28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-15-22

  1. Thank you, Rkessler!
    How are you doing?

    Are those the Three Amigos in the header? Ah, me go to the food bowl!

    Happy Monday morning! The garbage truck just came by so that’s a great start to the day and week.

    I will start into my new Bible study workbook today. Looking forward to that.

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  2. Good morning, all.

    Buddy and I are just back from a morning walk. Off leash of course. He went ahead of course and bounded over the crest of the hill and out of sight so about one hundred feet short of the top of the hill, I turned around and headed back, with no word to him. Sure enough, a flash of black and white as he surged into the lead again. So, when he was nearly back to our driveway, I turned and headed up the hill again. He streaked past again but this time I was able to actually see the form of a dog. Over the top we both went and down the other side. He went up the next hill and down the other side, so I turned and headed back. Soon the a little more than the pitter patter of trotting feet appeared and he jogged past. This time, as he went down the hill toward the house, he turned and looked more frequently. I turned once more and up he came, then back down again. He trotted down the drive and in through the gate, but I kept going out into our field at the end of our drive. Out he came and joined me. Then we returned to the gate and entered together. He is a good boy, a smart dog but he needs to not chase the turkeys and rabbits. I think the cats will teach him not to chase them. He did drive a turkey off her nest when we came back in. But he came back at a call. So, all in all, I got a short half mile plus walk and he got an easy one and half mile run. He is lying quietly in the house now but will be going on a walk with son and Jake in half an hour, then spend some time with Jake in her pen this morning. He tends to pick fights with Espn.

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  3. Morning! It would appear one of those critters did not want to engage in conversation so the back is turned! 🐈

    Husband came home last night leaving friend in the mountains. Husband will retrieve friend on Wed. They then head off to hot springs for strategizing the particulars of the Leadville ultra. They will crew and pace for their other friend from Maryland. Such details I need not know and I told him so 🙃 I am just happy to sit here in my pj’s with bed head having coffee ☕️

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  4. Yes, “politics” must have come up among those cats …

    Well, it’s “gulp!” time with my surgery about 48 hours away now and still so much to take care of. I was able to move up my covid screening at the hospital today so I’m going to head over shortly for that — that frees up the afternoon time for the bide assembly person to arrive from Amazon to get that done.

    I need to get a spare back door key made for the neighbors, get over to AAA or DMV for the handicapped placard form I still need to submit (that probably will take forever to get now, I put that errand off too long).

    I sent off an email to HR last night with my last-minute claim form questions.

    My ‘out of office’ and who to contact in my absence email message is officially on.

    A mad-dash to try to finish picking up and cleaning around here. Get large bag of dry food to leave on the back kitchen butcher block table for neighbors in case they have to replenish Annie’s dish (that shouldn’t be necessary).

    It’s crazy because I should be back home within 24 hours after the surgery, but I know I also will be pretty limited in what I can do easily (probably nothing “easily”) in those first couple days.

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  5. Praying it all unfolds seamlessly Dj. The more I must do the older I grow the more I forget…and here I was of the understanding the older we grow slower is our pace of life…nah…

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  6. Oh, leave it to Mumsee, that is the smartest dog walk I have ever heard of!!! And a great training run. Moms of toddlers should do the same. Would it work?

    Prayers Dj

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  7. Meanwhile in Nicaragua:

    Yesterday’s planned three hour trip (one hour by boat, two hours by bus) took five hours.

    After the boat ride and an unplanned hour-long hike through miserable mud, they reached the mud-covered “goat trail” where the broken down bus awaited.

    The bus then rocketed along the narrow “road” until it sped as fast as possible to “fly” over some bad stretches of dense mud.

    That prayer request for a safe trip came during church!

    When they finally arrived at Los Chiles, people cheered. A long line had been waiting since daybreak.

    (Los Chiles is in the jungle maybe 20 miles northeast of San Carlos–which is on Lake Managua’s southeastern corner. They’ll work there today and tomorrow as well).

    The Nicaraguan health authorities decided yesterday’s bus was inadequate for safe transportation.

    So, the authorities–who know this is the only way people will get glasses in that part of the country and who love us because we joined Rotary to build the only medical clinic in that part of the country–decided the best transport would be two ambulances.

    They were safely on their way this morning when I last received a text from our intrepid daughter! This is her eighth trip and every one has been an adventure of one sort or another.

    (This one started out at the airport where the customs official asked her if she was single).

    If you think of her and the St. Mark group . . . a prayer or two for their adventures, please.

    They fitted 300 people for glasses yesterday. They usually manage about 600, but the group is down two folks than usual and two of the eight on the trip are under 13!

