31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-30-22

  1. Happy Happy Birthday Cheryl!! β£οΈπŸŽ‚

    Warming up to 35 today!! Perhaps some ice will melt off these roads. That photo up there reminds me of winters in Ohio ❣️

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  2. We had storms in the night and the worst has past. It’s suppose to be chilling down today from the 60’s this a.m.

    When Wes was home and I made guacamole with his assistance, he showed me how to wipe the food processor bowl clean with a tortilla type wrap so as to not waste any of the guac. I had found wraps on sale so had them available for him. Maybe others already know that tip which worked well, but in case not, I thought I would share. Does anyone here have a good wrap recipe? I may start using those more.

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  3. Good morning, all. Thirty one here with wind so supposed to feel like twenty. Snow and wind in the forecast so look for road closures due to drifting. Maybe we will stock up our emergency in town meds for daughter today, so she does not miss doses for snow. We have a small supply with a friend.

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  4. Wow. 31 for Michelle. That must feel cold. We have cold and wind, too. At least there is snow to remind me it will be cold. πŸ™‚

    My daughter in TN sent a picture of debris piled up next to a bridge. Winds must have been fierce for those in the path of that storm, Janice.

    Happy birthday to Cheryl!

    A funny story about a hospital mishap: A friend of mine gave birth to her youngest daughter. I had been a few years since she had given birth. She decided she needed a sitz bath and went to where she had gone before to do this. She couldn’t believe how filthy the tub was, so she washed it all out before getting into it. Later she found out that the tub was no longer being used! Boy, did she feel foolish. It makes for a good laugh now, though, like so many things we do.

    I suppose that is similar to me getting up and helping myself to use the bathroom after I had a C-Section. The nurse was not a happy camper. Well, how was I supposed to know. I had to use the call button once, before being told it was a call button. My I-V reversed, and the tube was whirling MY blood around the room. I kept pushing the button but didn’t know if anyone heard it. A nurse happened by the room and heard me calling for help. I will never forget how calm and cool she was. All I could think about what how in the world the hospital could keep their sheets white!

    Hmm, blood, sheets whiter than snow. Must be a spiritual lesson there. πŸ™‚

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  5. Beautiful winter scenery above. We’re at 57 (downright warm to most of you, I realize) and are expecting some rain today and tomorrow.

    My little electric heater is blowing hot air on me (it’s in the low 50s in the house this morning) which has been a big help since the heater is still out. That and lots of freeze blankets/throws/sweatshirts when I’m not using that.

    Son of my former longtime (now retired) GP is now practicing in the medical group I’m still in, nice to see him in the halls with his white coat (I see another doctor in the same group practice). I remember when he was a youngster running around with his brother in the old office back in the day.

    I’ve seen the end of the Marcus Welby era, for sure, as medical care has changed so dramatically.

    Back on the Ischia beat today, interviewed a native (whom I’ve interviewed before, of course) who came to our town as a 20-year-old newlywed in 1970. Ischians were coming here in large numbers throughout the 1900s, our community reminded them of their island — hillsides going up from the harbor, dotted with homes, a mild Mediterranean climate, and a thriving commercial fishing industry, of course.

    She said it was so important for them to be able to “see the ocean” as they came from an island. Those views especially had them gravitating to our little seaport in America. We’re surrounded on 3 sides by water here as we’re on a peninsula — west, south and east (the harbor side).

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  6. I feel like Moses and the promised land as I imagine son at the beach sitting and preparing for classes as the gentle waves creep inπŸ˜€
    Thinking of Chas and Elvera, their memorial stone so close to where son lives yet I have not been able to get over there this whole year.πŸ˜’

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  7. It is 66Β° and feels like 66Β° now so has not turned cooler yet. I thought that storm was about a cold front. The wind is gusty and the sunlight is making tree leaf shadows dance in our living room.

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  8. Good morning. Weather is beautiful here. Warm, without a breath of wind when I went to feed chickens earlier. Slight breeze now. Miguel and Trey have a sheet of tin to fix on one of the sheds. We have had lots of gusty winds this fall.

    Happy birthday to AJ’s, Cheryl . Thank you for sharing him with us each day.

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  9. Just to put everyone’s mind at ease, I can guarantee that there is no “eject” button on any bed in an ER or any other bed in the hospital.

    Having pt fall is one of our greatest fears. Having pt accidentally or intentionally remove their IV is also a nightmare.

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  10. Tweeted by a former colleague who moved to Oregon with her husband a couple years ago:

    ~ I still can’t believe I live in a place where snow days are real. As a kid I thought they only happened on tv … (Back then) it lightly snowed one time in Moreno Valley and all the kids in my neighborhood went outside and had snowball fights and built tiny snowmen with all the dirty snow we could gather.

    It was like maybe a half inch of snow but it was a magical night. My brother kept his 1-foot tall snowman in our freezer for like a month after ~


    Happy birthday to Cheryl!

    Everyone (minus a few of us) enjoy your snow days this season.

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  11. Physical therapist got back last week from a weeklong stay in Chicago, says he hasn’t felt cold here ever since — he’s wearing short-sleeves while we’re all layered up.

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  12. Janice: People here don’t know how to navigate snow, and we get plenty of opportunities to learn.

    When D3 first learned to drive, there wasn’t much snow that year. So the winter after she got her licence, we had a 6″ storm. I took her to a part of the mall parking lot that hadn’t been plowed and taught her. She enjoyed getting to do donuts in the snow without hitting anything.

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  13. I wish people who move here from warmer states with no snow experience would take a winter driving course.
    We had our youngest two girls take a course at MasterDrive. In class teaching and driving behind the wheel. They also have a driving obstacle course the students must take. Ice on the road and how to get out of a skid. Hannah had to take that twice because of her lack of confidence and timidity. She is now a confident capable driver..in good weather and not so good.

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  14. 44 degrees and going down with rain on the way.

    I went to my house and the new flooring, the part that is done anyway, looks great. What a difference. I even moved the clothes from storage to get them out of here. He began in a different area than he said. So the old dining room and the kitchen are done along with the livingroom. The old dining area is where I want to put things from my closets. Maybe I will begin on that tomorrow. I am almost ready to call to have my stove installed.

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  15. Nice progress, Jo. I am going on four years to have the floor done properly in my small bathroom. Not holding my breath.

    It is soooo cold here. It was in the teens with a very strong wind when we had to be out and about. Thankfully, the wind and cold will be less tomorrow when we have to go out again.

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  16. On the news this morning a story revealed a man whose house was storm damaged in 2020 and he set up to get the home repaired with a contractor who got his monry but the home is still not repaired so the man has to sleep in his car when he can’t find someone to stay with. I thought of you, Jo, and how quickly everything is being done. What a wonderful blessing to have trustworthy ad honorable people to do your work. What will you do when it is all done? It has been quite the time filler to make all the arrangements. Will you stay home and enjoy it or travel?

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  17. We’ve had a warmish day for us for this time of year, in the mid-50s. For a while, we had some strong winds that caused many power outages in the state. Our power was only out for a minute or two, just long enough to have to reset some clocks.


  18. Janice, I suppose I will have to learn how to live in my house. How to budget and to prioritize spending.
    and just to live here


  19. Actually I have to being arranging deliveries. Of my bed, the stove and microwave, the frig, the washer and dryer, my coffee table and my recliner.
    also I have to pack up this house and clean it. Plus there are Christmas events here and there.


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