27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-22-22

  1. Morning! We are heading out to met up at Kneaders to have breakfast with our neighbors.

    That is a beautiful photo up there…oh those lazy days of summer….coming to an end and soon those leaves with be a beautiful autumnal color. Changing of the seasons was a terrific idea don’t ya think?! 🍂 🎄 🌺 ⛄️

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  2. Good morning all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. We are expecting temps to rise next week from the eighties into the nineties.

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  3. Finally! Editing day!

    Tonight we attend the wedding of our former lodger to our former housecleaner.

    That’s two we’ve married off from a situation like this . . . young people marrying someone who either worked here or who lived with us.

    But it didn’t happen to three lodgers: CR, Hill, and Stargazer.

    I just realized, however, we didn’t have anyone doing work around the house while they lived here . . . LOL

    And for CR at her new house, her dad is doing the majority of the work–and he’s married already. 🙂

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  4. Have to get ready and go have blood work done before I can eat, though it is a bit of a drive. Then I will take myself out to breakfast.
    I told my friend that I wanted to buy her a hat for her birthday. So we will meet at the Hat store and she can try them on. I will either buy her one there or we will come home and order one.

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  5. Breakfast out and a hat store — that will be fun. 🙂 There used to be one on the neighboring city’s waterfront, not sure if it’s still there or not, but it was always great fun to go in there.

    Friends I used to have breakfast out with frequently — Ellen from down the street and my childhood friend Shirley — are both gone now. Every fall, Ellen would call on a random Saturday and say “Lets go get pumpkin pancakes!”


    Had some cat drama this morning when the neighbor black-and-white cate, LiLu, appeared on the top of the fence that divides our property. Annie was stalking her with both cats yowling up a storm and Annie advancing from a nearby tree … Then Annie wound up on their side of the fence where their retriever dog, Phoebe, was walking around loose in the driveway … Annie somehow made it back inside the house while I was trying to find her from the front porch. She’s fine, just had a leaf dangling from her head.

    She hates it when other cats come onto our property.

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  6. Just read this in EnduringWord commentary on Zechariah 11.

    I had never heard this before. Anyone else? We’re talking about Jerusalem, obviously.

    Jerusalem’s importance to Muslims comes from the belief that in the Dome of the Rock shrine there is a rock where two significant things happened – where Abraham intended to offer Isaac as a sacrifice, and where Mohammed allegedly ascended into heaven.

    Though this tradition is firmly in the Muslim mind, it is of recent origin.

    It was invented by Yasser Arafat’s uncle – Haj Amin el-Husseini, who was the past Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

    He promoted this myth in the 1920’s and 1930’s to arouse Arab passions against the growing Jewish presence in Jerusalem.

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  7. I should have continued reading:

    The verse in the Koran that describes Mohammed’s trip to heaven is Surah 17:1: Glorified be He who carried His servant by night from the Inviolable Place of Worship to the Far Distant Place [al-Aqsa] of Worship the neighbourhood whereof We have blessed, that We might show him of Our tokens!

    The Islamic interpretation says that the Inviolable Place of Worship is Mecca, and this is accepted by all.

    It then says that the Far Distant Place of Worship is Jerusalem – but this has no substantiation because Jerusalem had never been a place of Islamic worship to that time, nor would it be for centuries afterward. Jerusalem isn’t even mentioned by name in the Koran, so how could it be a place of worship according to the Koran?

    Most significantly, inside the Dome of the Rock hundreds of verses from the Koran are inscribed – and Surah 17:1 is not among them!

    The very passage that later supposedly justified the building of the Dome of the Rock is not even included among the hundreds of passages of the Koran inscribed in it!

    iv. The Dome of the Rock was built not because of the Koran, but because the Muslim ruler Abdal-Malik wanted to gain revenue from pilgrims and worshippers, and because he wanted to prevent the rebuilding of a Jewish Temple. Islamic passion for Jerusalem is indeed like drunkenness.

    v. This is exactly fulfilled in modern Jerusalem. In recent peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Israel was willing to concede almost everything to the Palestinians in an amazing willingness to make peace.

    The only thing Israel would not concede was sovereignty over Jerusalem, and the entire deal was ruined over that one point.

    The problem between Jews and the Arab world has boiled down to one point: Jerusalem.

    vi. If Muslim passion for Jerusalem is a mystery, the Jewish claim to the city is entirely Scriptural. “The very fact that Jerusalem is mentioned more than 800 times in the Bible makes it worthy of special attention. This unique city is the only one upon which God has bestowed His distinctive blessing and protection (Ps 132:13-14), and the only city for whose peace we are commanded to pray (Ps 122:6). God says He has chosen Jerusalem as the place where He has put His name forever (2 Chr 6:6; 33:7; Ps 46:4; 48:1-8; 87:3). The new heavens and new earth will contain ‘the city of my God…new Jerusalem’ (Rv 3:12; 21:2). That there will be a ‘heavenly Jerusalem’ (Heb 12:22) but no ‘heavenly’ New York, Paris, London, Damascus, Cairo, etc. speaks volumes” (Dave Hunt, The Berean Call – September 2000).

