20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-16-23

  1. Morning all. 21 degrees outside and I am hearing we have 2-3 inches of snow out there. Still pitch black outside so I’ll take their word for it.
    The school bus just went down the road picking up the high school kids…I remember those days of standing outside waiting for the school bus…brrrr
    And here I am an old lady drinking her coffee in the warmth and comfort of her home….thankful!

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  2. Good morning, all. Beautiful day here as the sky has begun to color with the morning hues. I was up last night to watch a raccoon in the chicken tree after an unsuccessful attack on a hen. The tree is right off our deck so easy to see. It was disappointed to see me and climbed down the tree. I thought afterwards that I maybe should have brought a gun with me, but we are downsizing.

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  3. We had rain and now the snow has begun and is falling quickly. We are supposed to have a half hour drive to play at an assisted living place.

    My youngest daughter has had their annual bake-off contest with her four children. The oldest had to begin his bars in the morning and finish later, because he had to be gone during the actual bake-off time. She posted pictures of them over the years. Each poses with some utensil and they have gotten sillier and sillier. I think it is wonderful that her almost 18 yr. old still wants to participate. Their dad is the judge and he has a written scoresheet to use. Their personalities come out in what they choose to bake. They may use mixes, so it is not difficult baking, although they have done that, too. This is a relaxed competition and so fun. I would love to test the Key Lime bars and cupcakes two of them made this year. It was the first time zesting and juicing for the 18 yr. old. It is a fun family learning time that some of your grands might enjoy.

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  4. I’ll drink to that post, NJ, about an old lady sitting in her home drinking coffee. With your cue, I took a sip!

    We had a slow morning here since Art slept late after having spent the night at the office doing quarterly work the night before.

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  5. Good morning everyone! It’s cold and sunny here. We could get some rain this weekend, but not today, I think. There’s not too much activity at the feeder this morning. I saw a downy woodpecker, a titmouse, and a few finches in the feeder. And on the ground a finch and what looks like a sparrow-sized dark eyed junco on the ground. The solitary crow was startled when I opened the door and flew away in a huff. He’ll be back for the peanuts and water I hope.

    Sounds like Mumsee has her hands full the various humans at the nest, and now with raccoons and hens! Never a dull moment.

    Kathaleena, I would volunteer to taste test just about anything in a ‘bake off’. Sounds fun and delicious.

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  6. My brother arrives today. We have plans to continue to get dad out of the house. Tomorrow we hope to meet our brother and his wife at the Nez Perce Spalding Mission historic site, Lots of interesting things to see. Today we plan to run into the town of Nezperce for food delivery to daughter and a walk about. If the fog lifts.

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  7. Sounds like fun plans, Mumsee!

    I just returned from a run to get groceries and med from Kosher Kroger. I wondered if thete would be parking lor adventures.

    The last time I went to Toco Hills, last week, to Ace Hardware, someone had parked incredibly close to my car on the passenger side after I had gone into the store. I had a really difficult time not scraping the cars togeyher and especially with the rear view mirrors not touching each other as I took forever backing out. No one could have emerged from the driver’s side on that car. They had to have gotten out on the passenger side. Well, when I finally got backed out, a very large black lady got into the driver’s side of the car.

    When I had entered the Ace before then, it was so unusual to hear a country music song playing something about “Gaslighting.”.😀Country music has not seemed to be a thing in this urban upscale area so it did grab my attention😀 Just gotta keep smiling. My friend K mentioned how people park too close to her husband like that, too. They live very close by to the shopping area.

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  8. The sun is out here today, at least (we had heavy fog through the last part of yesterday and into the night with overcast remaining all morning).

    Today I have a complicated story to do on hydrogen hubs for the ports. Sigh. And my home group is tonight so I need to somehow get the trash loaded and wheeled down early to make that fast work-to-home-group turnaround at the end of the day.

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  9. The weather is glorious here today as it was yesterday. It is in the 30s in the evenings and went up to the 50’s yesterday and 60-70s today in the afternoon. Lovely for walking in the driveway and listening to books on Audible.

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  10. Dj, I had seen that sweet cat bowl video before. It is almost unimaginable that cats could do that! They must be from a special set of genes. Or maybe it is a mama cat and one of her grown darlings.


  11. Beautiful day here, the fog has lifted and the trees are dripping and the sun is shining and the birds are singing and we are just in from yet another walk.

    Back in the day, when I used to go to shopping areas, I would park far from the store and other cars. I thought the walk would do me good and I would not have to deal with those parking issues. Of course, I parked in lots that had the space to do that.

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  12. 20 degrees and still snowing here. At least the county seems to be getting the upper hand on the icy roads. Slide offs, roll overs and lots of bumper car events this morning🥴 Husband made it to Bible study but he said it was downright scary going down Monument Hill between two Semi’s!

    Janice I think people just don’t know how to park or simply do not care about their neighbor….”it’s all about meeeee”attitudes. At the grocery I park in the back forty by the guy set up in the parking lot fixing windshield cracks. He sees all in that parking lot and odds are those with wicked intentions aren’t going to mess with my car…or me! 🥴

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  13. NJ, I park close as I can to the store so my car is not lost in the sea of cars😀 Also, parking out away from others here might put one at risk of being a target for true crimes not just harassment. Every community has it quirks! I know of someone who got mugged in this lot, a church lady, probably 15 years ago.

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  14. NJ, I am glad you have that guy keeping watch, a gift from God. Some lots here do hire officers to patrol.

    I would prefer to park a distance away for the exercise, but here it does not seem wise. And these super stores are so big that we get lots of exercise inside the stores!


  15. Janice there have been sketchy happenings in this grocery lot as well ever since the truck stop was built across the interstate from it. Car breakins, attempted car jacking, drug addicts and gypsys accosting customers in the lot. The grocery did hire a security guard for indoors but not out. That is why I like knowing this windshield man is there when I park. Husband thinks I should go over and tip him for being our own personal security person…and I just might! Sad when one must be so cautious just going to the grocery 😞

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  16. My friend came over today to help me put book shelves together. We began with putting my new quilted wall hanging up over my bed. It looks great. Like it was made for that space. The colors match the headboard.

    Then we got two bookshelves put together. I found myself getting dizzy when I had to look under something, making my head upside down.

    Now the question is, do I start filling the shelves or wait to have someone come anchor the shelves to the wall??

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