27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-8-23

  1. Good morning! Look at that lovely stand of daffodis! Simply beautiful by the stream.

    Thank you, Peter, for the Easter music.

    Have a great Saturday, Wanderers.

    It is cold and rainy here, but is suppose to clear and get up to the 60s tomorrow.

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  2. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Sun is shining and birds are singing and bacon smells waft through the air as husband is fixing last breakfast for the company.

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  3. I almost posted this on Rants and Raves, but it might be too long. And it’s a thanksgiving so I guess that would make it a Rave.

    I have issues with my feet. I have to be on them a lot and I’m required to wear expensive steel-toed/reinforced shoes at work. I’m always trying to find a comfortable pair of shoes to wear when I’m not at work to make up for the soreness caused by my work shoes. I’ve been wearing the same cheap but comfortable shoes for 3 years now and I have needed to replace them for some time. I have looked and looked but nothing in my price range has the comfort and functionality I’m looking for.

    Dad told me he just prays about those kind of things, and keeps his eyes open. So a few weeks ago, that’s what I did.

    Yesterday, I walked into a Goodwill store and saw a brand new pair of leather shoes. They were beautiful and very artsy with tooled leather, even the insoles were artistically stitched —the kind of shoe I have occasionally drooled about on Amazon, but would never spend the money to buy. I tried them on and they fit perfectly with great arch support built in and plenty of toe room for my problem area. I paid $6 for them. When I got home, I found the same exact same shoe on Amazon for $129.95 plus tax.

    It’s humbling, but I’m oh so thankful. The same God who cares enough to notice a falling sparrow also cares about my sore feet.

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  4. Great shoe find, Debra, and they’re comfortable to boot (no pun intended!).

    I’ve lived mostly in New Balance since my knee injury and find myself still wearing the same pair, day after day, now that the knee, since the surgery, is doing so well.

    Not stylish but love the support and cushioning.

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  5. So cool, Debra! I love to hear (read) stories like this.

    And I love seeing the little bit of green up there – it’s going to be over a month yet before things green up here. The Canada geese are back, but I’m not sure where they’re going to find food with so much snow still on the ground. Kootenay sure likes listening to them. I’m sure he’d love to chase them too, but we won’t let him.

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  6. New Balance (nicknamed the “dad” sneakers) haven’t been considered stylish, even among athletic shoes, for ages; but now I’ve read they’re suddenly popular again and are enjoying a resurgence. Weird.

    I do also have a black pair for work assignments 🙂 Not great looking, really, but they tend to vanish with black jeans and just look like clunky black shoes. lol. It’s come to this …

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  7. My newest shoes, both New Balance and Saucony, do not have as much cushion or arch support as my older Saucony shoes so I keep wearing the one pair with the hole in the toe area. It seems with Covid that some shoes lost a layer of padding. Just when my feet need it more!

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  8. Janice, I search on line to find the right style of shoe. I wear Mizuno runners and they have firmer shoes, softer shoes, shoes with specific support areas. The last pair I bought of theirs was supportive but also quite firm, so I did some research and I bought another pair that has arch support but also lovely cushioning. Their shoes tend to the narrow side which is why they fit me.

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  9. I have a problem. It’s a good problem to have. I am confrimed to show one set of buyers a house at 5pm on Monday.
    I have another buyer that wants to look at a hourse at 4:30 on Monday.
    They are too far apart to juggle. I may have to pay someone to show one or the other of them.
    Other than that. Mr P and I cleaned the house this morning and went to the store this afternoon. We shall have ham, hot potato salad (new recipe I found), mac and cheese, green beans, and roasted asparagus tomorrow. I am also making Brown Butter Blondies (new recipe). I found a way to cook the ham in a crock pot with pineapple juice and brown sugar. It sounds good.
    The Easter Bunny has too much to do for other children so he dropped things off for Little Miss here. It was so much he had to put some of it in gift bags. The swimsuit is Papa approved. He worries about her having skin cancer when she is older so it has to protect her shoulders. I think he would have her wrapped head to toe every time she is outside. He also worries about her being too cold when she sleeps. He insists she needs long pajamas with long sleeves. She is warm natured and kicks the covers off. But on the flip side he is convinced that until the puppy goes to the groomers and gets her hair cut it is too hot for her to be outside much. The other day DIL and I were laughing about him worrying all the time about Little Miss and we called him MeMaw.
    Is it wrong of me to dread going to church in the morning? The CEO’s will be out in force. I have convinced myself that I am there every other Sunday so let him have one of the two events on the Church Calendar they attend. It will also be livestreamed so I can just watch it. (CEO. Christmas and Easter Only).

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  10. Not planning on church tomorrow. Husband and children will attend the sunrise service and breakfast, bringing biscuits and gravy of course.
    Son in law and grands will attend Catholic church. We have lots of conversations.

    But here, it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood and children are playing outside with lots of squeals and giggles.

    The house is much quieter now that we are down to just the eight of us. But it is a good quiet.

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  11. I continue to listen to the Martin Luther biography. Today I had the thought that the devil was so mad about Luther’s accomplishment that he sent Hitler as his answer to Germany.

    I had to make a second batch of raspbeery bars today. We are having salmon patty sandwiches for dinner and had turkey noodle soup for lunch that I had made with all organic ingredients yesterday. I don’t have any meal plans for Easter Sunday. Maybe get sonething out?

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  12. Still going through boxes. The house is a bit of a mess, but the trash cans are full

    Now I need to make the dough for the crescent rolls.

    I will have to go to the 8 o’clock service. It will be traditional with hymns.
    They asked us not to come at 9:30. And 11 is too late to get the rolls done.


  13. Nice lunch out w/cousins about an hour south of here where we picked up the 40-plus year partner of our late Uncle Pat for lunch out. Partner, a retired physician, is now 100 years old and amazingly spry, only needs a cane to walk (he’s agile and walks quite briskly, I might add!). Another family friend joined in at the restaurant as well.

    Only glitch was my cousin’s Subaru GPS had us somewhat going in circles (more than) a few times.

    Most heard GPS communication:

    “Recalculating route.” “Recalculating route.” “Recalculating route.” …

    But we finally got there.

    Beautiful day, blue skies, sun, flowers and trees blooming everywhere, but a very cool breeze on the restaurant patio where we had lunch.

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  14. It is a chilly Easter morning here at Hurlburt House. I am wrapped in a fuzzy throw blanket sitting in the doorway letting dogs explore. Jin doesn’t want to be outside alone yet. The things I do for dogs!
    Soon I will start cooking. I found something different to do with the ham.

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  15. ❤ Happy Easter / Resurrection Day, Fellow Wanderers! ❤

    We will be having a lovely brunch in a little while, when Nightingale and Boy get back from picking up Chickadee. May you all have a lovely day, whether you are with family or on your own! God bless you all!

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