35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-6-23

  1. VP Harris will go to Chattanooga (airport) and drive a short distance to Dalton, GA to visit a solar energy plant which will be expanded. We are suppose to get many new job opportunities from the expansion of this industry in our state.

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  2. Morning! Beautiful reflections on the water’s surface…and we know Chas too would be wondering “Where’s Waldo” in that photo?!! ♥️

    8 inches of new fallen snow around this forest this morning…wet heavy snow! Good for our land not so much for commuters!! 💥 🚗 ⛄️

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  3. It looks like mid-winter here with wind and heavy snowing. Someone posted a picture with all kinds of snow on the ground from seven years ago. The past several years there was very little. This year there are still 30 inches in Duluth. They have a bit more than we do, however. We have to go out to play music again. I would prefer to be home and in from the weather. Then, again, I did read a devotional about serving this morning. 🙂

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  4. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood here with sunshine sparkling on the frost.

    My dad totally enjoyed the trip yesterday. He was a bit baffled at why my brother’s shortcuts take so long. He claims it took a good three or four hours longer to get there than to return. The only difference from my brother’s perspective was the side of the highway.

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  5. Little Miss spends Wednesday nights. Papa takes her to ballet, we have pizze, we watch Australia Zoo(we have seen each episode multiple times by now) and then Papa takes her to school Thursday morning.
    This morning she wanted Mimi to take her. She is having her Easter Egg Hunt at school today and Mommy is able to take a long lunch break and attend. She also wants Mimi to come to her Easter Egg Hunt. Papa isn’t allowed today.
    She also wore a dress and asked that I put a flower clip in her hair today.
    A while back I mentioned a dress that would be pretty for Easter. This morning she asked about it. I had forgotten. I supposed we will be going to look at dresses this afternoon.

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  6. Good morning and where’s Waldo?

    Easter dresses, remember when everyone bought a new dress for Easter? I remember one year my mom bought a yellow dress for me to wear but I wound up getting Easter bunny chocolate all over it. Unlike Little Miss, I was not one who loved fancy dresses — they were always stiff and itchy and just uncomfortable. 🙂

    I have a somewhat busy day today as it’s my “Friday,” but I’m definitely looking forward to a little bit of a longer weekend.

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  7. Cats.

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  8. This article makes an important point many of us miss.

    It’s not so much about The Chosen itself, but how our souls and mind interact with the gospel individually, that is important.

    Watching television, and almost anything else where we’re not participating, is PASSIVE. We very well may enjoy the experience of VIEWING, but watching doesn’t active all the corners of our minds.

    It’s when we participate that we engage and our senses, minds, and bodies come alive and apply them in particular to us individually.

    (This is why manipulatives–like LEGO–are so much healthier for children to play with rather than watching).

    I love this idea of the spiritual practices of St. Ignatius. I’ve not done these exercises, but this is how I read Scripture.

    I put myself into the situation, agree, disagree, question, right along with the disciples. It provides a broader understanding of what Jesus often is saying or doing.

    As a result, I often come away changed from what I thought the passage meant–and which it probably does mean to others–because I have seen it through my own (imaginative) eyes, and responded accordingly.

    So rich. So true. So Holy Spirit-led.



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  9. Oh, Little Miss doesn’t wear dresses. She is very much a child with a 30- something mother. Jeans and T-shirts. The fact that she wore a dress today was remarkable.

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  10. Good morning all! Beautiful day here as I prepare to rush off to work.
    My youngest granddaughter loves dresses, so I bought her a simple one for Easter. They live in Florida so I will have to rely on photos to see her in it. Son says she loves to wear dresses, but she ‘trashes’ them. Oh well, I will put in a little pair of matching shorts or leggings the next time. I was the same way: I could put on a dress and cheerfully hang upside down on the tree branch before church (conveniently tearing those itchy can-cans that sadistic designers always included sewn in). Once mom removed the offending part, all was well. :–)

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  11. I always got my sister’s hand me down dresses. Mom made us matching or similar style with the same fabrics dresses. Oh, some of that material was itchy – and I got to wear it twice as long!!! Ugh.

    Daughter had so many hand me down dresses when she was little. She hates dresses. Her grad outfit was a pretty tank top and a long skirt – no fancy dress for her.

