22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-22-22

  1. Good foggy Thursday morning to you! The fog is a thick as pea soup in the forest and it is oh so lovely!
    My cone flowers do not bloom as beautifully as that one up there. They seem to be wilting as they bloom. And something is eating the upper leaves but I have never seen a bug on them….could it be moths of some sort? I love that one in the header photo!
    Lunching with two of my dear friends today…it has been way too long since our last meet up.
    Hoping someone has been in touch with our Mumsee….she is covered in prayer each and every day here….

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  2. Good Morning. Up, exercised, dressed and have been to the orthodontix and back. I am off to show houses at 11. Wish me luck. They are saying they will be finished with the new house the end of November. I need money in the bank. I do have a closing tomorrow that will cover a large chunk of it.

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  3. I love fog, but our marine layer won’t be around much over the next several days. High pressure returns making temps go up again (but not as horrible as last time).

    It’ll be a day mostly in and out of bed for me.

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  4. I have been out shopping in our almost record breaking heat of 92° high with the average for now being 82°.

    First I went to DSW to see if they had new athletic shoes for me. I finally found a pair of Saucony, my preferred brand. I had a coupon I’d received in the mail for $30 off. At the register I was told the coupon does not cover that brand. I declined the shoes and asked what brands does the coupon cover. The clerk pointed at a printed page and said it does not cover those brands. It was a lot and I said I have vision problems and can’t read all that. Again I asked what brands does it cover? He finally fessed up and said Adiadas (sp?). I looked and tried some but walked out with nothing. Lesson learned. Their coupons after the pandemic are not as good as before.

    Then I shopped at Sprouts ($10 coupon off of $75 which I easily met), and then on to Publix.

    I am still trying to cool down.

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  5. Art called while I was at Sprouts. The Urgent Care doc had the gut sample lab report and Art did have a bacterial infection. He was fine before the colonoscopy so somehow he got it from the procedure is my logical train of thought. So thankful he cancelled the kidney surgery. I can not imagine had he been dealing with surgery on top of the gut infection. He does seem better but had his last antibiotic last night. We shall see. Doc will prescribe a stronger one if needed.

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  6. Kare, the caregiver for Mumsee’s MIL was acting in a hateful manner toward Mumsee’s Dad, so Mumsee is having to be in the household to oversee and make sure her father is not treated in that unreasonable manner is my understanding.

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  7. Feeling sad that Chickadee declined to join Nightingale and me tomorrow for a couple special fall-themed meals. Nightingale will be making something special for brunch, and then a simple dinner with some typical fall foods. (I forget what she said she is making, but both meals sounded delicious when she told me.) We also have some delicious pumpkin spice creamer for our coffee in the morning.

    It is the best one I’ve had. (Barissimo brand Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk Creamer from Aldi.) Many pumpkin spice creamers don’t taste particularly different from other flavored creamers, but this one – which I just tried this morning – is really good.

    Nightingale had told Chickadee that she (C) would have to be dropped off in the morning because she (N) has to drop her car off early to be worked on, and then she (N) can take her back after our early dinner. So maybe Chickadee can’t get a ride? But her response to Nightingale sounded more like she just didn’t want to. I don’t know; I’m just sad about it.

    Tonight, Nightingale is picking up food from Chick-fil-A for dinner. That’s gonna by yummy!

    Praying that somehow Chickadee will change her mind and get dropped off in the morning anyway, maybe as a little surprise. But if not, I am hoping for a sweet special time with my Nightingale. May God bless and save each one of them. And Boy, too.

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  8. Lunch stretched out until almost dinner so we left the restaurant before that crowd came in! The staff there love us and know we love to chat…and we tip really well so all was good.
    The fog never lifted today and it was interesting driving back home in the thick of it. I dropped off my friend at her home at 5 then traveled the backroads home. When I crested the hill that leads into our area, the sun was shining! So anything below 7400 ft in elevation was in fog and we who live so close you can kiss the moon had sun!

    Praying for you all Aj as the day quickly approaches. Such an exciting day and I know will be a tad bit emotional for the Father of the Bride. Such a blessing that you have gotten to know your “son” and that he is the one our Lord has chosen from the very beginning…and she for him! ❤️

    Thankful the timing has worked out for Art….two things going on at once? One at a time!

    DSW does irritate me with some of their sale promotions. Fine print and certain restrictions (you can only purchase online at this price kind of ploy)…I tend to just try Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls first. Adidas is not a comfortable shoe for me and I do like Saucony and New Balance.

    Praying Chickadee will have a change of heart and want to join you Kizzie. Dare I pray she become “homesick”?! Yes!

    Dj what did the Covid test read?

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  9. I no longer have the several nearby girlfriends I used to run around with, sadly. I miss those impromptu get-togethers for meals out or movies.

    Covid test came back positive so I’m under quarantine. I’m more worried about Shirley next door as I was visiting with them in their backyard on Tuesday just hours before my symptoms first appeared. Just hoping and praying I didn’t spread anything to them.

    Pray for their protection — also that this clears my system quickly. Feeling pretty lousy, but a little better tonight than earlier today. Feels like this will be with me for a while, though. I’ll call my GP tomorrow morning to let them know, not sure if they’d want to provide a prescription for something or not but figured it’s good just to let them know.

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  10. I haven’t been to DSW in ages — or so many other places, for that matter.

    Home Goods! I loved wandering through there but haven’t done so since before the pandemic.

    I’ve been careful but have hardly been a hermit so I’m somewhat surprised it took this long for Covid to catch up with me. I am still careful about wearing a mask, though I didn’t wear one at church last week (but should have, I know realize!).

    Who knows. This latest version of covid is highly transmissible so almost hard not to catch it if you’re decently exposed.

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  11. *now realize

    I’m so sorry this whole illness became so overly (and unnecessarily, I believe) politicized. But that’s another subject. The times we live in, I suppose. 😦

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  12. I have a picture similar to that from our cone flowers. They wilted weeks ago, and I was ready to cut them down, but another flower started blooming. It’s a plant with clusters of very small white flowers. It’s not Queen Ann’s lace, but something like it. Baby’s breath, maybe?

    We spent the day at the zoo with D1’s family and D3. It’s D3’s birthday so we had chocolate cheese cake from the Cheesecake factory.

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  13. Oh, Dj, I feel concern that you have Covid now. It is difficult to avoid. I wear a double mask and one of the masks has a pocket with an extra little filter material in it so it is almost like being triple masked. I have been braver going out in the middle of the day but even then the stores don’t seem as crowded as I would expect. Probably many are still having groceries delivered.

    Dj, I am thankful that you did not get Covid before now. You are so far along in your recovery and can move around easily now. Prayers for the Covid to quickly vacate your system . . . that your body will be an unfriendly environment so Covid will leave in haste. May your down times for extra resting help your knee to further advance in healing. And may your neighbors not catch Covid from any source and if they do may it be realized that it could have just as easily come from another source. Please, Lord, give Dj an especially easy way through Covid and at the same time let her keep gaining strength, wisdom, and new ability to walk far with ease.
    I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen

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