43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-23-22

  1. Good morning from cold Atlanta! It was 51° at midnight and is now 17° and falling. Baby, it’s cold outside for Hot’Lanta! The wind was horrific in the night, still kicking its heels occasionally now.

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  2. I awoke to tables, umbrellas, and hammocks scattered in my backyard.
    I will be taking Mr P back to the eye doctor this morning. He has showered and re-bandaged his neck.
    As you all know, I do not do cold weather. Unfortunately our gas fireplace is not working and Mr P had not been able to find someone to come fix it. We do have a heat pump HVAC system so we are still toasty warm but a fire would be nice.
    Today I am cooking a pork roast, baked sweet potatoes, mixed green, peas, butter beans, and cornbread. I am afraid I am living in the New South. There were no speckled butter beans in the frozen section of Winn Dixie. I had to buy the green ones. Ugh.
    Anyway, this should take us through tomorrow and I plan to make a strawberry/cream cheese French toast casserole for breakfast Christmas morning.

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  3. I wish my husband like pork roast. I used to love to make it with potatoes and carrots in the same pot. He has never been fond of it. Strange, since he loves my country style barbecue ribs and pork chops.

    My daughter in TN has -2. She is further south than Nashville. She said the last time below zero was 1996. I was surprised to hear (on an historical tour) that it even gets that cold there.

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  4. Kathaleena, the coldest day in Mobile was 3 degrees F. It was in 1985. When I was looking there was a post that had -27 in Gulf Shores. I find that hard to believe. Maybe that was the damp wind chill.

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  5. Good morning, all. Nine here, supposed to drop to twenty two by night. Snow expected. Definitely on the warming side of that cold drop. Expecting rain for Christmas.

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  6. The rain continues here, been going for over 24 hours now, and then the cold is supposed to follow.

    40 right now, forecast of 8 for tomorrow.


    But at least all this rain isn’t snow.

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  7. But if it was snow you’d be having a White Christmas!! ⛄️ 🎄

    We will be having a White Christmas and it will be in the 30’s! Right now it is -6 and oh so windy!! Brrrrr

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  8. It’s 28 outside and so icy, I watched my husband and daughter crawl down the steps— headed to a coffee shop—I elected to stay home.

    We’re staying in a gorgeous home owned by a tech prof and a biology researcher— friends of Stargazer’s.

    I don’t know how anything works.

    After a search, I found a small pot and am heating water. Stargazer— who is working from his home and will be available when he finishes about noon—isn’t staying with us. “I have my own comfortable bed.”

    I’ll make cocoa, I hope.

    It’s a very modern house owned by professionals. Not a stray piece of paper anywhere, not a comfortable chair, and cold. The modern windows—beautiful windows— don’t have coverings even though we are mere blocks from the university in the city.

    (The house sits about ten feet above the street. Our car made it up the steep narrow driveway where it may stay. Very icy. Theoretically, we can walk everywhere).

    Everything is worked by Alexa via Amazon dots and a mini-IPad.

    Coffee seekers just returned. Everything is closed.

    My daughter just told Alexa to play my favorite local classical station.

    No hesitation. It’s on.

    The engineer is now attempting to make coffee. Daughter is confident she can work the espresso machine.

    The water heated on the stove, so I made cocoa.

    It took me a bit to figure out how to turn off the burner.

    I finally found two small bookshelves with books— mostly technical.

    These are kind, generous people to allow us to stay in their house. We are grateful.

    I just wish I didn’t feel so old, cold, and inept.

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  9. I just made raspberry almond bars for a brunch snack. Wes really likes them. Art has not yet indulged. I had my share along with my sweet quota for the day.

    Art has on his jacket in our balmy 65° living room with the bright deceiving sunshine beaming in. I have been cooking so no jacket for me!

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  10. I was reading about the severe weather in other parts of the country last night (or in the early-morning hours, more precisely) before going to sleep rather late.

    The tossed patio furniture reminded me of that joke photo going around some years ago with the caption “We will survive.”

    M, that sounds like a rather icy experience, in more ways than one!

    The photo above (thanks, AJ) is from my tree a few years ago — with the little Cowboy-Tess ornament I had made at Walgreen’s on a whim that year or the year before. I realized even then how old they were getting (how did that happen?) and decided it would be a sweet memento.

    I don’t have an actual indoor tree this year, just the little potted tree on the porch, so ornaments didn’t get brought out.

    Meanwhile …

    That shy dog on the couch?

    She turned into a huge, bouncing, face-licking, openly curious, quite annoying puppy yesterday.

    Plot twist, as they say.

    I did not see that coming.

    I don’t know if she just hit the point where she suddenly, out of the blue, felt comfortable; or whether the “ON” button was mysteriously and unknowingly found and flipped on (as on “high”).

    But she was, like a turn of an unseen switch, all over me yesterday, and trotting confidently through the house, to and fro (my, she’s big), active-active-active, and just generally being wildly annoying, licking and pawing at me at times.

