Our Daily Thread 3-20-23

Good Morning!

The header is for Dj. We’re all sorry for your loss. Annie was fortunate to have you as her human, and you were blessed to have her as your companion for all these years.  We grieve with you, and are praying for you sister. 



Today is also the first day of Spring.


Anyone have a QoD?


19 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-20-23

  1. Thank you for posting this AJ.
    I woke up thinking about Annie. How long has it been since she was adopted?
    How fortunate that Miss Abby is there?
    It has been a tough year.

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  2. I thought there would be Annie photo/photos on the blog today. Thankful for that, AJ. I have been in that misty grief from afar. Wanting to do something tangible, but all I have is words and they are so insufficient. Prayers, of course, for Dj and Abby. Sad for Abby since she had such a love of Annie.

    It is 28° here.

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  3. Still darkish outside but the temps are in the 30’s already!
    Miss Annie Oakley has touched our lives in such sweet and humorous ways. Always keeping Dj on her toes she was such a delight. Thankful for the tribute to her this morning AJ. And Dj we cover you in prayer as you miss her sweet self ❣️

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  4. Thanks for the photos and the prayers. It’s been hard, and it came to suddenly and with so little (no) warning, really. My editor was kind enough to let me take a vacation day today (despite a port/labor story hitting my email first thing this morning, he said he’d find someone else if I could just send him all the contact numbers), I slept OK but woke up at 5 and couldn’t get back to sleep, so strange not to have that little cat curled up on the bed with me. 😦

    The vet’s office called to let me know her fecal test came back negative so I told them what happened, they were shocked, said they’d let the vet know.

    And some guy found my number and has been pestering me — once yesterday, once this morning again — about how his brother’s death was murder, not a suicide, it’s all a cover-up and the former Councilmember is part of the Mafia … I’m familiar with the case, but it’s not my “beat” and he sounds like he’s got a temper and was getting quite testy and sharp with me a couple times, so I was trying to tread lightly but really had to end what was turning into the second of a way too-long phone call about this. He’s called twice again since, but now I recognize the number and am not picking up.

    Thanks again for all the condolences. She was such a little imp of a cat, especially in her younger years, and was always so much a part of this little household. I realized again today that she’d almost always follow me into the bathroom and jump up into the round pedestal sink for her drink of fountain water. Such a sweetie.

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  5. She loved sitting on those heater vents to get warm. 🙂 And I see my old Jeep in one of the photos, too, parked on the street below the porch. 😦

    It’s been an RIP season around here recently.

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  6. I noticed your jeep too! Asking the Lord to bring some rest today…how I love that photo of her with Cowboy in the yard. We love you you know…. ❣️

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  7. Beautiful pictures, thanks, AJ.

    God is amazing, DJ, in the gifts He give us.

    Brother headed home today. Dad was disappointed but understanding, though half the time he did not know who brother is but he sure is interesting.

    Good afternoon, all, a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    Husband is back in the play room with the grandchildren after a morning of walking to the stop sign and back with them, about two miles. They picked up garbage and great fun was had by all.

    Son is struggling with asthma right now and is sitting outside in the fresh air and sun. His asthma usually hits after a cold.

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  8. Our son’s asthma that flared and lingered from a cold was often eased off by eating salmon.

    Art had two med appts. for today. He had a CT scan for kidney stones and a visit with thef doc. Doc said things look much better so he does not go back for another year. PTL!

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  9. Update on my internet problem:

    After consulting with various friends who have either the company I currently have or the newer one in town, and getting input from my computer fix-it-guy, I have decided to stick with my current company, but my service is being upgraded for not much more than I already pay.

    A new router-modem combo will arrive tomorrow with instructions for how to set it up. My computer fix-it-guy said to give him a call if I have any trouble setting it up or resetting the wi-fi password on any devices.

    Nightingale and Chickadee will both be here tomorrow, so I will have their help if I need it.

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  10. Nightingale is taking care of some things today. She put a new doorknob on my door (it had been in her car for a few weeks), fixed the leaky faucet in the bathroom, and installed the Ring doorbell near the front door. (The camera catches a wide area, and turns on by motion-sensor.)

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  11. We are sending one of our cribs down to daughter for one of her twins. Which frees up a good bit of my room so I brought down my rocker chair to set by my window. Looking forward to relaxing in it for a few minutes once in a while!

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  12. Got Abby out for a walk, rain and wind sweep in after midnight tonight and will last through the day tomorrow.

    Still grieving and missing little Annie, find myself expecting to see her — like when I walked into my bedroom a little while ago realizing that by this time of day she’d be curled up there.


    I was so grateful to have this day off, I needed it. Took a nap, had some nice text chats with a couple folks, including my best friend from high school, my summer beach pal, who’s now in Washington State. I was telling her this random memory popped into my head the other day — we’d been swimming at a neighbors’ pool across the street from my house (they let us use it when they were away on trips) and were walking back to her house across town afterward when we burst out singing, “We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine!”

    That song was just released, as I remember it. Such fun, carefree summer days, though I do remember some angst back in those teen years as well.

    Now, we’re both juggling more doctor appointments than we’d like.

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  13. Art looked around the medical office waiting room this morning and saw everyone looked about our age. He said there was a day when it would have been youngish parents and their kids in the waiting room. That was a long time back!

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