53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-1-23

  1. Happy April, Y’all!

    The PT lady shared yesterday that when her daughter was in grade school that her teacher told the class she’d brought in brownies for the class on
    April Fool’s day. When she uncovered the pan they were in, they saw she had cut out a bunch of letter E’s from brown construction paper.

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  2. That looks so cold in the header! Brrr . . .
    I think that is a fox looking for something other than sour grapes in that landscape? What do they find under a crust of snow?

    We are having a storm with pouring rain this morning. It is very warm out, but will go back down to the 40’s by tomorrow morning.

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  3. Once the blanket of snow is down, the mice and other rodents go about their business as usual under the protection of the snow. But the predators can hear them…kind of like orcas waiting for released sea lions or neighbor cats waiting for released butterflies.

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  4. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here. Kind of a misty rain so the world has taken on its Irish Scot’s look. Simply beautiful. One of my absolute favorite type days. Of course, living in a warm dry house helps with that.

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  5. Morning! Blue skies and already in the high 30’s. Heading to close to 60 by afternoon! Fear not we will have snow M-T with highs in the 20’s⛄️

    Mark Twain was an insightful fella!

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  6. Good old Mark Twain. 🙂

    Happy April Fool’s Day. Right in the middle of the start of a crazier-than-usual campaign season, perfect!

    Chilly here but clear skies so far.

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  7. mumsee.

    I envision our sea lion “King” — he was discovered malnourished, just a pup, when he crawled into the “King Harbor” yacht club’s warm kitchen in one of our beach cities late one night in late January — is frolicking happily amid the waves … Just like in the Disney movies. La-de-dah is my motto.

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  8. We have some native foxes around here, mostly near the ocean cliffs on the south side of town. One of my former colleagues (now with the Tennessean) lived in an apartment near there and had a fox regularly visiting their outdoor grounds (one tenant apparently was feeding it, not cool to do).

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  9. A fox was frolicking across the road this past week. He appeared to have spotted something in the culvert by the neighbor’s drive. Bright red and very healthy!

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  10. Beginning to get things in order now that I have bookshelves. All of the photos are there.

    This is the school holiday week. I would love something to do. Oh well, Israel is soon

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  11. What do we now receive for Amazon Prime membership?
    I needed more skin cream and was going to order one tube. It said if I ordered over $25 worth I would get it next day delivery. I therefore ordered three tubes. Then I received notice that instead of receiving it today that I will receive it Wed.

    So I am curious, since I don’t use Prime video, is there any reason to be a member of Prime anymore?

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  12. That’s not good (@1:56), Janice. I have seen where Amazon is cutting staff and paring back. Usually 2-day delivery is a very sure thing, but there have been a few times in recent months when things have been delayed. Not often, though, in my experience.

    Still easier than driving to a brick-and-mortar store and maybe finding — or more often not — specifically what you’re looking for. But yes, the cost of the prime service also keeps going up which none of us likes to see.

    I do enjoy access to Amazon Prime movies/videos 🙂

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  13. Prime just ain’t what it used to be sadly. Still free delivery and I do get points for purchasing kindle books. The last book purchased I got 3.99 off the purchase price with points.
    Their delivery time frame is so hit or miss. We have gotten orders the same day, next day, two days or never!!😊

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  14. Good morning/afternoon everyone.
    It was storming last night. But today it’s bright and sun-shiny out, and a little too warm for the long sleeved slip-over sweater I wore out earlier. The wind is really blowing though. It would be good kite weather I think.

    We just ended our Prime membership this month. I don’t know yet if I’ll miss it or not. We have an Amazon warehouse in Chattanooga. But even so, I agree that delivery is hit or miss, although I’ve usually gotten what I ordered eventually.

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  15. Free shipping and movies, that’s why we’re there. I order a lot of books.

    And you know, it’s harder and harder to find things in the store.

    Which only adds to the problem.

    I tried again today, for the third time, to find in a local store that elusive item: a salt shaker with a matching pepper grinder.

    Okay, I could buy one locally for $55.

    We’re fine without it.

    Now I have to the office to work. Colleague returns from maternity leave on Tuesday.


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  16. Pretty much what M said, too.

    I re-ordered (this morning) some supplements that were running low. I just found the package on my doorstep about an hour ago; and yes, free shipping/delivery. For now anyway.

    I packed up the unopened cat food cans — half of a large box of the prescription food from Chewy and three smaller boxes of other flavored canned foods bought when she suddenly turned her nose up at the prescription food she’d been eating for over a decade — to drop off at the city animal shelter next week.

    😦 I miss that kitty.

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  17. Was I whining yesterday about my taxes? Was I at least thankful I could pay them? Did I still whine?
    Today I wrote and offer on a house for Mama Ruth’s other granddaughter. She isn’t going to tell her parents she bought a house until we close and then call and ask them to come over and help her do something.
    This afternoon I should a young family a mobile home on almost and acre of land. It’s already mostly fenced. The lender will have something to me Monday on which is the best loan product for them. I may have to make it late but these two – fingers crossed– will help pay the quarterly taxes.

