29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-20-22

  1. Good morning. The header is a really classy look for Christmas. So pretty, AJ and Cheryl! And the one yesterday was very elegant thanks to Kizzie’s exquisite good taste.

    I have a wreath on the door. That’s it for us. I am thankful for neighbors who go all out with lights covering the yard and house and even lights that look like snow falling. I get to enjoy the spectacular scene from my windows. We use to see snowman Tipsy, too, but he must have gotten cirrhosis of the liver and died.

    Wes got a floor lamp for the bedroom for my belated birthday present so hopefully Miss Bosley won’t knock it over as she has the nightstand/table lamps. He also gave me a hooded sweatshirt with his school’s name on it.

    Why do cats find it so amusing to knock things off tables and counters?

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  2. Morning! I recognize that header being at Kim’s house. She does have a way of making all things beautiful!! 🌲

    Cleaning day for me around here. First load of laundry going and now to vacuum up all this dog hair!

    Earthquake? Well as the dogs rushed to greet me this morning I could believe one was happening but alas it was just doggie legs pounding the wood floors!

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  3. hmmm… decorating???
    Well if I get the newsletter done and sent off, then I will think of decorating.

    Time to finish it up. I was sorta done last night, but wanted to give God time to change it and He did. I will be taking part out.

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  4. There was a 6.2 earthquake within 60 miles of us last night. At least one friend got notice of it on her cell phone before she felt it.

    It’s 40 outside right now. Mr. Fit is out running for the first time in a few weeks and I’m hitting the bookstore today for what I hope is the first and final shopping.

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  5. I smiled at the thought of dogs coming into the bedroom.

    Abby remain on the sofa, she’s there when I go to bed, there when I get up. Staring at me when I appear or dare to move around.

    But I was up at 6 this morning to open the back door. She still hadn’t eaten the dry food I’d put out in her dish in the kitchen, but when I got up (for real) 2 hours later the food was gone. And hopefully she took herself out the open door into the backyard as well.

    She is back on the couch. Staring.

    I put a wreath on my front door last night to go with the jingle bell strap, added some white lights … poinsettias are all hung. There’s another wreath or two I can hang on the front porch railing and I’ll take care of that today, those have lights already on them, just need to put in some batteries.

    Today the arbortist comes to check out Charlie Brown 2 in the backyard, see if he looks healthy or needs some more treatment of some kind.

    Thinking of AJ today and also of Kim & Paul (haven’t gotten to the prayer thread yet, my time is behind (nearly) all of you.

    And yes, that’s a very Kim-stylin’ Christmas 🙂

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  6. https://abc7.com/earthquake-now-today-california-quake/12592945/

    Magnitude 6.4 earthquake shakes parts of Northern California; at least 2 injured

    FERNDALE, Calif. — A magnitude 6.4 earthquake shook parts of Northern California early Tuesday, jolting people awake, the U.S. Geological Survey said, and thousands were without power afterward.

    At least two people suffered fall-related injuries, local police said.

    The earthquake occurred about 2:34 a.m. Pacific Time near Ferndale, a small community about 213 miles northwest of San Francisco.

    Emergency officials say “widespread damages” have been reported to roads and homes throughout Humboldt County. PG&E says it has initiated its emergency response plan and crews are responding to gas and electric hazards.

    Following the earthquake, more than 71,000 customers were reported to be without power in the surrounding area, according to poweroutage.us, which tracks outages across the country.

    The earthquake came just days after a small magnitude 3.6 earthquake struck the San Francisco Bay Area, waking up thousands of people at 3:39 a.m. Saturday and causing minor damage.

    That earthquake was centered in El Cerrito, about a 16-mile drive to downtown San Francisco.

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  7. Very interesting. Between the two of them (which is where I live), I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.

    45-minutes of teaching on Jesus and the leper (Luke 5) did the trick, however, and I woke with the sun.

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  8. Wes just brought a large box in, and I thought it looked familiar. He said it could not be the same. I said it just might be. The process of discovery led us to find out that he had gotten a set of tv trays! I laughed and laughed. My surprise gift is no longer a surprise to him. We both got a tv tray for Art for Christmas. Wes has now figured out how to use a third one since he already had two I had never noticed. All I could say is, “Great minds think alike.”

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  9. Now that I have him home, I may take him back. 🤣🤣🤣
    One old man is sleeping in the living room and one in the bedroom.
    Somehow during surgery his cornea got scraped. Not sure how that happens. I have some eye drops being called in.

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  10. This probably should go on the prayer thread but I will put it here.
    Last night at 8:30 or so there was another woman and me left in the surgical waiting room. The doctor came out and gave her an update on her husband.
    She met him when he was in flight school in Pensacola and they have been married 59 years. He had a heart attack 6 months after he retired so they haven’t been alone to do all the things they had planned to do. Last week due to some complications he lost a lot of blood. His urologist told him to go straight to the emergency room. He has been there since Thursday. She wanted to talk so I listed. He was a big man. He played football for the Marines. They had a horse farm and showed horses. They downsized and got rid of the farm and horses. Now she rescues feral cats , them spade, and converted one bedroom just for the 10 cats.
    There probably is more she told me. I asked her if I could give her a hug. She held on tight and told me she is a hugger. I am too. I hated to leave her there all alone. Please pray for her.

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  11. Kim, not sure if I mentioned this but in recovery from my little big surgery my eye kept having a problem, watering up and hurting despite the pain meds covering surgery boo boo and hurts. I used some eye drops Art had at home to help. I think someone told me they put tape on the eyes during surgery (maybe recovery nurse told me that). It must be a common thing. Mine cleared up in a day.

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  12. Janice – I had to laugh at your saying that I have “exquisite good taste”. I really don’t, but thank you! I do get it right sometimes, though, and that must have been one of those times. 🙂

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  13. Arborist was here, declared that my tree looked just fine and good, it’s right on schedule. Talked about another massive tree that’s next to the house that probably should come out, but to the tune of a few thousand dollars … and losing a whole lot of shade and cooling for my little house that bakes in the summer as it is.

    He’s a talker, very smart guy, daughter majored in English & journalism and got out of college a few years ago, worked in NY initially; found out he’s also a believer who’s now at a conservative Presbyterian church (used to be at Saddleback) in the county to the south of us.

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  14. I love the palm trees with that nativity.

    Glad the surgery is over and Mr. P is home again.

    Husband got hyaluronic acid injected into his knee today. Hoping it helps with the pain until he gets a full knee replacement within 5 years.

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  15. Worked on Christmas cards today, Abby came outside with me in back for a while (yay) and is now (!) lying in her crate, with the door open.


    Received a card from my old friends on the NY farm today (just dropped theirs in the mail a couple hours earlier).

    On the back they hand-printed:



    for I have redeemed you;
    I have called you by name

    (and in cursive handwriting)

    you are mine.

    Isaiah 43:1

    I teared up when I read that.

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  16. I’m tired. Had the lively grands for 5 hours today. We went to a different park for two hours. I kept moving around to be in the sunshine. We stayed until they asked to go home.

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  17. Beautiful Dj! I teared up just reading your post. And yay for Abby!! I have been praying for you and her!

    Thankful you have precious moments with the grands Jo❣️

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  18. Newsletter is done!!! Now I can think about Christmas. I think I need to open my last two suitcases and see if there are any gifts still packed. Friends went somewhere this evening so my house is quiet.

    So happy that Abby has come off the couch.. I once had one student who came in the door and just stood there frozen. I offered to let him sit in the library corner, but he just couldn’t move.

    Linda S, I think you are the one whose email address bounced.

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