    I just love the stone work in that picture.

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  12. Really good thoughts on Bible reading, M.

    Reading in Ezekiel this morning in the part where he was to demonstrate the punishment that lay before the divided nation of Israel for their many years of sin and rebellion was really grueling especially right before Good Friday. Ezekiel had to suffer through that horrible demonstration, yet reading it today in its detail, just made me realize even more what Jesus suffered for all the sins for all the people for all time.

    We do not get such thoughts while watching a program.

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  13. Kim – Last night you mentioned liking to sleep with the fan on because of the hum. I don’t need that, because I have tinnitus – a built in hum and tone.

    It gives me different sounds in my ears. There is a high-pitched tone, and one that sounds like a motor running. And something else mixed in. If only I could train them to make some relaxing music. 🙂

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  14. M & Janice – I mostly agree, but this question occurs to me – Wouldn’t it depend upon the person? Some people are visual learners who might be thinking very deeply about what is happening on the screen.

    Of course, I would not recommend watching a show in place of reading the Bible. But as long as one realizes that a TV show is not the same as the gospel, a well-done show could help their understanding a bit. (I say this cautiously, though.)

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  15. Debra – What are “can-cans”? I think I might know what you mean, but I haven’t heard that term for an article of clothing before.

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  16. Tend to agree about the different types of learning affecting sometimes the way we read and absorb Scripture. Our pastor also stresses reading Scripture the way the original audience would have perceived it, when possible. We tend to fill in the context with our modern-day understandings and issues — especially when we try to discern what seem like future events being referred to, but peering through our distinctive, U.S.-centric, 2023 lens.

    Debra, I briefly responded to your finishing post on yesterday’s political thread which I did see, just thanking you for explaining more about your specific concerns over the war-and-peace issues that are certainly valid.

    So, writing day for me, the tale of the 200-year-old, 8,000-pound anchor pulled up by one of our commercial fishing boats (boat almost capsized from the weight!) and something brief about a town square foot washing event held this morning by one of our Roman Catholic churches in a largely Latino community.

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  17. Scripture is paramount.
    Yes can and we’re very stiff petticoats that made the dress stand out.

    Sorry, I broke my phone and can’t write until I get home. 🙃

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  18. Oh can cans!!! Stiff crinoline causing indentions all over the legs and itching at the same time! Every Easter we excitedly put on our pretty dresses, patent leather shoes, bonnet and gloves.

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  19. My mother made my dresses and they were not fancy or itchy. I guess I was fortunate in that regard.

    It is the pause factor when reading that is missing in the screen tellings of stories. When reading one may be prompted to stop and look up references or to pray or be convicted of sin or consider application. Definitely a lot can be learned from filmed stories, but it is more limited . . . but some people might push the pause button all the way through a film😃

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  20. But Scripture in our hands is a relatively new convenience. A couple thousand years ago the Truth was spread through hearing the word read or told in person.

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  21. Yes, Mumsee, I thought of that, too. But when they talked through the Bible, did they do it like a nonstop oration, or did they pause for deeper instruction? I don’t know.

    We had a pastor who had memorized a book of the Bible, maybe John, and he performed that for us one Sunday service, straight through. It was quite impressive, but at points I was not sure if I was more in awe that he’d memorized it all or if I was in awe of God’s word😃

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  22. No Waldo, just a creek. There’s a section where the road runs thru a tunnel under a RR culvert, and the creek runs under a separate tunnel. This is the exit of that. Both tunnels extend a 1/4 mile or so. The recently stocked trout like to hide under the shade.

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  23. Just to be clear, I was not implying that a person should watch a show instead of reading the Bible. But I thought that a well-done show could possibly supplement a person’s understanding. (And as I said, I say all of this cautiously.)

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  24. So yes we did go shopping. She got a dress, a pretty top, and some Terry cloth jogging shorts that are mint green with pink trim. Straight out of some childhood memory of mine. Who thought that would ever return?
    She got a pretty blue top but her mommy will have to find bottoms for it.
    She also conned me into a bunny at the antique store. It is a yellow TY stuffed bunny
    That looks like it is praying.
    Oh well….

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