24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-19-23

  1. Good morning! How can I be first 2 days in a row? Praying for Janice while she is at her radiation appointment. Wishing all of you a blessed, productive day.

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  2. Morning! That road..to where does it lead? Wherever that might be it certainly provides beauty along the way…

    Our trees are snow laden and we have at least 8 inches of snow on this forest floor. Beautiful and cold. The plows have been through and the sun should be rising soon. School buses will be picking up students on this cold winter morn and life will be back to “normal” for at least one more day…then the next storm arrives. Seems to be never ending lately.

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  3. We have been having unseasonably warm weather. We have had some icy roads, but are missing the bigger storms coming through, which all seem to be south of us. We are not unhappy about that. We have some grandchildren with closed schools again. They have used way too many snow days already.

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  4. I had to go out of town Monday night for a class in Louisiana Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday about 10am, I got a call from ex-husband that BG had been in an accident and totaled her car and broken her nose. Not only that, she had hit a woman that was six months pregnant and had blown a .9 on a breathalizer.
    A hysterical female called Nana and begged her not to tell anyone, and to bring $5,000 in cash. Luckily Nana told her she didn’t have a car and was going to have to call “her daddy”. He called me and told me he was on the way to get her and would call me and let me know.
    Luckily, he went home first. He called me and told me that her car was in the driveway without a scratch and she was inside asleep. IT WAS A SCAM!!!!!
    While I am relieved it was a scam and not something that would ruin lives, a miscarriage, prison, etc, I am angry and I am also angry. Someone did the research and knew enough to call her grandmother, pronounce the way we pronounce N a n a, cry hysterically like BG does, and do that to an 85 year old woman!
    Of course after we figured it all out, the grandmother called the police to tell them about it. They were familiar with the scam.

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  5. Here is my most dreaded post. Amos stopped eating over the weekend and generally didn’t feel well. I took him to the vet on Monday. She gave him a full check up. With the collapsing trachea and the medication he is on he has what would be called in a human as COPD. His lungs are loud and crackally. Sometimes when I pick him up he cries/yelps. The vet told me that the very fact I was there showed that I knew it was time.
    I explained I had to go out of town this week and that I had a little girl at home I had to prepare. When I left the vet’s office I called DIL/Mommy and told her what was going to be happening. She started explaining to Little Miss that Amos is going to Doggie Heaven on Friday. Little Miss and Papa have drawn pictures for Amos to take with him and Papa has been answering questions.
    Amos is getting lots of love and getting to eat whatever he will eat. Deli roast beef and ham dropped on the floor of the kitchen is what is currently working. He has turned his nose up at some of his favorite things, like licking the plate after I have my breakfast eggs. He is really liking that he can have pill pockets without the medicine.
    I know I am making the right decision, but it doesn’t make it any easier. A friend told me “better a month too soon than a day too late”. I know it is selfish of me to make him stay with me when he is tired and in pain. I have promised him I will hold him all the way across the “Rainbow Bridge” and I won’t let go until he does.
    Needless to say, my heart breaks a little more each time I think about it. He made it to 14.5 years Tuesday. I have made arrangements for him to be cremated and returned to me. I can’t just walk out of the vet’s office tomorrow evening and leave him. I need a little piece of him with me forever.

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  6. Oh, Kim, that is so horrid!!! I remember somewhere, maybe even here, but I thonk maybe my friend Beverly, said that criminal elements are listening to phone calls and use nuances of voices to do the scams. This is the first I have known or heard of it happening to within my realm of loved folks. We can not be too careful!

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  7. Sent to a prayer group thread about our morning’s happenings, maybe partly due to prayers here:
    “Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I had two treatments yesterday to make up for the MLK holiday break. This morning we had the surprise of parking on the 6th floor of the deck and the elevators were not working. My husband walks with a cane. We managed, along with others, to walk down all those flights. At the time to go home I had to find someone to wheelchair my husband, and we got the grand tour as Emory is a huge complex. We were parked in a handicapped space right by the elevator. The wheelchair lady was on her way back the long way when I noticrd two ladies waiting to go down at the 6th floor elevators. One was on crutches. I hollered that the elevators are not working, and I would get help. I then chased the wheelchair lady down. Wow! I told them all it was God’s timing. He provided the chair right when they needed it, and He used me to make it happen. He is so good!
    I have gotten my exercise for today😀 Thankful my energy level is steady.❤
    Also I had to address with the doc an issue of inconsistency in care a week ago. Things are improved and the doc said she may do a quality of care study based on what I brought to her attention. I am seeing how God uses Christians in various situations to make things better for all His children.”

