30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-17-22

  1. Ahh–she is adorable, Michelle. Too bad about the name spelled wrong. My niece had her name spelled incorrectly on her mother’s recent obituary. Not good, but they did run the obituary with it corrected.

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  2. Good morning!

    Michelle, she looks like you. Lucky Adorable!

    I shopped at Publix and then went to Kosher Kroger to pick up Art’s new med.

    Minor miracle is that I got Art to eat strawberry Yoplait yogurt. I taught him, as I did Wesley, to put the spoon way back in the mouth so there is no sour sensation near the tip of the tongue. He actually seemed to like it. This should help his gut. He would never even try it during all 37 years of our marriage, but considering his current sufferings he became willing.

    I am about spent for awhile now.

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  3. Morning all! Adorable is adorable ♥️

    ‘Tis a beautiful day in the forest and I am cleaning and shuffling furniture. Husband is hanging out with his running pals in Manitou for the Peak ascent and marathon. Crowds…he hates them…but he loves all things running.

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  4. Ah, cute photo, cute girl! They should be able to fix that typo online easily enough.

    It’s cool and overcast here this morning, enough so that I have a sweatshirt on.

    Janice, for you — did they get this mostly right?


    ~ Atlanta Isn’t All Business: A Local’s Travel Guide to the City’s Hot Spots
    One of the country’s biggest business hubs has morphed into a happening vacation spot. Here, the smartest ways to navigate the sprawling city, neighborhood by neighborhood. ~

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  5. Thanks, Dj, for the article about things to see around Atlanta. The newer establishments I am not familiar with.
    My former apartment mate, who now lives in CA, shared an apartment with me next to a park that backed up to that old Decatur Cemetary. We could walk down the street and catch Marta to downtown. The Marta station was in the heart of downtown Decatur where there are many popular shops and restaurants. I noticed in the article that even Art’s small town where the office is located got mentioned for a Southside restaurant. And Art grew up in West End so he’d know more about those parts. We live in Decatur but not the city limits and are not too far from Buckhead. I think the article did not really list the more family friendly attractions of Atlanta so that it mostly shows what the night life crowd would like to do and see. When we did things it was more of what Wes enjoyed as a child and there was always more than we could do.


  6. Just a little while ago, I saw that World published a letter to the editor that I had written.

    For those who may not get the magazine, it was in response to a quote from an article about stay-at-home dads. The dad I mention in my letter is also a writer whom I am somewhat familiar with, and some of you may recognize his name. This is what I wrote:

    “Neil Shenvi’s statement that stay-at-home dads should find meaningful, productive work made me cringe. Raising children and doing housework are meaningful and productive.”

    If he had merely said that dads (or moms) should have other interests as well as their stay-at-home parent duties, that would not have bothered me. But that’s not what he said.

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  7. It’s a beautiful fall day here. The irony is that on the first day of fall we are suppose to have our hottest day in a long time, up to 94°😳😀

    I watched church online. A church supported missionary in Ethiopia spoke from the book of John about proclaiming the gospel. Very good message.

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  8. Good Sunday all! It is 75 here and the pollens are off the charts. Sneezing and watery eyes during church but the message was excellent. Psalm 2 was the text.

    Afterwards we shared a meal together and we met the sweetest young couple and their four children. They have lived here almost 4 years and are from M’s neck of the woods in Sonoma. They like our neck of the woods in CO 😊

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  9. We were admonished (but also encouraged with the gospel) about “The Danger of Cold, Careless Worship” today from Malachi 1. Speaking was a guest preacher from another church in our denomination whom I’ve heard in the past when he’s filled in, but not in a while.

    And I showed up in person for the first time in a while, now that the knee recovery is going well (though it stiffened up with all the sitting).

    Good to partake of communion and the congregational prayers & song “live.” But a little strange to get dressed (in real clothes, I seem to have dropped a size or two in pants) and even put on a bit of makeup. I’m really out of practice so it went very light with the makeup. lol

    Grabbled some groceries on the way home.

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  10. As I was walking down the hall to church, I prayed and told God that I give up on my house. I just cannot find anyone to do the doors and I just gave up and, of course, gave it to Him.
    Well, I did speak to the elders last Monday evening and asked them to pray. So before the church as I was speaking to someone, one of those elders, Joe, came up to me. He asked if I had found anyone and I said no. He began to mention names. One of those names was someone who has gone to our church forever and I dearly love his wife. But they moved to Montana. Turns out that they are back to build a house for someone, but it is not ready for him to begin yet. Joe told me that George was there today, but was outside working security. After church I went out to the narthex and watched and here he came. I asked to speak to him and he said that he would call me this week. Did I have the doors? no, so he told me where to get them and asked a few questions. Amazing, God is God.

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  11. And that was not all. I also mentioned to the elders that I was planning on tutoring children with dyslexia. But I wasn’t going to set up a business now, just wait to see what God would do. And the pastor agreed. So that little girl that I met in Awana and began to form a friendship with last week?? Her mom came up to me this morning and wanted to let me know that she couldn’t read very well as she probably had dyslexia. I told her that I had been tutoring children with dyslexia and had bought the materials. She wanted to know what I charge. Oh, my, goodness. I probably wouldn’t charge this family. I purchased the first four levels of Barton reading with that last government bailout. I also have all of the materials on my computer since our school had a site license.
    God is doing a work.

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  12. I feel like having the elders on your prayer team makes a difference. Have I ever told you all that I feel that the elders are, in a way, the head of my home. Without a husband they are my head and where I can go for help.

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