Our Daily Thread 9-27-12

Good morning.

This is the Daily open thread. You decide what we talk about.

Quote of the Day

““How can you talk if you haven’t got a brain?

I don’t know, but some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.””

―    L. Frank Baum,    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-27-12

  1. Good morning. Funny quote from The Wizard of Oz, seeing that some of the people who do the most talking have so little to add to the conversation.


  2. HOW ‘BOUT DEM O’S!!!!!!!!

    Thank you all for the feedback about medical screenings and doctor visits. Like Ree, I was surprised that so many shared my feelings about it. I feel much better now.


  3. WOW! You sure know how to hurt a guy.

    Good morning everyone.
    They had to move the Bible study into the Felloship Hall last night, the crowd was so large.
    I had no idea people were so interested in eschatology.
    The teacher is good, but he is “pre trib rapture” persuasion.
    His ThD thesis is The Amazing Messianic Jewish Movement.


  4. It’s OK AJ. I wasn’t taking it too seriously although it is a pretty good reminder to stop and think before opening your mouth. What’s that other saying that could go right along with it. “Keep you mouth such and let people think you are stupid or open it and let them know you are stupid” or some such way it goes.

    I won a lot of trivia points back when I played because of the Wizard of Oz. BG spend part of her second and third year of life being Dorothy. She had the blue gingham dress and the ruby red sparkley shoes from Target. I think for a while she would only answer to Dorothy. That was also the Christmas that she wanted to help decorate the Christmas tree and when one of the ornaments she hung fell she used a pretty bad curse word in exactly the right context. As soon as I got her down for a nap I called her Pop and her Papa and told them they needed to clean up their language and eliminate their favorite word, their precious, sweet, innocent grand-daughter was using it correctly!

    We had a newcomer’s dinner at church last night and as a member of the vestry I attended. I sat next to a lady and we were chatting. I told her I had a 15 year old but some of the younger children (especially the little girls) in church made me smile when they were mis-behaving and that I had had to apologize to a couple of mothers for encouraging their children to misbehave because I was smiling and trying not to laugh at what they were doing. She told me I had the makings of an excellent grandmother. That is very encouraging since I am obviously failing as the mother of a teenage daughter!

    All of BG’s friends hate me and none of them want to come to my house because I am MEAN and I am the only mother who takes away cell phones before I go to bed and then I unplug the wireless network so they can’t get on the internet! I also get irritable at 2 am when they aren’t asleep. That is why my child wants to stay gone all weekend. I am awful! SHE is FIFTEEN and she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t party, she doesn’t have sex, she doesn’t smoke and SHE can make her own decisions!

    I have had fun composing the following message in my mind this morning and fantasizing about posting it on FB:

    “To all of BG’s friends and their parents: I truly am sorry and humbly repent for being such a mean parent and taking away cell phones and making them turn off the tv and go to bed. It is really, really, really important to me to be popular with the high school set and so I am making the following changes. I am going to drag out the marguarita machine and get a couple of cartons of cigarettes. I am going to have girl talk and chat it up with your girls. I might also teach them to shoot tequila–after all they will certainly want to be able to hold their alcohol when I start having keg parties next year. I think it is important for young women to know how to properly hold their cigarette and to know that a lady never walks and smokes at the same time. I also intend to teach them how to apply their make-up so they can get that fabulous hooker look that is so popular. Oh, and I hope you don’t mind if we have co-ed slumber parties! After all, they are going to need to know how to safely have sex and where better to learn than with a responsible adult around to make sure they have condoms and such”

    So what do you think? Am I on the road to popularity or what????

    And just so you know, I have had one girl refuse to give me her cell phone and tell me her mother said she didn’t have to give it to me. When I asked the mother she told me she didn’t say that. I repeated it to someone in front of BG and she told me “Oh yes, Miss C DID say that! I was there when she told (blank) she paid for the cell phone not Miss Kim and she didn’t have to give it to (me)”.


  5. Good morning all. Thanks for the comments yesterday on the weird Mormon marriage practice, especially from Mumsee. Still scratching my head over that one.

    Today I am teaching team building to a 60 strong middle school cross country team. Should be a wild and crazy day.


  6. Kim, the only problem with your FB post is that someone may take it seriously, especially if they have an issue with you.
    People don’t allow parody anymore.

    Otherwise, it was both funny and practical.


  7. Linda,

    Tick tock.

    The O’s are playing well………. enough to get a Wild Card.

    The magic numbers for the Yanks are 2 to clinch a Wild Card, 6 for the Division.