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  8. Back on the J C Penney/Paypal dispute. J C Penney is back up to bat today. Paypal needs an email and screenshot from them. I will ask for a copy of the email for my file. Paypal gives twenty days for resolution. Learning something new every new day!

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  9. Amazon is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate for most any problems that arise.

    One exception I found — I’d ordered 2 summer tops (i have very few summery things aside from T-shirts — but received a notice from Amazon at some point that they may be “lost” and I could request a refund; that’s happened before, so I went ahead and put the refund through.

    But then the shirts arrived.

    So I tried and tried to contact the (third-party) seller and amazon about all this — Amazon’s “live chat” is hooked up to a robot that really can’t understand any nuance, of course, and assumes your problem is something else entirely, regurgitating canned responses that have nothing to do with your problem. Phone call to customer service said they were too busy and I should go to live chat. “Goodbye.”

    Anyway. I’d like to send them back since I’ve already received a refund for them, but I have no label or address or contact info that works.

    The shirts are ‘so-so,’ I’d actually be fine with returning them and keeping that refund, but it seems impossible.

    As I said, rare for Amazon which is so efficient at everything else.

    They really need to figure out a way to get some live “people” on those live chat functions. It’s useless otherwise unless you have a really standard issue to resolve.

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  10. I’d just like to say that the WORST part of writing a nonfiction book, or a biography in this case, is the permissions and citations.

    That is all.


  11. Just off the phone with Penney’s after multiple long waits. They will send what Paypal requested to me. Then Penney’s said I can send that to Paypal. Anything to hang onto my money for awhile longer. I am so thankful that God grants me endless curiosity to carry me through such times. I am truly amazed at how this is working (NOT) out.

    I also just received an email from Amazon inviting me to join Amazon Vine which would be to do product reviews by receiving free products for review. I sent the email to Art to see what he thinks. It sounds like a tax form may be required so not sure I want to give that info over to Amazon. Maybe it is a scam, but it appears very legit.

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  12. Breakfast was lovely. We laughed and just enjoyed our time together. My precious neighbor does better cognitively in the mornings so that is why we met for breakfast. It is a gift to have fellowship and laughter with other believers…..

    Dj I once ordered a couple pair of slippers from Amazon and received an email saying they were “lost” and if they didn’t arrive by a certain date that I should ask for a refund….which I did. Two days later the slippers arrived. I notified Amazon and they said just keep them at no charge as they had initiated the action. I like my slippers.

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  13. Thanks, NJ, I also read online that Amazon, in these cases, “usually” just lets the refund stand. At this point I figure if they want their shirts back they’ll notify me and provide a label — I’ve tried to go that route but it seemed impossible to accomplish on my end.

    Janice, that sounds very complicated.

    I recently had to exchange something at Home Depot and things went sideways with the refund — I spent time on Live Chat which also proved to be no help. I wound up having to physically go back down to Home Depot (their customer service person was great) to get it all fixed. The store is close by, but still — this was a quick order for curbside pickup I’d done, designed to save customers time and effort, of course — but it took quite a bit of time and another trip to the store to get it all sorted out (exchange was required when my item, the last in stock, had a defect so clerks gave me a comparable model — but failed to note that the new item was quite a bit less than the original one and no refund for the difference was provided that I could see).

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  14. I received an order from Christianbook.com today. They had the Illuminated ESV scripture journals on sale for 4.79 each. I ordered ten of the book of Proverbs. They are beautiful in case anyone else has need to give inexpensive gifts to group members at Christmas or other occasions.


  15. I recently had that same thing happen (received the package that was lost, and then received a refund from Amazon). I contacted them about it and was told that it was fine, and I would not be re-charged for the items.


  16. Alas, the dishwasher can not be fixed by husband. He will take it to the Appliance repair shop that has been helpful in finding parts previously.

    I’m going to start looking for a new dishwasher anyways. 🙂

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  17. How do you “take” a dishwasher somewhere?

    Frustrating day chasing a story that, while it’s still a story, turned into something not so exciting (because it may be an election-driven thing).

    I wish my knee surgery could keep me out long enough to miss the compaign season coverage.

    But I will miss the “back-to-school” assignments, no hanging out early in the morning in front of an LA school trying to interview frantic parents, administrators and kids.

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