36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-1-22

  1. Good morning! Happy Sept!
    What a beautiful header⚘

    I seemed to feel better around 4 a.m. than I had been feeling. Let’s hope it lasts. I kept changing out my ice packs (bag of peas) along and chose to take only 1 XStrength Tylenol instead of 2. Thanking God for every advance although it’s probably that 3 step routine of 2 forward and 1 back.

    The big news on Fox was that a major hospital in Atlanta, has been slated to shut down. We only have two of the highest level trauma centers and this is one of them. With all the gun violence here it’s really bad for that. The mayor said that the city had been excluded from any discussion. I think it is a shock and awe move. The hospital losta lot of money last year.

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  2. Morning all. Those are beautiful flowers to greet us up there.
    Thankful for your good recovery Janice and we continue to ask the Lord to give you strength for the day.
    Isn’t it odd that such a big hospital would lose money and close? The hospitals here seem to be doing quite well as they continue to build new ones around town and are always expanding their existing buildings.

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  3. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day here. Around fifty nine this morning, expecting eighty nine.

    Planning to run up to Moscow today and maybe do a bit of sorting out. I may have mentioned that one of the long term caregivers is somewhat hostile to my dad and I have concerns of elder abuse. He is fearful he will have to move if we remove her from the roster but I think she has him living in fear, in part because if she gets mad, he would have to move. But I think God has provided workers to fill that gap should it open. She does not speak to him or look at him, saying she was only hired to work with mom. But as he needs more assistance, we are going to need somebody willing to offer that. Prayers appreciated! Looking for wisdom and words.

    Janice, we have always had temps in the hundreds at times. And have had temps drop to forty eight below (back in ’68) though generally maybe just a week at zero or below.

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  4. Glad to hear you’re feeling better Janice! Ice is a wonderful thing. :–)

    This morning, we’re planning a short drive to a Coke Park and Museum here in Tennessee. Dad was born in a mining camp in Virginia. We went back there a few years ago to see where the mines used to be. He lived just a few yards from the mine opening where the miners went in to work every day. Of course all that is left of his birthplace is a dirt road and the remains of the old tipple. Although they do still strip-mine in the area. The park we are going to today is fairly close and apparently has some old coke ovens and other remnants of a mining village. None of us can walk very far, so we won’t be climbing the 3,900 foot incline to the mining entrance. The brochure says there are rattlesnakes up on the bluff anyway. I’m trying to get in shape to go back to work next week, but bluffs and rattlesnakes are not on my workout agenda yet. Have a great day all! :–)

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  5. So this morning on the way in to the office I decided to listen to Spotify and be a little nostalgic so I picked Roy Acuff.
    First this song came on and you know how I am about history. I was a little taken aback and it would never get recorded now.

    Then a few songs later was this one

    …And I thought of Chas because he said Great Speckled Bird was written about the Church of Christ and Acuff was a member.
    That led me to his thoughts on having lived through the greatest time in United States history and how lucky he had been.
    It’s the little things that bring loved ones to mind.

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  6. Debra, your mention of a Coke park immediately made me think of our Atlanta Coca-Cola tourist site! Different kind of Coke. That sounds like a fun daytrip.

    Having these healing wounds on my body has made me reflective and tearful as I consider all the soldiers who have been wounded so much more horribly on battlefields and not had the advantages of good healthcare and meds, and icepacks, etc. to help. Thoughts like that make me even more grateful to God, but again still wishing for peace and no more wars ever. Thankful for the hope of heaven.

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  7. That sounds like an interesting day, Debra. We have many former mine sites. (Not to mention the current mines) There were dozens and dozens of of locations where the mines were. People would move when the mines played out. Many have nothing to see anymore. Others have foundations or chimneys still showing or old streets. I have a friend who lived in one area and there is nothing there but partial streets. The houses were moved.

    When transportation improved the workers were able to live further away from the mines. There is a Greyhound Bus Museum in a town nearby, since that is where the Greyhound bus was started. It started with a vehicle used to transport miners.

    There is also a children’s book written about how the town of Hibbing was moved–buildings and all. There are still a few streets left there and signage to show where some of the more important buildings once were. It is a campground now in the green area that has never been mined.