    Tick tock, time is running out.



  8. So I got a new smartphone a couple weeks ago. And then guess what, about a week or so later I dropped it onto some concrete and cracked the screen. And I apparently can’t get the screen repaired because this is a Pantech and Pantech parts are almost impossible for phone repairers to find, unlike other phones. So I’m going to try to buy a replacement online. The phone works fine but I don’t want to have a cracked screen for the next year or two. The thing is, I was able to get this new phone for free while upgrading to a new contract, which I considered a steal because, although this is a budget smartphone, it’s fast with 4G LTE, a dual-core processor, and Android 4.0 (your “budget” smartphones nowadays are really good); now I’m going to have to pay for a phone without a contract, wiping out my “steal”. UGH.


  9. Adios, not all Mormons are outspoken agreeing with it. I was just commenting that some of them are. My cousin is married to one. I don’t know if she has a spiritual marriage besides him but I would not be surprised. I don’t know that he would agree with it though. Her daughter appears to be in a plural marriage. Some Mormons would say their church gave that up to become a state. Others would say it does not matter, God must be obeyed before the state and it was good enough for the patriarchs so it is good enough for us. Who cares that when the patriarchs did it, it caused a whole lot of problems.


  10. Love the wizard quote. Tempted to use it on FB today. 🙂

    So it’s a fun morning with a mammogram today (ugh). And these places are getting really annoying at hounding you — as soon as I’d seen my primary physician a couple weeks ago (and the order for the mammogram was written up), the place started calling me EVERY DAY to call them back to schedule the appt. Sheesh.

    And I’d also noticed that even my insurance company of late had been sending me letters listing all the tests I was over due for, warning me that it was time to get myself into the doctor to take care of all this. Big Brother.

    It all made me begin to wonder if we’re moving toward a time when insurance companies may be able to deny paying for things if someone hasn’t been a “good” patient and done all their screenings on schedule?? Under government run health care I suspect that could more likely be the case.

    But it’s all supposed to be free then anyway, right? 😉

    I’d not heard of the “plural/spiritual” marriages, that is odd to say the least.


  11. Matt. so sorry about the phone. Modern heartbreak. 😉

    Cases do help absorb the shock; I’ve dropped my iphone several times (not sure I ever dropped it on concrete, however) and I am convinced it was the hard case I have on it (along with a screen protector) that kept it all intact each time.

    A colleague dropped his iphone a few years ago (it cracked the glass face but otherwise kept working). He had some repair guru guy actually come to the office and put a new glass face on on the phone. Not a cheap fix, but cheaper than buying a new phone.

    Your situation reminded me of when I lost my first iphone just 2 months after getting it (lost as in it fell out of a jacket pocket when I was out and about one morning and it never turned up in an almost immediate and extensive search; thus it was in effect stolen by whomever found it).

    A frustrating and expensive mess as I recall, that was several years ago. And I sure keep CLOSE tabs on the one I have now.

    Our company recently issued us laptops (to replace our desktop computers) and we all had to sign forms saying we’d pay to replace them if something happened to them out in the field.

    I guess the company doesn’t have insurance for its equipment. ? It’s apparently quite expensive to carry such insurance.

    So much of our mobile technology, by its very nature and common on-the-go usage, is just prone to getting banged up, dropped and stolen.


  12. So the children are off to the fair with their pigs and sheep and turkey and rabbit. Or maybe the rabbit is going later. What do I know? I am staying home to wait for the long awaited washing machine repair guy. How many loads have we done since the thing broke? It has to have been enough to pay for the new machine we have been using. Well, I suppose I can wait outside while piling manure and mulch and stuff around my plants. Speaking of which, the sunflowers here on my property are just beginning to bloom. Normally, they open in July or so and they have all around. But here, just getting yellow and some beginning to open. Strange.


  13. I might get a case and see how I like it. I resisted getting a case because I don’t want to make the phone larger; I have small hands.

    LOL, speaking of loosing or damaging phones, about six years ago or so I had a flip-phone. I was mowing the yard one day and didn’t find out when it fell out of my pocket, but I certainly found out when I mowed it and pieces went flying out from under the mower.


  14. I fit that quote today. I started my malaria medication this week. I thought I was going to escape the side effects (other than really annoying tinnitus), but today, I’m alternately manic (complete with racing heart and fast-paced talking) and spaced out (and irritated if spoken too). So, needless to say, they are switching my medication.


