30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-5-22

  1. Good morning, all. A bit more restful night. Maybe things are settling. Grandpa only got up three times that I am aware of, requiring assistance and dad twice but my brother is here to care for him. And I forgot to keep the fire going so had to get up at four thirty to throw some sticks on and revive it a bit. But that is all a big improvement from being called every fifteen minutes.

    And so we begin another day. Time has been spent in Colossians and thanking God for setting me in His family.

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  2. Good late Monday morning. We had an early start to get our emissions check on our Accord. Nice to have Art’s companionship for the ride there and then to Sam’s. I looked at Sam’s for a wreath but they only had two tinsel wreaths to choose from so I need to look elsewhere. I just had the thought that I could use the one that is always put out at the office. It is old but better than what I discarded after last year that I’d used for years here.

    Kare, that is a most beautiful display in the header and it makes much of the light shining in the darkness. Love it!

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  3. Love that cabinet. I like rustic.

    And, of course, the holiday decor.

    I need some inspiration, no Christmas decorations out here yet and I have such a busy work week ahead. I usually take a week or two off in December leading up to Christmas but so far it’s looking like that won’t happen this year.

    I emailed photos to the arborist company that planted Charlie Brown 2 in the backyard late last December to ask about the brown needles that are showing up on the tree. Is this normal? Do we need a treatment of some kind?

    They said they’ll have their arborist come out to take a look at it. Their new trees are guaranteed for a year and since I was coming up on that deadline I figured I should have them make sure it looks OK before that time period expires (in just another week or two). Been meaning to take care of that since fall, just never got to it.

    The brown needles have bothered me, they don’t dominate but I don’t like seeing them.

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  4. Poor Charlie Brown the Second Tree. I hope it is just regular shedding as thr tree grows. Our pines always lay down a new layer of straw in the fall, but I never thought anything about it since they are so tall.

    I had an idea to get small crossbody bags to give as gifts to the ladies who work for Art. He can put their bonus checks and maybe a few other treats inside. Thought I’d pass along that idea to anyone who might be wondering what to give some gal.

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  5. This year I have come to a theory about why it is so hard to buy Christmas presents for my daughters. (My grandson tells me exactly what he wants, and will even find the items on Amazon to show me. 🙂 ) With Amazon, as well as other online shops, there is so much variety for each item available that we can all afford to be choosy in exactly what we want. That means that unless a person – like Boy – tells us the exact item they want, we may get the wrong kind or style or whatnot. But being told the exact thing to get takes some of the fun out of it.

    So I try to get a little creative. This year, I am doing gift bags for my daughters. I ordered some sweet snack items, Ghirardelli hot cocoa packets, Carmex lip balms, foot cream, and a book on cats for Chickadee and a new kind of ice scraper for Nightingale. Maybe a couple other things I’ve forgotten. And at the bottom of it all, each will get a $50 gift card for Amazon.

    And I am pleased to be getting Boy three items that he especially wanted.

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  6. Those sound like good gifts Kizzie & Janice.

    I have an Amazon gift card I received last Christmas that’s gone missing, but I’m sure it’ll turn up here someday …

    Brown needles are usually part of a seasonal shedding on pine trees, but since this tree is still so new — and the established pine that sat in the same spot before turned completely brown so fast & up and died with no real clues as to what happened to it, the arborist couldn’t even figure it out — I wanted to have them come back just to give it a look, to make sure it’s on track and there are no obvious problems. I always wondered if something in the soil made the other tree die, maybe something from the years when all that work was being done on the house and perhaps workers used an area out there for dumping something.

    The new tree, a Canary Pine, has grown quite tall in its first year here but remains skinny so there’s no “Christmas tree” look to it just yet.

    Charlie Brown 1 at the curb in the front yard, meanwhile, appears to be thriving after 5 years, it’s probably 20 ? feet tall now and very full with bright-green new growths consistently popping out on the ends of the limbs throughout. Very lush. He leans just slightly, probably because I left a support pole on too long.

    When it was planted by the city it was small and short enough that I could wrap a string of little battery Christmas lights from top to bottom.

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  7. Kizzie, teens and young women, I think, also develop very specific tastes which makes them really hard to buy for.

