63 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-19-22

  1. Elizabeth and Mary must have been such a blessing to one another. Who else would have understood the situation each was in. Who knows what consternation Mary faced from all those around her? I would think Mary’s sojourn there would have been a help to Elizabeth and at the same time some time for Mary to adjust to her situation.

    I see the leap in the womb and Elizabeth’s exclamation as similar to an experience I had once. I was presented a gift from a totally unexpected source, and I ‘heard’ in my inmost being why it was being given me. This was God’s purpose and totally impossible for the giver to have known. Later, what was shown me did prove to be true. The gift was a great comfort to me. It was a stained-glass angel and was hung in a window where it was regularly seen. Each time I would think of the promise and cling to it. But I digress—the point is that the impression I got was instantaneous. It was not obvious to anyone else, and I did not make an exclamation. I could see Elizabeth doing so, however. I could also be totally wrong, of course.

    One thing is apparent, John had certainly paved the way for Jesus and the announcement of the Messiah having arrived. In my reading of Luke 20 this morning, the Pharisees knew the people believed John to be a prophet and they did not dare speak out against him. John had to start his work before Jesus began his.

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  2. Morning and amen ♥️

    Very pretty tea cup collection up there. And then I spied the collie and thought of Cheryl’s Misten. We have had many dogs represented here on this blog and all have been deeply loved. Some indoor and some not 🙃 they have all found their way into our hearts.

    I have some last minute errands to be completed before the snow and waaay below zero temps arrive on Wed. Today it is blue sky and sunshine with 25 degrees!

    Praying for Kim and Mr P this morn.

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  3. Good morning, all.

    A few days ago, Michelle suggested the teens ought to be helping. I am happy to report they have been stepping up. I had them on the periphery, doing dishes, sweeping, etc, while watching. They have begun. Started with things like holding the chair for grandpa, bringing a bowl of peaches, and so on. They are good at keeping an eye on things and letting us know if a grandpa is getting ready to stand, while racing in to offer support and walker and whatever is needed. Good to see. It is definitely helping us settle into this new situation.

    Just yesterday, grandpa was commenting that both children could easily get a job at a nursing home and be a big help to the residents. Other grandpa is always graciously thanking them for their service. Win/win.

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  4. Wow, mumsee, what a beautiful story. And for them to reap the appreciation and vision of work.

    I will got to baby sit the six and four year old later. My friends are having their floors refinished and will be spending the next few days here as they are to stay off the floors. Meanwhile I have work to get done.

    32 degrees here but warming up later into the forties.

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  5. Glad to hear all that, Mumsee. I knew you’ve raised good kids.

    Interesting thoughts, Kathleena. The quickening idea came while I was leading the discussion yesterday and I’m still mulling it over.

    Next thought. Where was Herod the Great living when the wise men came from afar?

    Our last day in Bethlehem, we began at his palatial palace, Herodium, which is on the tallest hill east of Bethlehem–and the view is everywhere.

    (It’s where Herod the Great was buried).

    I’m wondering where he was when the wise visited. He could have watched them travel into Bethlehem from his palace.

    Wikipedia says he died about 4 BC. The wise men arrived looking for the star probably when Jesus was a toddler. But what year?

    All so curious to consider.

    Back to work–reading documents.

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  6. Well, since Kare asked …

    She’s kind of shut down on me, won’t leave the couch (though she apparently got up during the night as the dry dog food I’d left out for her was gone by morning.

    She’s snappy and growls now when I approach (so I’m not approaching at all, tossing a cookie to her here and there, talking to her, trying to soothe her, but not working quite yet).

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  7. She has not reported in. Sleep like a baby? Up all night with a whiny dog needing to go outside? Dog barking all night at every new sound (likely too new for that territorial behavior)? Dog sleeping on her bed rather than in the kennel? DJ sleeping in the kennel with dog in complete control? Annie take charge and the dog is in the laundry room, DJ in the furnace vent, Annie on the bed? Curious minds want to know….

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  8. Doesn’t sound like either of you are getting any cuddles!
    friends aren’t here yet and I got a couple of forms done. Hopefully done with all that. But there is that newsletter waiting. Now where did I put my notes on what I wanted to say???

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  9. She sounds fearful and as though she has had to make her own space in the past. If she can relax and let you into her circle, she sounds like she will be just what you need. Firmly attached to you and enough self awareness to be protective without being crazy aggressive. Give her time. If she cannot turn it around, though, be willing to send her back in a few days.

