures, and am so glad to see them all in the sidebar now! Thanks, AJ 🙂

    P.S. The snowy road pic looks just like our little dead-end road did a week or two ago in our beautiful, wooded area. Really pretty with the snow frosting the trees 😉


  18. Love the photo of the stone bridge…and the quaint benches…as soon as the snow leaves perhaps people will relish the chance to sit outdoors!! My Mom in Ohio said they are to receive 8 inches of snow tomorrow….I think we’ve all had enough of the white stuff…I’ll take it in liquid form from now on… 🙂


  19. Wow, Aj, you even included my photo of Ukarumpa from the air. Now you all can really see where I live. A restful Saturday morning here, I will go to school later.


  20. Oh good, a photo gallery. I hope we don’t use up the allowed storage amount any time too soon.

    BTW- Since it got up in the mid 40s, I opened an upstairs window to get a clean view of the river. I just sent you a photo. Too bad the greening grass will be covered with more snow this weekend. 😦


  21. So, a person I actually know posted this on FB this morning:

    “Feeling a tad nostalgic for those bygone days of community message boards when we all just chatted. Facebook is nothing like that fun, wonderful community.”

    Made me wonder if I should invite her to join us in this community! 🙂


  22. Emily filed the papers with the court this morning, & then gave the appropriate papers to the state marshal to serve on R.

    He was doing his best yesterday to talk her out of using an attorney, & out of going to court. He insists he will never pay child support, & would rather go to jail. But he still thinks he’s a good father.

    Forrest has been hungry for our attention, especially his mommy’s. But he’s having a lot of fun being home.


  23. an attorney can be such a help. My attorney let my ex rant and rave all he liked but then quietly protected my rights. It took me a few years to see how well my rights had been protected. He even encouraged me to use the DA’s office to collect child support. They also protected my rights and made things objective. Forever grateful.


  24. A real neat photo galery.
    And the areal view of Jo’s town.

    Michelle, invite her to join in. I have invited some, but they didn’t show up.
    I asked Sawgunner over. And a lady who lurked the WorldMag blog, but never posted.
    And a friend I knew from high school till now. A retired AF Chaplain.
    But I haven’t seen him.


  25. I am selfish. I have to filter myself enough in real life that I don’t want to share all of you with anyone else. My friend M knows about all of you and if something ever happened to me me she would be able to let you all know, Weekender Man knows about all of you and Istay in touch with him on FB. Other than that I don’t want to filter my thoughts to get along in business or anything else.
    I was in the bank today when something about the injustice to Trayvon Martin came on. I made the comment that I just wished the media would shut up and let everyone start healing. The black lady who was the teller next to mine glared at me.


  26. Well, yeah, Kim, I get it. I’m thinking about it. God is at work in my friend’s life in interesting ways. Not sure if we would be helpful or not . . . 🙂


  27. Somebody give me a firm talking-to! My piano is like a magnet lately, calling out to me to “Come play your Beethoven music for the piano show!” The show is four weeks from tomorrow, and the music is going better all the time, but my left arm and shoulder are hurting more and more. I love the music so much, and I don’t want to forget it, now that I have it memorized, that I just play through the pain. Not good!

    I could just “play” through it in my mind, and I do sometimes, but that’s not nearly as exciting as throwing myself into this very vigorous work at the piano.

    Somebody tell me how to settle down and take a break for a few days so I don’t injure myself so badly I won’t be able to play at all!

    A good “Stop It!” from someone who means business might do the trick. 😉


  28. And in the meanwhile, I have been slowly catching up on some of the threads I’ve missed here. The Bill Gothard stuff is horrible. I’d heard his name mentioned a few years ago (not in a positive light), but I had no idea about all of these goings-on mentioned in the links some of you were posting last week. Wow. Just sickening.


  29. Oh I am good with those of you who wander in. I just don’t want anyone I know personally or professionally to make me have to filter


  30. Six Arrows, you stopped being on here so much so you could devote more time with your family and family responsibilities. Have you let something else slip into that spot? I hope not. We all need other things to do, but not at the expense of our families. One wants to share one’s gift, but not to the extent of making one’s gift into one’s god. We love you. There you have it.


  31. 6 Arrows, I have spent most of the last two days sitting on a chair or the couch with one leg propped up, ice on it for 20 minutes at a time several times a day, and I’m tired of it. But earlier in the day I figured I was moving from the living to the library anyway, and figured I might as well get my own refill of water rather than having my husband have to give up. He stopped me, told me I don’t have to do that, that I have a husband to do that for me, and now go sit down. Then he kissed me for good measure. But the reprimand was clear: do what you’re supposed to do.

    6 Arrows, don’t push yourself. You know the music, and waiting a few days without playing it won’t make you forget it, but it will allow your body to rest a bit. So STOP IT! I’m sitting here with my leg up beside me at an awkward angle, because that is what it takes for me to “be good” right now. Do what you have to do to be good, too.


  32. What am I, chopped liver? You were here in my home. You rescued my family. You cooked and cleaned for us. You stepped into the middle of nowhere, alarming your new husband and causing your daughter great discomfort (well, that last was a really good thing, but so were the first five).


  33. 6 Arrows, you know perfectly well that practicing too much after one has learned and memorized the music will lead to ‘over practicing’, which numbs one’s emotions towards the music and causes one to make mistakes. So take it easy with the practicing.

    The Real, nice photo page – Thank you!


  34. Cheryl,

    PA., right on the border. I can pretty much see NJ from my house. Unfortunately. 🙂


    The more, the merrier. 🙂


    No. You’re not chopped liver. I don’t like chopped liver, but I like you, so you can’t be liver.

    Chicken maybe? Or lamb?

    Or do you have a tail? Because that would mean you’re a monkey according to a nature video I just watched the other day. 🙂


  35. Ah, two STOP ITs! 😀 And both in all caps!

    Thank you for all the words of wisdom, ladies. I appreciate and needed them, and knew people would come through for me.

    As far as questions:

    Kare — Yes, I’m quite sure the pain is from playing the piano more. I can feel myself tensing up in the 3rd movement of this piece, which has a very fast left-hand part (mostly eighth notes in cut time, some in duplet form, some triplet, and one section with 16th notes). I’m okay if I practice very slowly, but when I do a complete run-through up to tempo, it is my natural tendency to tighten my muscles. Even my quadriceps, I’ve noticed, even though I don’t play piano with my legs. 😉 I have some bad habits to unlearn. But that was a good question to ask, as pain down the left arm can indicate something much more serious.

    Mumsee: “Have you let something else slip into that spot?” Fair question. It is true I’ve not been on here as much, and yes, I’ve been playing piano more, around an hour a day, which is less than the total time I spent on the computer before. But it’s a wise admonition to remind about not making a god out of it, no matter how much time I spend. I get rather driven at times, and today especially so. Thank you for the loving way you dispense your wisdom.

    Roscuro — you are right about over-playing and losing the emotion and expression on a piece. It becomes too automatic, and one does not have to concentrate so much, which results in careless errors and a rather lackluster approach. I think it will be good to put it aside for a while, not only to rest my arm, but also to keep from reaching my peak too soon on the piece.

    Cheryl: “do what you’re supposed to do.” Good advice. And you painted a perfect picture of where I don’t want to be — sitting in a chair with an ice pack. I already had to do that once this week with my arm, so you would think that I would know better and take it easy. You can see how stubborn I am. 😉

    I didn’t see the story yet of why you need an ice pack on your leg. Sounds like you have a wonderful servant husband, though. A real blessing.


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