29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-21-22

  1. Good morning! As AJ mentioned yesterday, the header is a female yellow crested night heron. It was in the marshy area by the boardwalk looking for dinner around 8 p.m. Each time we visit that area we see different creatures. And people along the way are glad to share what is just around the next bend to look for.

    The temp is going back up to 96 today and will probably break records the rest of the week with 100+ predicted for tomorrow. Humidity will be lower so that’s good. We will be in Orange Alert for air quality beginning this afternoon. It does add stress to the body.

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  2. Storms passed through our area and almost 17,000 were without power for a while. Some still are. We are blessed to have power, however. Electricity is one of those things we seldom appreciate until it is gone.

    Interesting view of that bird. I was wondering if the legs are as short as they look from that perspective. They look quite a bit shorter than the herons we see.

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  3. Good morning, all, and welcome home, Jo.

    A beautiful day here. But then, I cannot recall a day that here that has not been that. We are headed up to seventyish today and nothing but sunshine in the forecast.

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  4. Hitting 100 here today. We’ve got the windows open now (and I’m currently wearing a sweatshirt), but they’ll be shut soon.

    Off to deliver one Adorable to VBS and continue to try to find my real life after six weeks of chaotic busyness.

    I’ve GOT to pick the strawberries and peas pronto!

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  5. Last night was uncomfortably warm, in the high 70s until late at night. Fans going all night. Today’s supposed to be cooler by about 10 degrees with a high of 77 on the coast.

    I’m dragging this week, too many restless up-and-down nights with these dogs.

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  6. We took a break from school to do some weeding. Back to piano while sixteen finishes his weeding. Or we will begin without him. He much prefers school to weeding.

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  7. I am trying to get some food made today so I won’t have to fix any tomorrow. I should have cooked early before the heat cranked up, but I also wanted to run errands while it was cooler in the day. I went out instead of cooking then. I am running three fans and the AC.


  8. I had the most opportune time to tell my friend, Karen, about my health situation. I have delayed because of her fragile health situation. She called to talk about the Georgia folks being on the Jan. 6 hearings today and wanted to set my thinking straight. I told her I could not think about that. I said I had other issues I had not discussed. So she was ready to listen. Yay! With her background in nursing, she has a wealth of good healthcare info I can use. She decided the other stuff she was so concerned about is all history and suddenly no longer worth talking about. I love my long time liberal friends, but sometimes it’s tough love.

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  9. Fell asleep at around 8
    Wide awake at midnight so finished dinner
    Found the WiFi password at 1am
    When is it time to sleep


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