    Kathy came over, Abby was fine with her, but honestly, I could not get her to stop leaving me alone.

    I crated her for a time in the evening when we were opening presents and she did settle down, finally. She seemed to sleep ok overnight and today she is back on the couch, quiet again. For now.

    I’m glad she feels so much more comfortable. But what happened??

    Be careful what you wish for, I guess. Couldn’t there be an in-between speed?

    Obedience class signup coming soon. She may also be dog-park ready sooner than I thought.

    I’ll try her on a walk today, might as well take advantage of this and try to move things forward a bit faster now. She does need a routine of some kind so that needs to start getting established, but I need to also observe and figure out what dog I actually have now.

    I realize it was this kind of behavior that prompted the foster to tell me why she thought Abby was really closer to being 1 year old rather than 3 as they originally thought from what was originally put down on her shelter and/or rescue paperwork.

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  11. I’m glad she is comfortable DJ and came out of her shell.
    At our house Lulabelle refuses to
    Come out of the bedroom to eat or got outside. She is afraid of everything and has no reason to be.
    Amos? He sleeps a lot and is still me snuggle pup.

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  12. Dj, Abby reminded me of one of the young preschool girls who was so shy when she came to the classroom. She was from India and dropped into an English immersion situation so everything from language and skin colors seemed freakish to her little mind. She seemed shut down. Then after some days it was like a switch turned on and she sought me out as her place of safety and wanted me to hold her constantly. She was heavy! I did not expect that. And another time an Indian boy attached to the other teacher. He was so worked up from being out of his element that for some weeks he cried in the other teacher’s arms so violently that he threw up on her daily. Preschool teachers are never paid enough!
    So thankful, Dj, that you are seeing the other side of Abby, and I get the feeling she will age well into the happy medium between extremes that you hoped for❤

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  13. Thanks for the encouragement. (Ideas on getting her “back into her shell”? That had its appeal!).

    She’s also the largest dog I’ve ever had and that’s taking some adjustment, especially when she’s “all over me.” Ordered sofa covers. And a 40-lb bag of her regular dog food that foster’s have had her on (Costco).

    The abrupt change may make it easier now for other necessary transitions, such as getting into my (strange-to-her) car, walking and other outings.

    I’ll have to ease her gently down the sloped driveway, however.

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  14. Janice that is what I am hoping. This this the meal I fixed him years ago that I am convinced led
    To the marriage proposal.
    Something needs to sweeten him up. He has never been this trying. Perhaps when I make the cornbread in my grandmother’s frying pan that will remind him that I have been telling him for years that is how southern women control their men. 🤣

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  15. Art is complaining of cold hands and feet. I roundrd up wooly socks and offered to make a cup of warm tea for him to use for wrapping his hands around. The socks are on his feet but he did not want the tea. He has gotten too use to having all the little things done for him with his lengthy recovery. This does not bode well for my turn of needing a little extra attention.

    Wes has helped in taking care of our cars’ needs in this cold weather The antifreeze will hold them to -40°😃 just in case we want to go visit blog family members in the far north😃

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  16. From The Gospel Coalition:


    Is America Doomed to a Post-Christian Future?

    ~ … How does the church respond in such a situation? The letter of 1 Peter is written to Christians dealing with limited cultural power, to those feeling sidelined and resisted by mainstream society. When we lack cultural power, we’re tempted to seek relevance with the world to become more effective.

    But Peter counsels the church in exile to lean into their call to be otherworldly and different, to embrace their identity as a unique and holy nation (1 Pet. 2:9–10).

    My Danish seminary classmates have sought to build such a community of saints through their book Kristen I Grænselandet (Christian in the borderlands). In a section on “Holy Life in Practice,” they discuss topics such as the Christian’s foreignness in the world, the genius of God’s design in sex and marriage, the goodness of moral boundaries, and how to shepherd and serve the church. These young Christians in the Nordics are calling for holiness, not relevance. …

    … This wasn’t my idea, but it seems young Christians in the Nordics are calling for distinctiveness, not relevance, as the priority for gospel-believing Christians who find themselves on the margins of society. Like Peter, they believe exiles should be marked by goodness and holy living to make the gospel attractive to others (1 Pet. 2:11–12).

    The Nordics didn’t become post-Christian overnight. And while we shouldn’t oversimplify the relationship between the U.S. and post-Christian Europe, there are warning signs we can heed. Based on my experience in the Nordics, I believe there are some things the American church should avoid at this time and others it should pursue.

    I believe the challenges of our day call for less time bickering over policy and polity and more time locking arms with true gospel-centered churches. Less time pursuing entertainment and luxury, and more time loving and serving our neighbors. Less time defending the church’s diminishing territory, and more time working with other Christians in our shared mission. In short, we should be different.

    The American church may be looking for a way to predict where it’s heading. But more than just looking to Europe, we should look to Christ, to believers who’ve gone before, and to our scriptural call to be a holy people on mission. ~

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  17. Friend and I ate last night at one those go-to places — good service, but with an ambiance and menu better than the typical diner spot.

