44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-21-22

  1. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to the one and only Lutheran Linda! It’s the most beautiful time of the year to have a birthday😀

    The tree is mighty pretty, Kim! Mr. P was the first one I prayed for this morning. I hope he is feeling better daily, but recent experience has indicated it can be a pattern of good day, bad day, good day, bad day for a while through recovery from surgery. I hope and pray that P only has good days.

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  2. Happy Birthday Lutheran Linda.
    Thank you for the prayers Janice. Last night I told a friend I was considering “re-homing “him and asked if curbside pickup was too harsh. (Re-homing is the term used for trying to get someone else to take your pet and curbside pickup is the term people use when they sell stuff over the internet or FB). One replied, “No, put that on Nextdoor” . The other friend replied, “I see what you are saying, but the answer is no. We’re at maximum capacity, and I’m not sure he’s housebroken based on his profile card”. (The adopt older dogs that need special care).
    This morning I have decided to keep him but did explain that “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.

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  3. Morning all and Happy Birthday Linda…

    Good to know he’s a keeper Kim! Praying for you both!

    Off to have breakfast with oldest daughter and asking the Lord to lead my conversation this morning. May she take it well with what I have to say….

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  4. The above photo is of the “MiMi” tree. It is in the same place as the tree from yesterday but the photo is taken from the living room. The nativity set did not get put out this year. I have a simple one on the entry table that is just Joseph, Mary, and Jesue. Mary amd Jesus are one piece and Joseph stands alone befind them.
    I had fun with this tree this year and spent way too much on the ribbon for it. One of the ribbons is glitter so that was fun to vacuum up. You really can tell in the photo but the white and gold ribbon is GORGEOUS, and has a velvet-y feeling to it. The rose colored ribbon is velvet on that side and shiny gold on the back. The lights were Mr P’s specialty. He likes to put the lights on the tree.

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  5. Good morning all, not really light enough to see though I anticipate it is another beautiful morning. It was snowing and blowing last night. In fact, we had another fall as grandpa wanted to go to the door to see the snow blowing better than out the window views. Husband took him but stepped ahead to move a dining room chair. Grandpa went into reverse and down with a thump onto the tile floor, braced against his leather couch he had husband bring across the country. No apparent injuries, but it had to hurt. He was pretty scared after but stayed up and visited another three hours until around midnight.

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  6. Mumsee, falls are so scary.

    Kim, I am loving the tree with the tree in the background 🙂 I’m missing a beautiful tree this year as we were hoping the twins would come and wanted to make as much as we could busy-boy-friendly so momma wouldn’t have to stress over them breaking things. So, although I have 4 smaller trees around the house (plus all the mini ones) there’s not that one beautiful tree we usually have.

    We have windchills in the -40s this week. It’s so cold!!!

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  7. We’ll be seeing snow tonight thru tomorrow with the sub-zero temperatures to follow. It’s times like this that make me wonder why I don’t move back to Arizona.

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  8. We put Wes’ car in the shop this morning. He got tires before he came over but did not have time for an alignment. He also has a few other issues to get checked out. I may offer to pay part as a Christmas gift since I have not been out shopping and it is too late to order anything. 😒 Wishing I had better gifts for him.

    We played Upwords last night and were tied at the end until he had one tile left and I had two left which had to be subracted so he won by one point.

    Art is finally going to the office every day. I am glad he is up for it.

    I have to get my act together and review all my instructions for radiation. I have supplies to buy. Deoderant without aluminum, special skin creams, maybe some liners for clothing so oily skin creams don’t leave clothing grease marked, etc. I need to cook up foods for the feezer. And I need to practice arm exercises to do three times a day, thirty reps each as radiation to the arm/shoulder lymph node area can cause stiffness which might require going to see P/T. I will be busy, busy, busy.😀 Every day a Spa Day for 6 weeks!

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  9. Kim @9:18, LOL

    Re-homed (with me) Abby is on the couch this chilly morning.

    She again ate her bowl of dry food during the night when I was asleep, out of view, and she could feel “safe.”

    I was tired so left the back door open for her beginning at 6 a.m. this morning (she was in her crate when I got up at that hour, door still left open of course).

    We’ll see if we can make some more progress today getting her to move a little more.

    I have some finishing up to do in the house, picking up/cleaning up/final decorating/some wrapping — and will need to make a couple quick trips to stores.

    I have this Pandora channel preset on the Bose speaker in the living room (which I don’t use a lot) — I have no idea what the station is anymore, but its beautiful and peaceful and soothing this time of year, played softly, Anonymous Four etc.

    I love the convenience and wide selection of digital music in the home and car, but I’m still not adept on how to set up playlists using it (or maybe I’m just not sufficiently motivated to sit down and figure it out). I still, admittedly, miss the simplicity of CDs.


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  10. That little live, potted Stone Pine Christmas tree I $ bought $ on impulse at Sprouts (look away, Rand Paul, look away) a week ago or so?

    I asked the arborist if there would be any spot in my (already large tree-heavy) backyard I could plant that after the holidays. He laughed, pointed to a humongous eucalyptus tree off in the distance, towering way high into the sky, and said, “Well, it’ll get to be about that big. So no.”


    Ok, then.

    I’ll search online to see places that may be taking them after the holidays. An environmentalist in town who is no longer with us started a hillside spot for those in one of our larger city parks, with permission, but that’s been 25 years ago or so now and I never hear anymore about it, I’m guessing it filled up at some point.