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  8. so I booked an appointment tomorrow to get some computer help. A first for me is that you have to pay their cancellation fee before you go.
    It should be worth is as i don’t know what to do about my email.

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  9. I think I remember when she went on her first trip to Nicaragua. And before that when you were going, M.

    Prayers for continued safety amid adventure and service!

    Got the covid test done, stopped at Home Depot to pick up a few things on the way home. But they couldn’t copy my backdoor key, the prototype wasn’t in their key “system.” So it can probably only get done by a locksmith, but I don’t have time for that so I’ll just pass on my spare set of keys to neighbors for now.

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  10. Jo, it works well for toddlers and other ages. I have used it for many foster children, in teaching that there is a time to follow and pay attention to the person in charge, and many VBS groups.

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  11. Argh. More complications with getting that bike assembled, now Amazon has pushed it off until Aug. 25. Honestly, this has been so complicated for some reason.

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  12. Dj do you have an ACE hardware in your area? I go there for any and all key needs and they get it spot on every time.
    I do wish we were closer so Paul could come over and assemble your bike! How frustrating for you! 🚲 😑

    I ran a couple errands and Paul’s friend from Maryland was here upon my return home. They are sitting in the kitchen talking all things running…this guy is a world class runner but knows not our Lord…praying he will someday soon… ♥️

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  13. Miss Bosley has a twin who lives over at the coast of England. Charlie, the cat, has only three legs. His lady owner is a single lady Christian. She takes the best photos of the coast and cliffs. We are friends on Instagram and Facebook. Poor Charlie just broke off his incisors and had to have the roots removed. He is not a happy cat. I think he is normally nicer than Miss Bosley but doen’t care much for being brushed. Recently she posted a photo of Charlie on a quilt. I took a photo of Miss Bosley on my similar quilt.
    I am so glad to enjoy the company of people from other countries like this.

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  14. Poor Charlie.

    Cowboy had to have a broken incisor fixed — a root canal by an official doggie dentist in one of our pricey beach cities, of course, and right before Christmas in 2014, I think it was. Double ouch for him and me both. But I’m glad I got that done for him, never gave him any more problems. (Pulling it was about the same price and would have left him looking like he was missing a tooth right in front, 😦 — can’t have that, he was too handsome.

    Nancyjill, thanks, and yes, there is a local Ace Hardware.

    For now, Amazon is trying to get someone out here today or tomorrow, so we’ll see if they succeed.

    Annie’s twin is next door, LiLu. Big difference is LiLu has a white nose and Annie’s nose is black. Otherwise, they really do look almost exactly alike.

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  15. But I’ll check Ace for the key if I have time on my next trip out and about. I still need to hit the DMV/AAA (am trying AAA first) for the handicapped placard. But kind of not wanting to leave until I hear if a bike assembler can come today.

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  16. Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man, only here it is woman. I like Ace but recently got a hand held mixer for twenty and saw the same thing at Publix for fifteen. I had looked first at the large Kosher Kroger and did not find mixers. I had no idea that my tiny neighborhood Publix would have it. That was for whipping cream for strawberry shortcake.


  17. Would you like me to post a query on your local FB page for someone willing to put together a stationery bike ASAP?


  18. As surgery day approaches, it’s both exciting and stressful, DJ. We are praying for you— and for you Janice—-that surgery and recovery both go well. God is our creator and healer. No one knows our bodies better than he.

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  19. Thank you, Debra. I have been out on the driveway bending God’s ear, but really transported supernaturally to His throne room. It was so humid because it rained not long before I went out. I am dripping sweat. Thankfully I made potato salad for Art earlier and don’t have to dash around pulling something together when he gets here. A lot of people are out on the street walking when I am out there. It seems to be the walking hour. It use to seem no one was out but one or two. I guess the cooler weather has them out these days.


  20. Thank you, Debra.

    Picked up the temporary handicapped placard at AAA this afternoon then hit the grocery store afterward.

    Gardeners were here when I got back (and occupying the driveway) so I took a drive down to the harbor, called a friend, then sat and watched the ships coming and going, gulls circling overhead. I probably won’t be driving around for a couple weeks so thought it would be a nice pre-surgery detour in my day. Peaceful.

    Earlier, I watched the hospital’s knee surgery class video on YouTube (it covered hips also) so I have a little more info on what will happen.

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  21. Lots of traffic out today and the grocery store was packed — today was LA’s first day of school. I realized that when I stopped in yesterday at Office Depot which also was crowded with families buying backpacks and other school supplies.

    Still seems strange for school to start in August.

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  22. The cats….

    As you can see, as long as everyone comes up individually and quietly and slowly takes a spot not making contact, things are fine.

    Until one of them moves……

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