Pet Post! 9-17-12

I just had to share this.

From the Daily Mail

“A faithful dog has refused to leave the side of his dead master’s grave for six years, it was reported today.

German shepherd Capitan ran away from home after the death of Argentinian Miguel Guzman in 2006.

A week later Mr Guzman’s family went to pay their respects and found the heartbroken pet sitting by his owner’s grave, wailing.”

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12 thoughts on “Pet Post! 9-17-12

  1. When Hubby and I visited Scotland we went to see the grave of the master of Greyfriers’ Bobby. Greyfriers’ Bobby was a dog who spent 14 years guarding the grave of the man who owned him for two years. They made a Disney movie about him. Earlier that day we had called my mom and sister who lived up the street and were looking after our Border Collie, Shanna. When they went by after work to feed her, apparently she had broken out of the fenced in yard, gone to their house was waiting for them there. I have a very funny video of my Husband standing in front of the statue of Bobby ranting about how ridiculous it was to believe Bobby would wait for 14 years for his master when our dog didn’t wait two weeks before moving in with my sister. He ended it with, “And another thing, this poor man lived a good live for 96 years and is now famous for a dog he owned he last two years of his life.”


  2. More than a week ago, my husband and I were at a Subway in North Carolina waiting for a couple of nephews to join us for supper. His phone rang, and he answered it. I only heard his end of the conversation: “I don’t have a lost dog . . . I don’t think. What breed is it? Oh. Let me have you talk to my wife.”

    After getting the details of who had “found” our “lost” dog, I called the one who was graciously keeping her–who had just disccovered that the gate was open. She knew the person who had her (a neighbor), and so Misten was soon safely “home.” But now she’s really home, and just a little bit stressed.


  3. My hubby says we were in North Buck Shoals (or that’s what Subway gives as its address; GPS didn’t recognize the town name). We had to cross the Continental Divide (driving down an 8% grade) to get there. As you probably know, 4% grades are often marked with flashing lights; this one wasn’t. At 70 mph plus we basically lost our brakes trying to hold the car to a safe speed; it really should have been better marked! The day before, GPS had sent us through a country area that was quite curvy and steep, and isolated enough we wondered where the locals bought groceries.


  4. My parents used to live across the street from us. When they went away, a day or two their cat would come across to our house and wait for us to let him in, where he stayed until they returned.


  5. OK, here’s a “warmer” pet post.

    The friends who hosted Misten while we were away e-mailed some photos from her stay. First is the empty dog bed used by the terrier my family used to have. Since my family didn’t have the dog anymore, they didn’t reclaim the bed. But Misten decided “Hmm, I thought I ordered a queen-size bed, but I guess I’ll have to make do with the twin.” After the photo of the empty bed, they sent several pictures of her curled up to fit in the small bed, and one of her and the cat sleeping near each other.


  6. Awww. Sweet. I love it when my cat affectionately rubs up against Cowboy, purring and leaving her scent on him. He looks so embarrassed and awkward, often casting a glance at me that says “Please make her stop doing that.”


  7. Keva currently has a mouse or squirrel trapped under the Jeep. He’s been vigilantly guarding and circling it all afternoon. He will be a tired boy when he comes in for night.


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