5 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-16-22

  1. Gratitude for all the kind people in the world. A woman who lives in Egypt (I think), went to visit Oswald Chambers grave in June and left flowers–and included my name.

    Many of you saw the photos on FB. I’m still agog.

    Honestly, readers are so very kind. I’ve received so many fascinating photos and stories about OC over the years. We laugh, OC and Biddy, the duo who keep on blessing!

    So much to be thankful for, in so many ways. I’m just grateful for much these days.

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  2. 😀 Cat purring in my lap

    😒 Cat knocked over heavy marble end table last night

    😀 Lamp did not break

    😀 Ditto on Michelle’s post about kindness of people we have never met but know online

    😀 The weather is cooler and less humid

    😀 I look forward to church each Sunday

    😀 Good birthday celebration with son

    😀 Recipes the are easy, good, and healthy

    😀 Modern meds that beat cancer

    😒 Side effects of meds

    😀 So far my side effects seem minimal

    😒 Uprise in Covid cases

    😀 Covid seems to be more easily managed these days

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  3. Michelle, that is very cool. (I’m not as active on FB lately, just sort of got burned out on it, but I see I am missing a lot.)

    🙂 A knee fix (I hope) is coming, as much as I dread “surgery.” Ugh.

    😦 Tough summer. Missing Tess and bracing for the next goodbye with Cowboy. 😦 What a sweet dog he’s been — and he came here very insecure and nervous. With some love and the addition of a confident (and pretty) border collie companion, he really thrived. He’s had a good (and very long) dog life.

    🙂 While the cat isn’t exactly gloating, she does seem more relaxed with the border collie not chasing her into corners. (Tess slowed down recently, but would still go after the cat when, in her mind, it became necessary again — and again …)

    😦 The latest Covid variant is on the serious rise here in LA, we’re looking at a another indoor mask mandate by the end of the month.

    😦 The state of our nation and political discourse.

    Even so …

    🙂 God is in his heaven and all is right with the world. Miss you around here, Cheryl.

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  4. DJ – Speaking of Facebook, I tagged you in the comments of a post I shared earlier today. It was by a lady who lives in Los Angeles about how someone opening a taco stand in a certain area transformed the general area into a safer place. Pretty neat.

    I wish I could share it here, but it’s not an actual article to share, but apparently a screenshot of some tweets or something like that.


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