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  11. Haha.

    Phoebe, the dog next door, was barking this morning and that perked her up, she actually sat up on the couch. I wish I’d had a resident dog here when she came, she likes other dogs, likes to play, is used to a house with several dogs, and even just 1 other dog would have helped get her acclimated and feel safer a little bit faster, I think.

    In time, she should do well in a dog park setting I think.


    It was a porridge morning for me today, had some Cream of Wheat I keep in the refrigerator (as I go through those boxes so slowly). Really hit the spot.

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  12. We are making pizzas here for late lunch. They smell good!

    So funny, Dj, that as I read your post about the peaceful music that I asked Wes what music he had playing? Anonymous Four! I love how he fills our home with music. He brought his guitar that he is still trying to learn to play. I miss his playing the clarinet as he did through high school. He loves jazz so at other times it gets moisier.

    Sounds like Abby is finding her way to a wider comfort zone. I could let you borrow Miss Bosley who at times acts like a dog.

    Maybe you could daily sit in a chair that moves closer and closer to the couch?

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  13. I do sit on the ottoman next to the sofa a few times every day to chat with her and spent time reading in the chair opposite that couch last night — it’s the full sized couch that sits perpendicular to the fireplace, there’s a chair and ottoman on the other side facing it. I usually hang out on the love seat closer to the TV more toward the back of the house (though that’s all relative in a really small house 🙂 ).

    I also sit at the long library table tucked behind the fireplace couch when I’m doing Christmas cards, etc. She’ll peek over the back of the couch at me when I’m there.

    She’s been out a couple times today, acts curious about Phoebe next door who she now hears barking.

    Annie’s kind of dog-like, but not a dog. Sigh.

    Abby is my Noah’s Ark dog — starting over entirely with a new generation of resident canines.

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  14. I actually was planning sometime today to see if I can just sit next to her ON the couch. She’s long so sometimes is stretched out taking up the entire length of it.

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  15. I was blown away hearing my grandson play the piano. His favorite instrument is the saxophone. He has to take piano for his degree in college. He was told to skip Piano 2. I knew he had the same natural talent as his grandpa and his mother, but it still took me by surprise. The grueling nature of all he needs to learn to teach music is amazing. I had no idea.

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  16. Ha, I’ve had a lot of DOOM boxes before and after moving. All the “whatevers”

    They can also go into big trash bags when time gets really short and you’re frantic and desperate, and out of actual boxes.

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  17. I’m sorry I didn’t learn an instrument growing up. I did take up the guitar some years back, our choir director 3 churches ago — where I was in the choir — was teaching guitar on the side back then, she advised me what guitar to buy and I do still have it … In the spare room, of course.

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  18. Ouch.

    ~ LOS ANGELES (AP) – The inevitable became official Monday night when the Los Angeles Rams were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, their Super Bowl victory followed up by one of the worst title defense seasons in NFL history.

    One more loss will make them the league’s worst defending champions; only these Rams (4-10) and the 1999 Denver Broncos ever lost 10 games after raising the trophy. Los Angeles is the first defending champ to miss the playoffs since 2016. ~

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  19. She is a good girl, spotted where she’s been going to the bathroom (outdoors), at the top of a mount toward the back fence under a huge tree. My other dogs would go there, too. Hard to clean up though, need a long rake to reach it.

    But she actually signaled to me that she wanted to do out (by jumping off the couch). So out we went, and that was why — but she didn’t want me watching her, I noticed her going up there only after I’d turned and gone back inside the house briefly.

    She’s also spotted Phoebe next door who’s aloud to run free and was lying on her front lawn outside out side windows.

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  20. Three degrees here and the deck is popping. But the two gentlemen are snug in their recliners near the wood stove, keeping the room at a comfortable eighty degrees.

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  21. Smart dog! Makes her wants known.

    We are to expect a 35 degree drop in temp tomorrow with it going lower the next day. Brrr . . . and the Governor has already declared a State of Emergency. Prayers welcome for all who may be without heat if we have power outages from the Arctic blast. My friend is worried about the feral cats she helps.😒
    At the moment I hear precip, but it’s not down to freezing so we are okay.


  22. Minus one here and supposed to feel like minus nine. I am up because grandpa is up. He is asleep though. I turned on his tv for him, the beverly hillbillies. He commented there are a bunch of people outside. And thought if we had a match we could start a fire. And so it is.

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  23. We’re warming up going into next weekend, could be in the low 70s on the coast (but still in the 50s at night). With no working heater, I’m looking forward to some more warmth right now.

    Watching a 2020 Hallmark movie tonight that centers on a violinist who has a hand injury and goes to physical therapy for treatment.

    Remembering I first watched it that Christmas 2 years ago when I’d just come through physical therapy (through the summer) after I’d injured/popped my knee. It was the first time I’d ever had PT — though by the fall things looked not all that hopeful, after 4 months of treatment the therapist said we’d gotten “70%” there, but he medically couldn’t justify to the insurance continuing based on that progress. By then I was seeing the orthopedic surgeon for some shots which therapist had recommended as my next step, then in the spring of 2021 MD ordered an MRI as it was the 1-year mark of the injury.

    And then … the talk of surgery began. Turned out well, though.

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