26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-22-22

  1. Morning all. Pip decided to awaken at 5 and since husband was caretaking Barr Camp last night I had the “pleasure” of taking the dogs out in pitch dark! Cup of coffee downed and another coming right up!

    Sweet time with the Lord this morning though and He heard your names ♥️

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  2. Good morning. Daughter and three grands will be here today and through the holiday. I am already tired. 😉

    Actually, it should be the most relaxing Thanksgiving we have ever had. Seems strange to have so few. Will be nice to have some extended time with the littles (5 and 6 yr. olds) and with our almost 17 yr. old. And daughter, too, of course. 😀

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  3. Good morning! That swan header is beautiful♡

    We are at imaging now after having a grand tour of the hospital grounds this a.m. We have been on two cart rides and several walks between buildings. We saw another frustrated older couple who got the run around, too, and I told Art they had paid the initiation fee to join our club. He said he thought they were doing a research study of old men and their anger thresshold.

    Art is finally getting the ultrasound test we went to Urgent Care for on Sunday to rule out a blood clot in his leg.

    And I have not had coffee or Bible study yet. Also, I was the driver to this smaller hospital where I had my surgery. It is a long drive for me, but Art could help me if needed. The traffic was very light since it is a holiday week.

    I took more photos of hospital decorations for Christmas.

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  4. NancyJill, my husband is running an operation in another park so I was up at 1:30 and 6:30 in the dark, listening to the elk crashing their antlers and some coyotes howling. Kootenay does not like the coyotes – he heads back to the door as quickly as he can. I just hope he finished all his business first 😳

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  5. ah, Janice, I’m so sorry to see you’re still “doing” hospitals.

    The hospital where I had my knee surgery was also a maze I was always getting lost in (for a few scan appointments before the actual surgery). If you park in the wrong parking structure it can be a real hike. And at least one of those times I got out of my car without grabbing the mask, which of course is required everywhere in a hospital setting. They had extras, of course.

    And it occurred to me as I was sitting in the orthopedic surgeon’s office for a post-surgical follow up — the waiting room was all decked out elaborately for Halloween — that I’d seen all seasonal decor, maybe twice around, as I’d been going there for some time leading up to the surgery, for consultations, shots and other stopgap treatments.

    Yesterday was complicated with heater issues which I’m hoping to get resolved so I don’t have to somehow pay $5,000 for a new unit. Good thing this is a warm week for us, but mornings are still brisk, so out come the sweatshirts again.

    I filled out the longest, most detailed dog adoption application I’ve ever encountered last night. We’ll see.

    Vet left a voicemail late last week which I’d missed but noticed it last night — Annie’s bloodwork came back fine, she sees no issues and we don’t have to come back until the next checkup in a year. Looks like the prescription food also now can be tweaked without too many worries, Annie’s gotten finicky in her older years all of a sudden and she was down 1/2 a pound from her usual weight when they weighed her.

    She woke me up at 4 a.m. and again at 5:30 a.m. today. Not cute.

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  6. Off to the mountains to retrieve some furniture that friends have been storing for me. Two beautiful oak end tables.
    Should be a beautiful drive. I am taking extra jackets as you never know what will happen when you are on an adventure.

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  7. Wes is in his room Zooming away with students and school related business.

    Yesterday he had a chance to Zoom with a college friend who is in Switzerland who was having to clean up a floor where their cat had accidents due to a bladder issue. He told Wes he had called for moral support to do what was required. It must have been more than his wife could handle😃

    Wes did offer to warm up the car for us this morning, but otherwise he was stuck here for Zoom sessions. And of course, he’d already seen enough of that hospital for one week!

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  8. Beautifully comfortably warm in the house today. Son has it figured out! We are home for a few days. Husband and dad in law arrive this afternoon so madly prepping. My dad almost came with us, he knows the next couple days will be very lonely. But decided he had too much to do to get ready to move to our homes. Thanks for praying for us. Feel free to continue.

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  9. I completely forgot that I had been invited to speak at a retreat in Boston about Biddy and My Utmost for His Highest.

    It was our final weekend in Israel. 😦

    I tried to figure out, so hard, how to get back for that retreat–but it didn’t work.

    Today, the organizer sent me all the videos. I’ve been listening, being blessed–Pam Tebow is speaking now–amazed to hear my words coming out of some of these women’s mouths, and marveling.

    These speakers are fabulous; much better than I would have been. 🙂

    Here’s the information, if anyone has several hours to kill. (I’m editing photos).


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  10. Thanks, Michelle. Sorry to hear of that conflict. I know it must have felt distressing when you first realized you couldn’t be in two places at the same time! I wondered if you could have Zoomed in like Wes has been doing. He’s had maybe 25 20 minute appointments with students today. He finally emerged. He looks sharp in his sports jacket for his appointments. I told Art it reminds me of seeing tax clients . . . a lot of talking, but on a different subject😀

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  11. Mumsee, glad you are working toward the next level of being settled. Prayers continuing for all as you bless your loved ones with love, peace, joy, and hope through your faith in action in difficult circumstances. You are an angel!

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  12. Safely home again. What a drive. I went along highway 49 through three canyons with the south , middle, and north yuba rivers. So up and over mountains and down into the canyons. Then I got higher and there was snow and ice on the road. So I decided to come home through Truckee and on interstate 80. Much smoother roads and less snow. I did not need the winding roads twice in one day.
    My end tables are mission style and lovely, solid oak. A shelf at the bottom and then a drawer above. It also has a pull out shelf which makes it handy if you eat in your chair as I often do.

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  13. Jo, father in law is here and my dad has conceded he will be moving. Has not yet decided if it will be to my house or to all three of our homes on a rotation basis. Progress.

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  14. Had a nice grocery store run with daughter. She did well in our absence but the friends both noticed she was getting anxious. Hopefully, she will settle down now that we are home. Husband is visiting her tonight as I stay with his dad and he picks up the two from work.

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