22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-24-22

  1. Before anyone asks, it’s a pile of mostly headless grooming ducks, or so it would appear.

    There’s actually 4 of them, but they blend.

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  2. When Wes was three, we had a summer birthday party at the Atlanta Puppetry Arts Center and got tickets for his preschool class and the teachers. It was like a class reunion but with some extra personal friends. They had a private room where we had the individual boxed lunches I had prepared for all and his birthday cake. The puppet show was The Breman Town Musicians. I had more energy back then.😀

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  3. When we attended our family reunion a couple of weeks ago, I noticed the children were all stacked up on the slide. One of the bigger boys (still quite young) was holding them all back and calling for more kids to get on. He was quite proud of his strength. I saw the opportunity for a great photo. Soon I was joined by a whole lot of moms and grandmas with cameras. It made for an absolute delightful photograph. We did see most of their heads; maybe all in one photo.

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  4. Good morning, all. A beautifulday here, as always. Supposed to be clear and sunny and mid eighties, instead I woke to see stars and the moon crescent rising with flashes of lightning from the west.

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  5. I took one look at that photo and said to myself “oh no it’s going to be one of those days!!” 😂 thanks for the explanation. Then I wonder what Chas’ reaction to that photo would have been 😊

    Husband’s friend finally leaving today and “normal” will ensue. It will be good to have my house back after two loooooong weeks.
    The temps will be heating up again with little moisture in the forecast. The last of summer flowers are in all their glory and I need to take some photos before the deer find them for their dessert!

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  6. It’s deer hunting season where my brother lives. Someone is tracking them on his property in hopes . . . only in the country. Can’t hunt in ouf area.

    He told me he saw a sign in a local store “No Wet Bills.” I said I thought it might mean that dollar bills wet from rain, etc., should not be used in the drink machines. He said he asked. He was told that it meant that the lady shoppers who had put their cash inside their bras and pulled out sweaty cash that it would not be accepted. He thinks his country town does have a little backwoods behavior residents.😳

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  7. Lovely salad for breakfast this morning. Dock, dandelion, purslane, chicory, hollyhock, mallow, squash blossoms, with a touch of spruce needles, kielbasa, cheese.

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  8. “What in the world …? ” would normally have been mumsee’s reaction, not sure about Chas.

    Well, WHEW, I finally got the state disability claim form filled out (it was a shot in the dark for some of the questions, so we shall see how that plays when they receive it).

    Got some help from the surgeon’s secretary.

    I finally migrated back into the bedroom to sleep last night, felt nice. Getting in and out of bed isn’t bad though a little painful and awkward on the getting in side. But it’s working. The cat was happy, she still went in there to sleep every night even though I was sleeping on the couch in the living room. But she’d also come out and sit in one of the open windows just to stand watch every so often and sometimes I’d wake up with her on top of me on the couch.

    Kathaleena, good eye for what will be a treasured photo passed on through the family! The “money shot” we call those.

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  9. Groceries ordered — one of the benefits of the pandemic, much easier and more routine for stores and their customers to get doorstep delivery, often within a few hours.

    I keep thinking I’m out of something, “need to dash out and get those …”


    No “dashing” by me for a while.


    So an easy rest of the day, doing some exercises and enjoying an ice pack on my knee.

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  10. I finally gave up on having breakfast and just had a peanut butter sandwich.

    I’m looking at my funds and getting records as I’m going to meet with someone to see if I need to be doing anything tomorrow.

    Doesn’t look like I am signed up for medicare yet.
    Tomorrow is the doctor visit. My daughter offered to come, but I will tell her no.

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  11. Groceries on my doorstep!

    Soups, oatmeal, OJ, apple juice, ginger ale, more soups, English muffins, milk, and APPLES.

    Just had an apple a little while go, that really tasted good.

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  12. Mmm . . .good, Dj!

    i am trying to figure out some baggie meals. Art can pull baggies out and open them. I will be fixin’ food this weekend♡
    My current job title is Chef. It takes a big hat for such a big head. Miss Bosley wants to claim the hat as a new place to sleep. Just joshin’.


  13. Janice – When the pandemic was new, Nightingale made a bunch of soups to freeze in case she (the main cook) ended up getting Covid. When each one cooled, she would pour it into a large freezer bag, and lie it down on the freezer shelf. It was funny to me to see a stack flat soups in the freezer.

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  14. Seem to be closing out our sunny day with thundershowers. Seems like how it started. I like thunderstorms. But there are quite a few fires though most are relatively small.

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  15. Well, the groceries were ordered by me from the store. 🙂

    Neighbors later had me over for a small but gooey sweet roll and coffee, relaxing in their backyard as the squirrels frolicked in the trees, the fish pond water gurgled and the two Labs lounged on their sides and backs, changing positions occasionally, at our feet.


    Also hearing the owls lately right around both our properties.

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  16. Just noticed the tattoo surgeons left on my leg so they knew where to operate. 🙂

    Physical therapist yesterday removed the strange, wrap-around mummy cloth bandages so the underlying sealed bandaging — and the tattoo — now are exposed.

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  17. Oh, I wonder if I will get a tattoo?

    That does sound like a nice visit, Dj. I hear owls in the night here and enjoy them. And while I prayed today, a dove cooed. That is the sweetest.


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