26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-4-23

  1. Got woken up at 5:15AM by sirens.

    Been nonstop since then. We’re up to a 3 alarm fire, news choppers, the whole nine yards. About a mile down the hill. Major warehouse/trucking company on fire. Some explosions a few minutes ago.


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  2. It went to 5 alarm, but they seem to be making headway, as the smoke is greatly reduced. We’re getting floating ash all the way up the hill.

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  3. That is a lot of excitement to witness in the neighborhood, AJ. Amazing. I hope none of it is toxic materials burning.

    Kathaleena, what a great photo with the lighting, foreground and background subjests, and the overall feel of the scene you captured.

    We have fog with a prediction of going up to 80ยฐ.

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  4. Oh dear what a morning for you Aj!! Praying for all those trying to get that under control and for the safety of all close by! We have close friends who own a trucking company and I know how devastating it would be for them to lose their warehouse ๐Ÿ˜ž

    21 degrees and snowing here. A bit of a surprise since this stuff was not to move in until late this afternoon!

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  5. Praying your air will be okay for you and your family, too, AJ.

    That picture was just taken quickly through our front window. Unlike the deer, the foxes are quick to leave.

    We had a wonderful weekend with the grands and family. They got to swim in the hotel pool, which is always fun for them. They did well in their dance program, which consisted of CCM songs. Now I have to look through my pictures to find at least one to share on Facebook. These two grands seldom cooperate or stand still for any pictures. I was able to also get the other grands and my grandson’s girlfriend to get a picture with the two who danced. Honestly, that can be a challenge, but I have learned we just never know how many chances we will have to do that.

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  6. Oh wow, AJ, not a good way to wake up — things blowing up and sirens so close.

    Hope the case continues to be no injuries (or worse) and that there will be no impacts on air/water/power that will be too disrupting or uncomfortable.

    Just glad no one seemed to be hurt or killed.

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  7. When there have been the big summer fires in the hillsides and mountains around LA, we’ll often get ash floating down along with the eerie yellow glow in the air. Looks especially creepy as it drifts out to sea, discoloring everything.

    The house is especially cold this morning, but I did crack open the sliding door in the back somewhat early and never shut it again — 3:30 a.m. — for Abby. Honestly, one of these days I’m going to awaken to a skunk or a squirrel or some other backyard critter in the house.

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  8. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood here. Snow coming down at thirty degrees and feeling like twenty two.

    Husband plans to get home today. Brother has charge of dad, for the most part. Son in law’s stand in mother should be here tomorrow for a couple of days. And so it goes.

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  9. The sun is shinin, no clouds in the sky!

    I, too, left a window ajar all night, but the air feels cool and bracing with the promise of warmth and sun.

    Just like me as I finally come off maternity duty–though I’ll be at the office most of the afternoon!

    I’m going in to support, hold the baby, and somehow file all the papers I dealt with over the last six weeks.




    (Literally 75 emails to go through).

    And it’s Holy Week–which means singing Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

    Mr Retiree, to my shock, went grocery shopping yesterday with the Easter list (dinner here. 16 people).

    He bought 10 pounds of the wrong kind of potatoes for the potato make-ahead casserole.

    What do you think? Can I just shred red potatoes and not remove the skin for potato casserole?

    Off to battle our way through Job–only three more lessons in this book to go, thanks be to God!

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  10. Just returned from the carwash. Had ash all over the cars. No paint damage though, thankfully.

    The fire is just smoldering now, thankfully.

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  11. Good morning all! What a lot of excitement for AJ so early in the morning! Prayers that the air quality holds up for you and all your neighbors.

    We took dad out to his favorite breakfast this morning (Hardee’s gravy and biscuits). He still can’t drive himself and needed to have a piece of his old routine back again. He’s still improving and in good humor. I hope I have even a small portion of his grace as I continue to age.

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  12. So fancy orange car was what color under all that ash?

    Love the fox-in-snow photo. Snow is so pretty.

    We’ve been inundated this year in the mountains:

    ~ Itโ€™s official: California Sierra snowpack ties all-time recordโ€จ

    The statewide snowpack is tied with 1952 as the biggest haul since official records began in 1950 ~


    Just hoping we don’t get immediate warm-up that could cause flooding issues. Always something …

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  13. I just delivered a tax return. I should consider each year’s delivery a miracle as one in the couple has cancer, eyes worse than mine, and complete hearing loss. Counting my blessings. I love these folks. The suffering one was my absolute favorite person in my former church.๐Ÿ˜’

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  14. The twins (2 yrs, 3m) just received a hand-me-down kitchen play set from friends. I just watched the cutest video of them playing with it – putting things into cupboards and taking things out – over and over. So fun.

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  15. Kare – That sounds adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚

    When Nightingale and my niece (eight months older) were toddlers, my mom let them play with her Tupperware stuff, which was stored where they could easily get to it. They had such fun with that. (Chickadee did the same when she reached that age.)

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  16. I got some new things from a friend. Now to figure out how to bring them in from the car. And then perhaps to set up the tv.


  17. That’s what my tupperware for–and the kids don’t even care if the lids don’t match! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Freedom! NOTHING on my calendar tomorrow. Oh, the bliss!

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  18. Hmmm. I wonder how they would feel about matching socks?

    One homeschooling mama I knew used sock matching as punishment!


  19. Walked Abby, trying to work on that pulling issue. It’s still chilly and windy out, but I do appreciate the longer daylight.

    Tupperware seemed magical if you ever went to one of those ‘parties.’ My roommate at the time hosted one back in the 1970s and we both wound up with more Tupperware than we knew what to do with. I still had some of it for years to come, I remember the gold-colored tumblers, the Tupperware lunch box with all the little mini-Tupperware containers that fit inside …

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