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  10. This was that one thing that was poking at the back of my head before I came to the decision for a firm “yes, I’ll take her.”

    But I really have been confident this will work out. Still am, but this has been a little more intense than I even feared it would be. I’m sure the fosters will be check in with me to see how it’s going. May just take the better part of the week, then I’ll see what we have.

    Quite sure my vet, had I been able to consult with him, would have advised against it, but here we are.

    Editor asked if I’d be coming the staff Christmas party tonight at a local restaurant, but no. Kathy asked about coming over Thursday, but having also to play that by ear.

    I’ll see if she loosens up a bit today, still keeping things as calm and non-threatening as I can around her. It’ll be her pace.

    Gardeners come late today.

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  11. It can be so hard to make that breakthrough, but I’m thinking you are the one who could do it.

    Over here Kootenay is having trouble being in his crate during the day. Just whining and crying and then peeing when we leave the room, even though he was just outside. We’ll keep working on it though.

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  12. Maybe go about your regular business, ignoring her. Maybe ease a little closer, sit in a nearby chair or on the floor (if you can get up again) while reading a book. Available but nonthreatening.

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  13. Dj, from a human perspective, when people lose so much control over their environment, they sometimes go overboard in controlling what little they can lay claim to. Maybe the couch is her way of building her new territory/castle. You are so right to give her space and see how she has toned down in a week. Even a week seems like a short arbitrary time for adjustment, but experts would know lots more than I can only guess about such things. Were you told if she engages in any particular kind of play? Maybe roll a soft ball and let it bounce back to the middle of the room and leave it there in case she might investigate? I know, that would interest a kitten, but maybe not a scared dog.

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  14. Another option is to get a leash on her and make her go around the house with you. Not letting her sink deeper into herself. Risky but can be very helpful.

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  15. Her leash is still attached. My sense, right now, is getting off the couch is going to have to be her idea. In another day or so we will hopefully advance.

    What I do now is sit on the ottoman and just talk with her, which she seems fine with. She watches me, I still will throw her a cookie which she eagerly eats.

    I’ll toss a couple in the yet-unused crate as well, which could start getting her off the couch.

    I think Kathy coming over should be fine, we can still go to dinner, I think — I’m anticipating some improvement in the situation by four days from now.

    But my sense is today should be another quiet day for her, with me around but not forcing anything. Paying attention — but also not paying attention — to her might help her get a feel of the rhythm here. She needs to get used to me so she won’t feel threatened.

    Meanwhile, having an interesting text conversation with Real Estate guy about some of the big life-question things, like God (whom he’s not real keen on, is my take).

    He checks in regularly to see how Abby’s coming along, his dog currently was a challenge, very snippy with him at first.

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  16. Even just picking up the end of the leash may give her comfort, knowing she does not have to be in charge. They feel your vibrations just touching the leash. Not pulling at all, just in passing to let her know you are capable of being her boss.

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  17. Thanks, mumsee, that’s a good thought, will give it a try — threw a chew cookie into the open crate, we’ll see if it disappears at some point today

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  18. Interesting thoughts taken from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening:

    ~ DECEMBER 19

    A Grand Question
    The sea was no more.

    Revelation 21:1
    We could scarcely rejoice at the thought of losing the glorious old ocean: The new heavens and the new earth are not attractive to our imagination if in fact there is literally going to be no great and wide sea with its gleaming waves and sandy shores. Should the text not be read as a metaphor tinged with the prejudice with which the oriental mind universally regarded the sea in the olden times?

    A real physical world without a sea is a sad idea; it would be an iron ring without the sapphire that made it precious. There must be a spiritual meaning here. In the new dispensation there will be no division—the sea separates nations and divides peoples from each other. To John in Patmos the deep waters were like prison walls, shutting him out from his brethren and his work: There will be no such barriers in the world to come. Leagues of rolling billows lie between us and family members whom tonight we prayerfully remember, but in the bright world to which we go there will be unbroken fellowship for all the redeemed family. In this sense there shall be no more sea.

    The sea is the emblem of change; with its ebbs and flows, its glassy smoothness and its mountainous billows, its gentle murmurs and its tumultuous roarings, it is never the same for very long. It is a slave of the fickle winds and the changing moon, and its instability is proverbial. In this earthly journey we have too much of this; earth is constant only in her inconstancy. But in our heavenly state all mournful change will be unknown, and with it every fear of storms that would wreck our hopes and drown our joys. The sea of glass glows with splendor unbroken by a wave. No tempest howls along the peaceful shores of paradise.