    There are beautiful lakes and campgrounds on some of the former mines, too.

    Mumsee, I would not have that woman working there either. I sure hope she can be replaced. No one should feel intimidated in their own home. Such a difficult time for you and them. 😦

    I hope you continue to feel better, Janice.

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  8. Mumsee, I do agree with Kathaleena. The lady had no compassion and is there for a paycheck only. Always a bad situation. Part of taking care of mom is acknowledging her loved ones and acting kindly toward them. I am so sorry to hear about what y’all are dealing with on that.

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  9. Off to narrate, then to take minutes at a meeting, then to figure out dinner, then to pick up a friend, then to . . . maybe sleep tonight.

    It’s expected to be very hot over the weekend. I need to get actions done NOW so I can lounge around like a lazy dog for several days.

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  10. I had an uncomfortable night, it was still in the high 80s in the house at around midnight. I tossed and turned, got up a few times, didn’t get to sleep until around 3 a.m., I think.

    Today’s not supposed to be quite as hot, but yesterday surpassed the initial forecast so today’s temps may do the same. My cousin is picking me up for the followup appointment with the surgeon at 2:30 this afternoon. I’m looking forward to it mostly because it’ll be air-conditioned in that office. 🙂

    Crazy thing is — we’re geographically a small community within the city of LA and if I drive just about 2 miles south — to the south-facing ocean cliffs where there’s a park — the temperature can be as much as 15+ degrees cooler.

    It’s where I’d often head in heat waves when I was home on weekends (workdays featured A/C when we worked in newsrooms), I’d get the dogs in the Jeep and we’d sail straight over there. I’d watch the outdoor temp digital readout in the Jeep just fall-fall-fall as we drove, such a relief. We have several “micro-climates” in town, I’m in the middle of the span, so not as hot as the hottest (north of me) but quite a bit warmer than the coolest on the south. And all only blocks away from each other.

    In CA we’re being told to keep our thermostat at 78 degrees (I wish!) and not to charge our electric cars during certain hours of the day (no problem there).

    I’m so glad you’re feeling good today Janice, I had a lot of ups and downs in those first 1-2 weeks just getting over the surgery’s hit on my overall system, but it did finally settle down.

    I got an email response this morning from the surgeon’s secretary who said she took care of their portion of my state disability claim yesterday. Hooray!

    I think (?) I may be done on the paperwork end of all this, at long last. (Barring some unforeseen glitch in the way I filled out the state form that could always cause an issue, something that wouldn’t surprise me — that form had questions that were worded in such obscure ways it was hard to figure parts of it out, I probably messed up at least one of them that’ll come back to haunt me and need fixing).

    Now the state has to process and approve all of that before I start getting paid for the time off.

    mumsee, I’m so sorry to hear about that “caretaker.” I agree with everyone, she should be given her walking papers when you can find a replacement. I realize that would be a tough job and not everyone, certainly, is cut out for it. But she sounds unkind and I’d worry also about what could happen when she’s not under scrutiny.

    Debra, yes, stay clear of rattlers! Have you been off work from your hip surgery all this time? (I can’t remember when that even was now.)

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  11. I’m sure all cases are unique in many ways coming out of surgery.

    I’m wondering if my sutures are the dissolving kind, but sounded like these may need to be removed, not sure. It’s not supposed to be a long incision though it’s so heavily bandaged still I haven’t see it; area does still feel tender, but I’m guessing that’s to be expected.

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  12. I had a gal ask me once, we were in Cairns, how I thought her knee looked after surgery. I thought it looked ok, it was a little red. But we went to the doctors office and they said you need to be in the hospital for that infection. So, whatever you do, don’t ask me! 🙂

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  13. I went outside to water (salvage) a withered plant. It is 90° and feels like 95°, the hottest I have felt lately. I sweated by the time I got back inside. Two days now without cooling showers. Where is that cold front I heard about?

    And going back on the hormone blocker has again given me hot flashes until I adjust.😀😡

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  14. Although our current lower temps and lower humidity is expected to give way over the weekend to more heat and humidity, I went ahead and did a little fall decorating today. And when I say “a little”, that’s really all it is.