    Children and in-between or old people = much easier to please 🙂

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  8. Kizzie, it takes extra time, but if you individually wrap each small gift, it is fun and gives longer to savor the fun of opening the gift(s). I know this from when my CA friend and I use to mail a box of small gifts to each other each Christmas and birthday. Neither of our husbands ever did much gift giving on the occasions so it was fun to have a little pile of gifts to open. She is the one who recently sent me the quilt she made.♡

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  9. I bought a 3 foot tall Christmas tree at the grocery story, and a small 1 footer for my daughter, too, today. Succumbing to pressure as we probably won’t be home for Christmas.

    I even bought her some cheap lights at Walgreens that look like ornaments. A two-fer!

    Ran a bunch of errands with an unhappy cat beside me in a cage. She now weighs 11 pounds, 4 ounces, up a full pound from last year.

    Vet saw nothing wrong and ran his fingers through her thick pelt.

    “There’s something about gray cats,” he said. “They always seem to have these thick coats that feel like flannel pajamas.”


    This is a week of appointments–everything this week, with an annual right before Christmas. I’ve tried to reschedule my hair appointment until the end of January. It amuses me that just about the time I love how my hair looks, a hair cut appointment shows up again.

    My hairdresser really prefers short hair on her clients. Hers is to her shoulders. Hmmm.

    Off to finish Bible study prep. I slept all afternoon yesterday, ate dinner, watched The Quiet Man (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the entire movie from opening scene to credits), and went to bed.

    Where I slept 9 hours.

    I’m feeling almost normal again.

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  10. Doing some packing around here. Have to check everywhere to see if I left some things here and there. I think I will go to my house later to see what he got done. He leaves at 3 to pick up some grandchildren from school.

    Oh, as I am packing I am finding some gifts that I bought during the last six months. I am putting those in a separate bag so I don’t lose them again.

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  11. I ran into town to purchase some things from Sam’s that were on sale…I still spent 200.00!! I did pick up some Christmas presents while there.

    I am always at a loss as to what to get for daughter who lives at home. I end up getting her really nice gloves, hat, blouse and I always find them in her Goodwill bags…with tags still attached! This year she is getting a box filled with healthy snacks. She eats so unhealthily and is always snacking so this might help her snack better (or I could find them in her Goodwill bag after the first of the year!)

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  12. I wish I were having the day Dancing in the Rain & NancyJill were having.

    I’m stuck at the desk at home, just turned in one story about an upcoming Christmas concert, on to a story saying we’re extending our Ball Drive deadline, then need to deal with a bunch of photos being sent in for a copy block (short story/captions) by the chamber of commerce. Sounds like those are taking a while.

    Meanwhile, I got a jury summons in the mail — to start Monday! But I have two in-person doctor appointments on Monday & Tuesday (and both of those were postponed from earlier appointments) so I really need to find the place on this form where you can request an extension.

    I got the wire strings of mini battery lights today from amazon — just ordered those last night!

    I need to get some throw rugs to the dry cleaners, find time to get a little tree(???), clean up the living room which looks like the aftermath of a tornado, and keep working all this week so when I’ll have time for any of that, I don’t know.

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  13. @2:22: And I have the same issue with my hair lately, I like mine shoulder length (but not much longer than that, maybe a tiny bit above, or maybe a tiny bit below); stylist? she likes it just below my ears. Gives it growing room, I suppose, but it feels like it just gets where I like it and I’m having to head in there again.

    chop chop.

    I have disciplined myself to not wash my hair every day as I’d been doing for years now (read — again — where it’s not great for your hair to do that). So now I wash it maybe every 3rd day (which is still to much according to some); but I do wet it daily in the shower, let it just dry naturally.

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  14. Yeah, I feel like that too.
    Getting things moved and getting ready. Doing some cooking so that I will eat this week.

    And someone comes in to clean after I leave, but I still feel like I should clean this house. I will have to see what I have time for.

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  15. Oh no a jury summons to start out the week…can we all now just collectively groan with you?!! I haven’t had one sent to me for a couple years so I should be due to see one in my mailbox soon!