    Soon we will reach that happy land where partings and changes and storms shall be ended! Jesus will guide us there. Are we in Him or not? This is the grand question. ~

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  19. Great devotional, Dj.

    I came on here in hopes for a word on Mr. P’s surgery.

    My arm is feeling the shot now. It’s not bad, but definitely active which is reassuring that it was an effective dose.

    I got up at 4:30 a.m. to do Christmas cards. It seemed the only way to find time to do them. I told Wes if we are going to play a game that it needs to happen soon because I will fade fast this evening.

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  20. Yes, no sea always bothered those of us who are so used to seeing it as part of our daily existence.

    Made out a the gardeners check with some extra and put it in a Christmas/Feliz Navidad card — they’ll pick it up when they come later today.

    Charlie Brown 2 tree check with arborist set for 11 a.m. tomorrow.

    Gently picked up the end of Abby’s leash. She growled. So OK. Maybe next time.

    Friend who’s coming over on Thursday said sounds like we’ll all just have a staring contest with Abby staring at us, Annie staring at Abby. But we’ll probably be in the cheap seats if Abby isn’t off the couch.

    “And if that cookie is still in her crate when I come over,” she added, “I’m eating it lol!”

    I have some classic liturgical church music, Trinity Choir, playing softly while I’m trying to get at least a few Christmas cards out.

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  21. I wonder if dropping the leash when she growls will make her think she’s in control over you. I really don’t know. I also read that hand feeding is good as well. Put her daily ration in a treat pouch and give it to her over the day as she does good things like make eye contact or lets you pick up her leash or you can stand closer.

    I’ve been working on eye contact with Koot – waiting until he sits and really looks at me – then he gets a small handful of his kibble and then we repeat. It really works his little puppy brain.

    Praying she lets you close soon.

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  22. I would not put down the leash for a growl, she is probably just testing to see if you are in control or she is. A gentle growl is different from a ” I am going to eviscerate you if you do not unhand my leash”. You have heard dogs talk to each other with growls. What sounds threatening to us may just be a form of talking, figuring you out. But I am not there so you have to decide.

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  23. I don’t know either, Kare, but I will give the leash another test. My own instinct is it’s still too soon based on her behavior, but it is hard to read which signals are being sent.

    Gardeners will be here shortly so I’m going to lay low until that’s over with, see how she does with the noise.

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  24. Or not … neighbor says they were here last week, I must be off a week.

    I need to figure out a way to mail these Christmas cards tomorrow a.m. before it gets entirely too late.

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  25. Praying Kim, wisdom and energy for the doctors.

    Dj, giving her space sounds like what I do with new children in kinder. I always let them determine the closeness.

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  26. Kim, praying.

    Got Abby outdoors, yay.

    But now she’s just standing there and stares at me when I go out. Hasn’t eaten the cookie I tossed near her.

    Baby steps.

    She’s a tough customer.

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  27. And she came inside! But only when I moved far out of the way, then she shot like a bullet, whining, inside the open sliding back door, back to her couch, again growling at the sight of me walking by to the front of the house.

    Major progress, though!

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  28. I had a late nap as the shot was making me feel not so good. The guys are into Monday night football.

    I think I hear the mail truck at 9:25 p.m. Better late than never. Not good to leave mail in the box overnight as some who go to bed early must do.

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  29. Those are my miniature teacups and that is my “mantel” (top of my entertainment center) and nativity set. This is from two or three years ago, I think.

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  30. Good news, Kim.

    DJ, that is progress.

    I feel so fortunate with our little Volcanine. He gets along with everyone. Doesn’t pee in the house. LOVES Trey. Does not chase the car like Blackie does. Sleeps in the laundry room. No getting up in the night. He has turned out to be more of a blessing than I anticipated.

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  31. Grandpa was up but not awake earlier. Then my dad fell off the bed, he seems fine and it has been a couple hours. He appears to have been trying to put on his shoes and slipped off so pretty straight forward. He is up watching Jeopardy. I am waiting for him to show some sign of tiredness but not there yet. I am glad I am in a stage of life where strange sleeping times are not a problem.

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  32. We got to see pics of the twins today, well, yesterday. They are growing wonderfully. I don’t think we will learn if they are boys or girls until birth but that may change with two of them. Haven’t heard.

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