13 thoughts on “Cute and Fuzzy Baby Animals!

  1. That reminds me of my list of animals I’d love to pet if I didn’t know they’d eat my face. The list includes timber wolves, snow leopards, polar bears and lions.


  2. Kare, that is so cool. What did the timber wolf’s fur feel like? I imagine it feels something like a husky’s fur.


  3. I’ve petted a giraffe!

    OK, my hunch is that the chance of a baby animal having rabies is very slim. What exactly is the point of thid particular slide show?


  4. Oh, and squirrel is what I call my Cheryl. She’s cute too, but not as fuzzy. I sent that to her at work yesterday. It’s sooooo cute. It reminds me of her.


    Plus my Cheryl said I need to share more with my friends. But no hugging, some people are uncomfortable with hugging. Me being one of them.



  5. I thought the skunk was the cutest. And I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be funny or to actually warn people to be careful with wildlife. (Bats too.)


  6. I’ve touched a lioness. I wouldn’t say I petted her though. One cautious finger through a chain link fence while she was sleeping was as bold as I was going to get.


  7. Hubby likes to tell people he got a hickey from a baby gorilla once. He had a friend who worked at the zoo and she let him hold the gorilla. It latched on to his neck and left a big bruise.


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