    I hadn’t been there in a while, probably since last year when we went there at Christmas. But I was struck by how sad it looked — very few staff (thus slow service despite a nearly empty dining room, unusual in itself), and somehow just not as perky and attractive inside, like it was in need of a major refresh. We waited for probably 10 minutes, along with another pair of arrivals also wondering where the greeter was, just to be taken to a table (of which there were many available).

    So many restaurants seem to be struggling with thin staffs, some of the places closing down after what’s been a hard few years just to keep the doors open.

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  18. Off to Costco for dog food. Ordered same day delivery from them via Instacart, only to be informed (after payment went through) that they were canceling my order and would refund the payment in 4-5 days. ?

    Email later said they were just experiencing too high a volume to fulfill orders. Would have been nice had they told you that up front?

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  19. Abby, routine will help her a lot. She will have her active play time, her snuggle time, her crate time, etc. You will adore her and she apparently already adores you. She has made her decision that you are good people, to be trusted. She will follow you anywhere and lead you anywhere else.

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  20. I finally got all of my packages mailed….well, I do still have 1 more.

    I need to get together all of Miguel’s family gifts, as the will head down there tomorrow.

    I begin a 12 night stretch at the ED. We refer to the week between Christmas and new years as hell week. The ski area is open, schools are out, it is the closest skiing to Northern Mexico and West Texas. We have so many staff out sick with flu and covid, along with being short 3 full time nurses.

    We heard the east coast has lost power. Praying Kizzie is ok.

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  21. Oh Abby!! She will be your best buddy for life! And being only about a year old she will eventually settle but Aussies do have that reputation for being “exuberant”!!
    Pip turned 1year old today and she still has much puppy in her. She must be exercised every day whether that be several sessions of using the chuck it outside or taken on a hike with husband. Throwing the ball with the chuck it satisfies her greatly and when she sees that thing in our hand she goes tearing around the house until we get to the door. She is so much like Babe in that aspect ♥️ Babe’s enjoyments were hikes, runs, catching the Frisbee and retrieving the morning paper. When we moved here we discontinued the hard copy paper so we kept one edition to place at the end of the drive before we let her out. Off she would go down to the road to bring that paper back to us…with quite a “head held high” spring in her step! How thankful are we for God’s idea of dogs…..

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  22. Yay for Abby!!
    Daughter is here but her dog seems to want to kill Kootenay. We just can’t get them settled to tolerate each other. Any tips? Right now, Koot is in his crate for down time and the other two dogs are on the beds so all is calm but we’ll have to let Kootenay out soon.

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  23. The power is out for the 2nd time today. Been about an hour this time. Starting to feel the temperature dropping.

    No Christmas tree and lights, just cell phone and kindle light.


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  24. I survived the dog food trip to Costco which was beyond a mad house 2 days before Christmas. Road rage in the parking lot (!?***) — HONK HONK HONK. Oh yeah??! Well !?**! HONK HONK HONK.

    Eventually you get a space and head into the dark abyss.

    A mass of carts and people surging in and out. I had to stop at the membership counter to get my card but, of course, after a long line there, “the machine is down today.” So I got a 1-day pass, will have to get the online renewed new card the next time I go.

    Finally found the dog food way-way-way in the back; only 40 lb pound bags available, which I knew (and it is a good value for the price), but a hoist to get it off the pallet and into the cart. Dog treats, huge box only; chews. Near basket collisions in the aisles.

    Then the endless line to check out, but I have to say that one did move fairly fast.

    I haven’t shopped at a Costco for at least 7-8 years or so (and our local one has moved to a newly-built warehouse space next door since then, but it pretty much looks and feels the same).

    Massive and crowded, chaotic.

    Just not my favorite atmosphere.

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  25. Baking biscuits and then cornbread for dressing. House smells like carbs.

    I have to say that it’s way too cold for me. I really don’t like this weather at all and can’t imagine it being any colder. We have an orchestra of dripping faucets in the house.

    I found a few items that Amazon is suppose to deliver tomorrow. We shall see. I had meant to shop for the radiation skin cream, deoderant without aluminum, etc. on the day I went with Art to get his stent out. That got me off track. Glad to find what I needed at Amazon.

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  26. I am grateful – and amazed – that we have not lost power. Many others in our town have. The way the trees were blowing around out there was crazy! It’s not quite over yet but is getting towards the end of the wind advisory time, so that’s good.

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  27. Thankful, Kizzie, that you did not lose power as we did not. I was amazed, too, although I heard two transformers blow out nearby so we just missed losing it.

    It is 12° now and going down to 10° this evening.

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  28. 8 hours with grands and I’m ready for bed after watching a movie with the oldest and 3 of my children and son-in-law. Since it was GD1’s 13th birthday, we watched a movie she wanted to see., letting her stay up way past her bedtime.

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