Prayer Requests 10-31-12

What should we pray for today?

And could you please continue to pray for those of us still dealing with the aftermath of this storm.

Also, I’ve witnessed many good things about my neighbors and friends in the neighborhood. Despite the conditions, many are going out of their way to help others. My neighbor Jimmy is one such, and I’d ask you to pray for him. He’s interested, and has questions about God, but isn’t quite there yet. May the Lord show him the answers he seeks thru this experience.

Thanks all.

4 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 10-31-12

  1. Heavenly Father,

    Thank You for the comfort You give in various ways during times of doing without. Thank You for the humor that some things take on that people would never have known before if they did not have to make do in unusual ways. Thank You for neighbors who show strengths, courage and leadership skills that would never have been known before. Even when times seems awfully desperate You are still in the midst making provision. It is at times like these that people are more open to hearing about You from those who are able to keep a semblance of joy through the aftereffects of a storm like Sandy. Please, Lord, help AJ and his family and neighbors and all who are suffering at this time to feel Your presence lifting them up and carrying them through this difficult time. May their power be restored sooner rather than later. Thank You for the limited communication You have enabled for AJ to still reach out to us on this blog. Thank You for his posts to get us started. He always has many worthy things for discussion. I do lift up to You for special attention today AJ’s neighbor, Jimmy. Please show Yourself in some beautiful way as being in his life. Draw him into the fold, Lord. You have a Way for him just as You have for all of us. Help him to have the time right now to focus on his spiritual life. Show him the greatest power on earth even as his neighborhood is without the usual source of power. Thank You for the good outcomes from times that cause people to be still and know that You are Lord. I pray for those who continue to be stranded and not yet discovered as needing help. Please Lord come to their aid quickly. Bless all the family and friends of those who participate on this site with quick recovery from the devastation. Please help the election to go forward as scheduled and may Your will be done. I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen


  2. The Kid is still home sick. Slight fever, coughing. Plus Hubby’s ex-pastor’s son Andrew is in surgery with appendicitis.


  3. Please pray for me that my kidney stone will go away without needing medical intervention. Pray also for my daughter, she is sick today and we have some health concerns for her.


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