24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-18-22

  1. Good Monday morning! A new week to accomplish things on the Lord’s agenda.

    At first the header faked me out. I thought the green plants had some new to me lily attached to them. Then I saw the red is a hummingbird feeder. Fool the birds, but don’t fool me for long!

    We are moving into our last chapter of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Journaling and Learning for the Purpose of Godliness. But now I remember that we may be doing a detour into getting more info on time management.

    My online Bible study begins in Judges today. We have just covered that in Sunday school so it’s a great time to go deeper.


  2. Heat advisory again today. I will try to stay in as much as possible. A storm went through last night, so everything is well-watered and a feast for the eyes. We picked some blueberries the other day and that will be good for a feast too. Exercised some muscles that needed it, too. πŸ˜‰

    We took a friend to see a musical an hour or so away. Her cousin was the director. I had wanted to see it the last time it was put on but missed it. That was during the winter, and you never know what the driving conditions will be. This was musical based on the book, The Quilt Maker’s Gift. I have had an autographed copy of the book for years and read it to the grandchildren. I was very curious about how the book would be interpreted for stage. I was impressed with both the playwright and the performance. It is a very fun play. There were very few children in the theater even though it is a children’s book. Probably lots of quilters, though.

    I hope you all have a good day.

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  3. My friend where I will stay tomorrow night just sent me a message saying to bring a jacket as it is 61 degrees. Oh, that sounds so good as it is going to be over 100 most days this week here.

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  4. Next week I get the missions house and then my Portland grands will be coming for perhaps a week. I will have to remember how to be a grandma.

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  5. Back to work but now with the knee acting up. Will try a topical on it, I need to go out on an assignment tomorrow that’ll require at least some (I hope not much) walking, gasp.

    Heard from my elder last night, he’s been out for 2 weeks with Covid.

    It’s still with us, no joke (I wish it were, how tired we all are of all of this, right?)

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  6. oh, my goodness, I just booked a hotel for tonight. The cheaper ones I looked at the reviews scared me. So I went a little higher. Things have certainly changed.

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  7. I really could use prayers on Tuesday from 9-10:30 central. I made a decision Saturday that made a bully mad and she is arguing her point at our monthly leadership council meeting tomorrow.
    Thank you.

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  8. It’s 80 here today, humidity at 54% which is high for us. Should go back down to the 70s by Wednesday/Thursday.


  9. DJ – I would love it if our humidity only went up to 54%. πŸ™‚

    Today has been VERY humid, although the temperature has only been in the mid-70s. It’s one of those days in which you feel that you could cut the air with a knife. Glad we had some rain today because we have been in a moderate drought. Might get a storm or two this evening.

    Tomorrow will bring in the hot weather, with temps in the upper-80s to low-90s for about a week, with high humidity. This will be the real test of how well my kitchen AC and living room fan work together for my living room (which is my base of operations).


  10. When I opened the big south windows about an hour ago, the most wonderful cool breeze flowed in (we have the ocean to the west and south of us, but most of the ocean breeze we get comes in from the southern cliffs). I usually open those windows earlier, but forgot — it was 84 in the house at that point, it’s down to 80 now, just an hour later, with a cool breeze so all’s well. Temps should go down to mid 60s tonight.

    If it cools off at night, it really makes the heat more bearable. The body has a chance to “recover.”

    So Kizzie, how high is your humidity, % wise, typically?

    Ours is usually in the 30% or lower range so 50+% is alarming to us πŸ™‚

    I like your phrase “my base of operations.” πŸ™‚ I guess mine is the back room/office/den when working which is most of the time, M-F.

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  11. We are having lovely heat up here. Above 75 and into the 80s everyday last week and for the next couple of weeks. Humidity was 87% this morning – that’s a little much – I prefer around 40 – 50%. I love the heat because I know in a few months it will be 40 below again…

    My office was 85 all day today. I have a 2 fans on my desk and one under my desk. They help a lot.


  12. DJ – The humidity fluctuates in the summer, of course. It is often in the 60-something-% to 70-something-% range, but can get worse or even be lower. For much of the early summer, it has been in the 30 – 50% range, which has been lovely, but unusual for such a relatively long stretch of time, especially in July.

    When I checked a little while ago, it was 100% humidity. Yes, really. But it was also raining. πŸ™‚


  13. Our indoor temp is 75Β° with low humifity. I have on a velour hoodie over my tank top this evening because I feel chilled. Brrr . . . dog park chill.
    Right now it is 77Β° and since it just rained, humidity is 81%


  14. Our temp tonight will go down to 71Β° so not so far off from others. Tomorrow’s high is predicted to be 88Β°. We do get a lot of fluctuations, and that overly hot spell in June was freakish since we don’t typically get those temps until August.


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