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  8. Elevators being out at a hospital … That’s a serious issue, actually. I’m surprised they didn’t have staff stationed up there to assist or at least to be able to summon more assistance when needed. Glad you were able to help, Janice, and glad Art was able to make it down OK.

    Kim, I’m so sorry all the way around.

    Glad you caught the scam.

    But Amos, my heart goes out to you as you go through this. Been there so often and not that long ago in the last case.

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  9. Amos has led a full and rich life, well-loved by you and at least two other girls who needed him. There is much to be thankful for in his personal ministry.

    Cry your eyes out, of course. We’re with you.

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  10. As to another scam . . . we are now on Medicare. Last week I got a phone call from a woman who claimed to be from Medicare, checking to ensure I’d received my PLASTIC Medicare card.

    I have not, and being new to this, I listened. She knew some facts about me but then asked me several more that made me suspicious–like my card number.

    I heard many call center voices in the background and thought, “If you’re from Medicare and you have my phone number, wouldn’t you have that information, too?”

    So, I thanked her for alerting me to this need and commented, “I’m not comfortable providing personal information to people who call me on the phone. I’ll go to the website and arrange for this.”

    She sputtered. I hung up.

    I didn’t see anything on the site talking about a plastic card, so I asked them yesterday at my first Medicare-qualified appointment.

    The woman shook her head. “We’ve never seen a plastic card. A scam.”

    Cardboard card carriers–beware.

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  11. I never answer #s I don’t recognize or that aren’t in my phone’s directory. I’ll listen to the voicemail, they’re usually obvious if they’re not legit, and I kill it out.

    My phone does flag some as “spam,” but others aren’t labeled. Only time I’ll pick up a number I don’t recognize is if I’m working and think it “could be” a source whose number I don’t have but need to talk to. When there’s a lag before someone speaks, I hang up.

    I’m swamped today, with a speech to cover at noon and a homeless story I’m lost on despite having interviewed several people at length yesterday. So now that’s prompted a staff call at 5 to clarify and update on the nearly dozen stories that have been farmed out to us in advance of the region’s annual homeless count next week.

    And a guy who long, long ago used to work for us (before my time) also keeps calling with what always turn out to be bad story tips because he’s gone off the deep end and is now engaging in the town’s rumor mill. “People can’t understand why you’re not writing about any of this.” None of his tips are good, most are driven by a nasty personal grudge against the new waterfront developers, and he’ll keep you on the phone for 2 hours if you can’t get rid of him. So I let it go to voicemail, send back a text saying I’m swamped (I am) an asking him to provide for me (as I always do and he never can provide — “I used to be a reporter so people tell me things” — not good enough) a credible, first-hand source, documents, anything for whatever it is he’s saying is happening so I can verify it.


    Then circumstances typically unfold that prove the rumor to have been completely false.

    Argh. It’s one of those days.

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  12. I realize that I cross-posted with Kim and what I wrote earlier was in regards solely to the scam and not to the Amos post. I am so sad to just now read the Amos post. What a good, good dog he has been. A good, good gift from our good, good Father.❤🙏❤🌈

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  13. Kim – Crying with you. I know that, just as Heidi has been a comfort to me since Hubby’s death, Amos was a comfort to you in a very difficult time of your life. He has been a faithful and loving companion to you, and you to him. My heart hurts for you.

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  14. Amos has had his first girl come spend time with him. She helped me bathe they. I got a photo of BG, Little amiss, and Amos.
    He is resting now and has had lots of love today.
    I am doing better than I expected.

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  15. Kim I am so sorry you have reached this fork in the road like oh so many of us have over the years. It never gets easier and will always hurt. We pray alongside sister. What a sweet boy Amos has been ♥️

    Many years ago my parents received a call such as the one you all have experienced. My parents were older and someone pretended to be their eldest granddaughter in trouble. They rushed to the department store where this sick person said she was, running red lights and panicked. This was over thirty years ago! Sick minds never ending 😞 And a dear dear grandfather I knew wired 3000.00 Western Union to yet another sick scammer thinking he was helping his grandson. One day….oh one day…

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  16. Oh, Kim, I am so sorry. It hurts our hearts to say goodbye to our beloved pets.

    The road up there leads to my house. In the summer the leaves of the trees close together up top to make a solid canopy.

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  17. We have had those phone calls, too. I was not fooled, but I understand why some people are. The people can be very good. I told one of them he should be ashamed of himself and needed the Lord. Needless to say, he hung up on me. I abhor these scams against the vulnerable. We usually let calls go to voicemail unless we recognize the number. Sad that so many people have to do that. One wonders why we have a ‘do not call’ list, since it doesn’t seem to have any meaning.

    So sorry, Kim, about Amos.

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