    Dj I put the colorful lights on my primitive tree this year with all mismatched ornaments. Husband loves it that way so I deferred to his preference this year. I went to Walmart and purchased a three ft tree with white light for the living room…that is where I spend most of my down time. I decorated “my” tree with dried oranges and twigs 😊

    And I must say when I made a quick stop in Hobby Lobby this morning after Sam’s (they are located next to each other) the people shopping were delightful! Long long lines but everyone was chatting and laughing, wishing one another a Merry Christmas. And of course in HL Christmas Carole’s and Hymns are being played over the sound system…a truly delightful time!

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  16. Nancyjill, so jealous.

    You’re just trying to make me feel bad?

    I love going out and about shopping for Christmas presents and decor. But I’m just stacked up with assignments right now.

    A Hobby Lobby opened in our area a couple years ago but I have yet to even be inside one of those stores.

    I had a jury summons about a year ago and called in every day — but was never needed. I think that’s happened to me twice now.

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  17. Two stories done, no photos yet from the parade folks who are “looking for their photographer.” Doesn’t sound too promising.

    The cat is knocking things off a counter.

    And I’m trying return something to Amazon that came scratched & broken … (this one’s complicated — and heavy).

    I have a virtual meetup with the GP in about 15 minutes, which is around the time the gardener comes and I was hoping to catch him to ask him if he could turn on my heater …

    Meanwhile, I’m sitting here in a puffer jacket and a shearling throw over my legs at the work desk. … About to toss the cat off the counter.

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  18. I cleared some papers and such from Art’s home desk area and ever since Miss Bosley has zeroed in on that as her new target for getting into trouble. She knows she is safe from sliding on papers if she goes to check out and knock off what is on his desk. Really rather funny at the same time it is aggravating. Art has found a new use for his cane. Cat Blocker. We also distract her with the bird and wiggle worm wands. If that fails I do my slappers/clappers routine with my hands that she runs from.

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  19. You just need to swing by that Hobby Lobby and be around some cheerful sorts DJ! Maybe tell your editor that there is a story to be written about that place!

    Have you set aside a day to travel that hour to visit the dog Dj?

    Oh my goodness the sweetness in that video. A blessed young man to be making such precious childhood memories…and that duck waddle!! 😂

    Speaking of hair…weren’t we? The gal scalped me in July and I haven’t had a trim since. I am determined to just keep letting it grow until I can stand it no longer. So tired of bad cuts and of stylists who think they don’t need to listen to me! 👩‍🦲 Just about all my friends are looking for new stylists….

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  20. I am hoping to (maybe?) take next week off, I have vacation time on the books that I really do need to take. Normally, this would be the week I’d take of for Christmas stuff, but it’s been an especially busy December news-wise. I still need to do Q&A interviews and stories about our (1) outgoing councilman an (2) incoming councilman before the weekend when the new one is being sworn into office.

    Even next week will be partially claimed by those 2 dr. appointments on Monday & Tuesday; maybe I can head out to the dog either this Saturday or next Wednesday assuming I get that week off.

    GP never did call today for the virtual appt, unusual as she usually calls early for those, has never missed one.

    I think it was just a followup, nothing urgent.


    I think I’ve mentioned how Annie wakes me up before dawn on many mornings. She sleeps with me on the bed but is up and down in the mornings. I have pet stairs for her to use to get up to the bed and I’ve been grabbing her as she gets up to me to MEOWWWWW and annoy me … I pick her up, turn her around, set her on the steps and down she goes.

    But not for long.

    Soon she’s popping right back up those stairs.

    So this morning I picked her up — again — right when she made it onto the bed, turned her around, set her going right back down those steps.

    The third time she came up, just as I started to reach out for her, she goes into this huge leap right over me to the other side of the bed. MEOW MEOW MEOW, out of my grasp completely. So I finally got up and put some food out.

    This routine — which is fairly recent — is going to get interesting once there’s another dog back in the house someday.

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  21. Miss Bosley could not be discouraged from going back again and again so I have now resorted to hanging a sheet over the area where she has first access (a two tier shelf on the side of the desk that she can get on). I learned this tactic from preschool. After play time toys were put on a shelf and it was then covered with a sheet to take away the distraction of the toys. Will this work or will she paw at the sheet to get inside i?. Is Miss Bosley smarter than a Kindergartener?

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  22. As soon as you said, “Will this work? Or will she paw her way to get inside?”

    I’m like, uh-huh, oh yeah. Get ready for a big cleanup when everything goes flying and crashing onto the floor.

    Cats will not be deterred.

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