  15. Mammogram done. And no do-overs required this time, thankfully.

    Honestly, you’d think someone, somewhere would invent a less medieval way of doing these things, wouldn’t you? 😦


  16. I don’t speak Braille, sorry. I did some tutoring once for a blind woman, south of Seattle, who wanted to learn how to use a computer. She was very brave, independent, and self-sufficient, and a dedicated Christian. I am not anti-Christian and admire many Christians. I just don’t believe it is true. Regardless of what we believe, we should strive to live in peace with each other and help each other.


  17. Donna, Medieval is right. They can do ultra sounds, but only do those if they need to see something better. I wonder why that is? I feel your pain. I subjected myself to the pain while I was home because it was easier than traveling 200 miles into another country to do it here!

    Roscuro, what are you taking? For me, doxycycline is the best.


  18. Sorry, Random and Cheryl. You spoke too quietly so all I could hear was the tinnitus.

    Other than that, I wil be glad when this week is over. Homecoming week at CHS. Ugh. Too many students think it is party time, and too many teachers give in. This year, I needed to give tests to finish lessons in the 1st and 2nd year classes. But last week was the band trip to a neighboring town, so I couldn’t give the tests Friday. So, 1st year on Monday and 2nd year on Tuesday. I let 1st year use the book, since it was a hard test. Most did okay. I think this is the best 1st year group I have had in a long time! 2nd year got to use a note card. I wanted to let them know they need to get serious, so I made the vocabulary quiz extra difficult. Half of them didn’t take me seriously about the difficulty of the quiz and failed. I gave them the “get in shape” lecture yesterday and had a good two days of cooperation.

    We also had cross dress day yesterday. Disgusting! If they decide to do it again next year, I’ll take a sick day, since that’s how I felt at the end of the day.


  19. Aji suun, I was originally prescribed mefloquine, which has a warning to call the doctor should you develop sudden anxiety, depression, restlessness, irritability, confusion or irregular heart rhythms. I got the sudden restlessness, irritability and irregular heart rhythms. The doctor has now prescribed doxycyline. How do you deal with the sun-sensitivity that it can cause?


  20. AJ,

    I was one-upping Random. (But I did that “silent post” a few times on Whirled Views, sometimes making the “report comment to moderator” line bold italic but otherwise not posting anything, and nobody ever seemed to notice my part in the “discussion” when I did.)



  21. Good evening everyone. Long day. Tomorrow is payday Whoo Hoo. Yesterday a guy I thought was going to buy a condo this summer turned back up. Because I am no longer listing and selling I cannot write the offer so I turned him over to one of our best agents and they wrote the offer. I will still get a split so all is well that will end well and I havve a steady paycheck to boot. yep life is pretty good.

    Now I have to figure out where I am going to put a lot of Mr. P’s stuff. When I gently suggested that we go through his stuff and keep what we liked and then let his daughter in law pick what she liked it didn’t go over too well.

    I never thought I would be the person that would just announce on a blog that I was getting married or call people up and tell them and say I am having a party. I may even create an “event” on FB and invite people…ya just cain’t never tell. The old Kim would have had to have engraved invitations and all the hoopla. The new and improved Kim just doesn’t care. Do you love me? Do you want to help me celebrate? Are you happy for me? Well then, just come on…


  22. Random,

    You said to me, ” I am a very literal-minded person. I would define 100% incompatible as at least divorced (if not convicted of spouse murder), so I guess that you and hubby are at least 98% incompatible. But that’s just me.”

    But you see, that’s where God’s grace comes in.


  23. 6 arrows – glad your arrow is feeling better.

    Today was a good day. Got everything done at work that I needed to. Beautiful drive home enjoying the fall colours in the sunshine.

    Now to relax with hubby tonight. Tomorrow he goes to help move our daughter about 4 hours closer to us! Looking forward to seeing her more often.


  24. We had our first home group meeting tonight — a brand new group that’s been formed this year (we’re one of several within our larger church).

    Looks like we’ll be going through 1 Peter. Nice to be back in a small midweek fellowship again.

    And it’s at the home of my elder and his wife, a mere 4 blocks or thereabouts from where I live.

    So that means I can make a quick pit stop at home first to feed the animals & turn on a light or two after work before heading out again.


  25. Roscuro, Sunscreen and stay out of the sun as much as possible. I’m a redhead with the typical redhead complexion and I haven’t noticed as significant change since I started using doxy several years ago. I have a sunburn now (on one arm) from waiting at the ferry the other day on the way home, but this is the first one I’ve had in a while.


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