22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-18-23

  1. Good morning! One down and second one later. Holiday makeup day. Sad for the workers having to double up on all their work like punishment for taking the scheduled holiday.

    About to enjoy a Bojangles breakfast, egg biscuit and sausage gravy biscuit. Not at all vegan but real comfort food😀

    I made knitted bean bags to give my team of rad techs as a little thank you and perk ’em up on a long day.

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  2. Morning all! We are seeing about 3 inches of new fallen snow on the ground this morning. The wind is howling causing much drifting but we are staying put indoors! Maybe another 2-5 inches more to fall today but I am doubting it…we shall see.

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  3. Janice @9:17, what a thoughtful gesture.

    Abby continues to try to play with the cat, last night they were face-to-face and Abby gave her a big face-kiss.

    On car colors: Silver seemed to last forever, didn’t it? But I think now I inadvertently have what must have been the next popular color, a gun-metal gray (it has a much fancier name, but that’s what it is — mine also came with the black trim which I prefer).

    Now I happen to like that color and have always thought SUVs look nicer in the dark colors, but this dark gray became the “new silver” a few years ago and on occasion I’ve found myself going up to the wrong car, everything from a Ford Explorer to a CR-V or just another look-alike Jeep Cherokee like mine, coming out of the supermarket (because newer SUV body styles also now all look alike).

    But a friend told me a while back — and I think he’s right, and he now has a 2-tone red-and-black SUV — that we’ll start to see an explosion of colors in new cars going forward as we move out of the monochromatic metallic hues that have dominated the car market for so long now. They were so pandemic.

    So: Mars Orange! There we go.

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  4. My VWs long, long ago were baby blue and beige. I remember the orange VWs, though.

    I also remember an editor who had one of those tiny Honda Civic hatchbacks in orange. You always knew where he was in a parking lot.

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  5. My mind is wandering, so we’re all on the same page today.

    Busy on homeless stories again.

    And I was looking over Abby’s paperwork again, it labeled her as “shy and stubborn.” (But wants to please.)

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  6. Snowing still…we have about 7 inches so far. The wind is blowing and causing drifts which is shutting down roads everywhere. Icy roads are causing many accidents and cars in ditches🥴 We are snug indoors watching the birds on the deck filling their cheeks with bird food.

    Janice I finished Abigail’s Secret the other night. Enjoyed it very much!

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  7. My husband’s first Volkswagen was baby blue, and he won it in California when he was in the service. His friend insisted he buy a ticket for a contest at some kind of fair they were at. He didn’t have the dollar, but the friend loaned him one. That was long before I knew him, however.

    I had to laugh at a recent news report about Minnesota being one of the healthiest states to live in. The guy reporting said he has never seen so many people in the 80’s and 90’s running around and playing pickle ball etc. He didn’t see that wherever he came from.

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