    Last year Mr. P complained-all you do is work to pay the taxes. When do you get to enjoy some of the money? Well, honey, this is how it works. I can’t believe how much I have to pay in self employment tax.

    Am I thankful tonight to have people interested in buying something? Yes.

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  18. And Mama Ruth’s granddaughter is on track to purchase her first home. She is 26 and single. She teaches math and is working on her Masters.
    I will have to tell you her story and how she is connected to BG.

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  19. Good track you’re on, Kim. When the going gets tough … and all that. 🙂 And God provides.


    I may keep some of the canned cat food for now. I do want another cat and I’m not ready at this point; but the food was purchased recently, in the past few months, and has long expiration dates on them.

    But I may change my mind and drop them off anyway.

    Our sermon tomorrow is on “The Marginalized” — Leviticus 19:15; Matthew 19:21

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  20. yeah, taxes. So thankful to find out. Now I am about to go ask for some of my rmd to be sent to me before the deadline. So glad that I have an option.

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  21. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. My dad is still in bed and I am taking advantage of the moment to try watching the Virginia church.

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  22. Good afternoon! I went to my Sunday school class today. Fewer people were there, probably because of Spring break.

    One of my Bible study friends dropped by and brought our new study book, Earl Grey with Ephesians. I am excited we will start it soon.

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  23. While sweeping in the carport, Miss Bosley escaped to the front porch area so she was in Betty Bad mode. I told her she probably captured a hundred fleas. I need to take her to the vet and get some Revolution and let them do the Senior Cat Exam that I keep getting emails about.

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  24. Psalm 121 this morning…so good to be with other believers hearing His Word spoken.
    Blue sky, windy and 63 degree! Doesn’t feel like that but I do have a couple windows cracked open to get a bit of fresh air into the house.
    And on the way to church my tire pressure light came one again. There is a nail in the opposite back tire!! What in the world?!!! Off to Les Schwab I will go in the morning…

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  25. I have gone back to listening to the long biography of Martin Luther. Today it mentioned how manuscripts might be marked with a downward obelisk to indicate dislike of what was written or an asterisk to indicate liking what was written. Forerunners of emojis!

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  26. Very interesting and topical sermon today.

    “Everybody seems to hate each other,” our pastor noted at one point. “As a nation, we are becoming a house divided, and, as Jesus taught, we cannot stand.”

    More later once I digest it some more. But surely a message for our times.

    A cautionary note for our times, Christians need to beware and and be wise.


    Meanwhile I was both convicted and inspired on the drive to church this morning.

    I was behind a large, older black pickup truck in a long line of cars waiting for the left-hand arrow to turn green. It’s a big intersection and if you’re stuck behind the light when it turns red, you’re in for a long wait.

    Typically, there is someone on the island who is carrying a “Homeless” or some other kind of sign who will walk along the queue of cars looking for a sympathetic driver.

    So this morning, the guy stops at the pickup in front of me where the driver, a young guy in a sweatshirt, started engaging him, eventually handing him a piece of paper which the guy initially declined, but then took. Then they talked some more.

    Meanwhile, the arrow turned green! Go-go-go I kept saying, feeling more frustrated as I realized I would not make the light otherwise. He did eventually move, I was the last car to get through the green arrow, but it left me frustrated — even while I kept also thinking how good the guy was to take some time to engage this homeless person, not just hand over a dollar bill.

    Eventually, as I’m pulling into the church parking lot (exactly “on time”), there’s the black pickup that turned from another direction and was in front of me.

    “Don’t tell me he goes to our church,” I thought, feeling convicted by how frustrated I had been at him just a little while earlier (I didn’t honk though!).

    Sure enough, I recognized him later, a Latino guy who sits in the front row typically.

    Isn’t going to church such an experience? Sometimes you get a piece of a sermon before you even get there.

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  27. The Bible study is in a series known as Coffee Cup studies, but the author was able to sneak in tea for this one😀☕
    The study guides have the Bible passages within which is different than most. She uses the NET which does not have the usual copyright issues. Having the passages inside makes it easy for people to do the study while on a break at work, etc. I will probably still use my Super Giant Print Bible that is better for my eyes.

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  28. DJ. That sounds so familiar. I keep getting reminded that I’m not the most important thing around – very humbling, but also very encouraging.

    The city where we attend church has so very many homeless – drug /alcohol addicted, ex-cons and not so ex-cons. I find it scary to be there by myself and it’s so hard not to judge.

    I missed church again today. I’m being plagued by migraines lately and cannot figure out what is causing them. You all could pray for me – thanks.

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  29. I have tried to like tea..I truly have. Every time it gives me heartburn. No matter what type and I liked the Earl Grey Crème tea. Constant Comment was enjoyable but I got heartburn with that as well.
    Coffee it shall be for me!

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  30. My parents drank tea. Orange pekoe, Lipton. Every day. I have tried it and like some of it. I liked Earl Gray and Lady Grey for a long time but most recently, when I tried a cup, it did taste like soap. I suppose my tastes have changed. I now enjoy green tea and white tea but usually not black tea. I like herbal “teas” much better.

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