    Looking in the spare room upstairs, where Nightingale keeps our seasonal decorations in bins, I managed to find what I was looking for – a fall wreath for the front door, a bouquet of artificial fall leaves for the dining room table, and a couple garlands of artificial fall leaves, one for the hutch in the dining room, and one for the “mantel” in my living room. Now I just need something for my living room coffee-table, but I don’t think I have anything else to put there.

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  15. I put an update on Covid in the B house on the prayer thread. Everybody got it but everybody’s getting better. I’m sorry to hear the Boy got it just as school was getting started.

    I enjoyed scrolling through the pictures on the anniversary post the other day. Again, thank you AJ for building a home and keeping us together.

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  16. We were up in the eighties today and will be tomorrow. Then we will be in the sixties on Saturday. That sounds better to me, since we will be at an outdoor potluck jam.

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  17. Dr. visit went well, he said all looks good and he’s especially pleased with my range of motion and the ease with which I can pretty much straighten the leg so soon after surgery.

    He took the bandages off, cut the sutures to some smaller incisions below the knee and said the main incision sutures will just dissolve. Those remain under plastic which he said will peal away on their own with me cutting off spare edges that may come loose.

    I can now shower without the plastic leg sleeve (yay).

    He set up my next appointment for 10/11 but as I was checking out I realized I’d forgotten to ask about a release for work and the timing of that.

    So nurse went back and presented me with a paper saying I’d be released for work on 10/12, the day after the next appt.

    “Are you OK with that date?” the nurse asked.

    I gave her a thumbs up and said I was, though my boss may not be as pleased. She laughed.

    So my cousin and I had a meal out at an old-school type diner on the way home, if nothing else it gave me more time in air-conditioning.

    And our heat went down just a wee bit today, it’s still warm but I’m sitting on the front porch where there’s actually a decent (light) beezee’s and the air feels cool, not hot.

    We’ll get more monster heat before next week, though.

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  18. Kizzie, I was thinking about the fall wreath the other day, it’s (somewhere) in the garage. But it’s too hot to deal with all that right now, but maybe in another week or two as it (hopefully) cools down.

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  19. Home again to what is supposed to be eighty one. Nice as it was upper nineties most places we went today to low one hundreds. Our heat advisory continues through tomorrow and then we get relief.

    The day did not go as I had planned but did go as God had planned and that is better. We went to my brother first, to discuss options. While there, step sister showed up and we talked. She has been happy with the care her mom has been receiving but sees the challenge we are having. Other little things came out and we agreed it is time. We will wait to tell her, she is going on vacation soon and is all excited about that and we did not want to dampen her fun.

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  20. Amazing, I’m still sitting on the front porch, it’s dual, and I’m enjoying cool, breezy air — a far cry from the heat of last night though inside the house will still be warm (bit not as bad as last night I think).

    Glad the trip went well, mumsee, and yes, God’s plan is always better than even the best ones we can conjure up.

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  21. We celebrated my dad’s 90th birthday yesterday. We reserved a lounge area in the place they live to host it. The AC was NOT working and it was over 90F in the rooms. So very hot and uncomfortable. It was hot outside too, so opening the doors did not help at all.

    We had all brought sweaters along because those rooms are usually freezing cold!!

    But it was a wonderful party and so good to see dad enjoying visiting and joking with everyone!

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  22. So nice to hear about the joyful event, Kare.

    I have in the back of my mind that Art and I were at Yellowstone in Sept. 1985 and it snowed. I guess that is why I keep thinking it strange to hear about all the heat up that way now. It must have been late in Sept. when we were there. That I don’t remember. I think it got down to 17° on our night out in the tent. We had to wear our heavy jackets on the plane on our way home because we bought things like a slerping bag at Bozeman. When we got to Atlanta in our heavy coats it was in the 80s.😳

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  23. Felt like I got a one two punch from my kids today, so discouraging that I just read. Took a walk this evening

    Then a friend called and said that she would like to go to the ocean with me next week. I cried.

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  24. So sorry you have been hurt like that, Jo. Whatrver it is, I know it was undeserved. You are definitely loved here. Sometime if ever I am well enough, maybe we could go to Charleston and put some flowers out for Chas and Elvera. I know a place whete we can stay😀
    Love to you, Jo!⚘

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