27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-4-23

  1. For once the storm has missed us, thankfully. Prayers for those who have to be out and about. That is no fun. Also, prayers for those in its path for safety of their houses etc.

    We will be back at the usual jam today. It seems like we haven’t been there for a long time, but we have only missed two sessions. It will be nice to see everyone again.

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  2. Someone told us there were 150 eagles at a nearby lock and dam on the river. We went and we did see gulls. Eagles, sea gulls – I think someone misheard.

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  3. Morning! I have always wanted a buckboard wagon!! Those are wonderful!!
    My neighbor has one on her property and every Spring it is filled with amazing flowering plants. The rancher across the road has one at the entrance of his property and it is decorated appropriately for the changing of seasons. Just charming…

    12 degrees here this morning but the sky is bluer than blue and the sun is brightly shining. Hoping for some melting of snow and ice on our roads so I can get the next load of “stuff” to Goodwill.

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  4. Now we have seagulls, lots of them. I saw a whole flock of them standing almost in a mass formation on one of the docks the other day, I mean a LOT of them.

    Here’s to no tumors and no more tumors.

    The rain continues and is supposed to come in harder by tonight and continuing tomorrow.

    I have the one side gate sufficiently barricaded (I think), whatever random things I could find went into the pile leaning up against it. But that’s just on the inside, if someone pulls it open from the outside (wood is swollen and doesn’t fit to latch right now), game over.

    The feels like a very slow week, it’s only Wednesday?

    I always wanted a horse and a buckboard wagon as a kid. I had the little models of both that I played with, though.

    Almost time for the morning staff call. At least I have enough hold-overs and new stories coming up this week to keep me occupied and productive.

    This is still (theoretically for some) a “holiday” week so we’re still not seeing a lot of activity in our various cities and communities.

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  5. Good morning, all. Rough night for one grandpa. Other did really well after we took him off the meds to lessen agitation. We give him some melatonin before bed and it seems to be helping for the past two nights anyway.

    Other one is back to his bowel issues and combined with a fall a couple days ago, he is having some discomfort we are working with the nurses to manage.

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  6. I agree, Janice.

    Handyman came and did all of the little jobs. So nice to have it done.

    Then, when I was having the handyman help me with the form, someone came from the insurance agency to take pictures. So then he took the form so I don’t have to go into town today. nice

    But it would probably look better around here if I got rid of the toilet on the back deck!!
    But it has to go to the dump and it is too heavy for me to lift.

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  7. I remember having the 1940s-era toilet sitting near the patio in my backyard for a while when the bathrooms were being redone. It weirdly vanished one day but I didn’t care, I’d already offered it up to plumbers who (at least initially) declined to take it; maybe they came back around to get it later.

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  8. Whew…took all that stuff over to Goodwill and thankful that it is gone and perhaps someone else will spy it as something they cannot live without! I had to take Paul’s truck because it all would not fit into my car!

    Ran to the store for a few items…7 small bags of groceries…130.00! They did have eggs and our favorite brown organic eggs were 5.99 a dozen…cheaper than the store brand..only two per customer allowed. And since I had husband’s truck there were no bags to take in…I had to pay 10cents a bag. Will be putting reusables in his truck for the just in case situation!

    Dj that reminds me I need to get a “dog crossing” sign for the end of the driveway. The delivery people tend to fly up our driveway and if the dogs are out we are scrambling to get them out of harm’s way. One day the fast driving Amazon lady stopped when she saw Pip running towards her truck….she opened her door and gave Pip a treat! Then she got out and played with her because Aussies have captured her heart 😊

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  9. I do have one ‘floating’ wood sign on my patio: “Aslan is on the move,” purchased during the first months of the pandemic as reminder and comfort that we can’t see what’s behind the curtain, but that a purpose is unfolding.

    That won’t probably keep delivery folks out of the back gates, though.

    I bought a tasteful nice-looking sign for the driveway gate (which shows from the street) and an ugly, RED, GARISH “No Trespassing” “Keep Gate Closed” “Loose DOGS” sign for the other side yard entry which is not very visible but is the one that I’m having lots of trouble with right now.

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  10. My house is very clean. The cleaning lady was here 4 hours on Monday and 8 hours yesterday. Ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds, doors, facings, baseboards cabinets and everything else clean. You should she how pretty may hardwood floors are.

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  11. Yep, Kim, I had my two treatments today and feel the wipe-out. I also went to Publix in the middle of the day . . . way too crowded. I miss the early shopping time without the crowds.

    Wes took me to the appointment this afternoon. We could not park in the usual close by deck. It was closed and I heard it might be from flooding. We had way too much rain in the night, however Art and I parked there this morning, so not sure on the reason it was closed. That meant a fast hike to get to my appt. location from a distant lot. I got in my exercise today!

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  12. I got the errant-gaping gate tied on the outside with some twine, best I could do for now until the wood dries out. Also stacked some bricks and heavy rocks near the opening on the steps, it should be obvious it’s not supposed to be opened!

    Barricaded on the inside for the dog deterrence which so far is working.

    It’s wet and dreary out there, still, raining off and on, supposed to get a lot more tonight and tomorrow.

    I’ll have to get a painter over here in the sprint, the wood trim needs some touch ups.

    Inside of the house is the same, my mythical “cleaning crew” remains MIA 🙂

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  13. I finally got the things that I ordered from Walmart. Turns out that they had been sitting in my post office for two weeks and they never put a slip in my box telling me. I finally went in and asked and they had all three orders and said that they had been there since the 23rd. Oh, well is this where we say better late than never????

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  14. Oh dear Dj! Will your utility company come out to check the heater? Our service will make those calls…even the fire dept has responded to check on gas appliances 😊


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