37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-14-22

  1. Good night, Jo. May you have a peaceful evening’s rest.

    That is a gorgeous header photo. Sweet to open the blog to that serene space.

    The weathe report said the heat index will rise to a high of 105°-110° and that humidity will be higher today. It’s never like this in June. I suppose I might have to ride the exercise bike today. It will use different muscles which is probably a good thing.


  2. Good morning. It will be unseasonably warm here, too. We are cooler than more south, though, where there are heat warnings posted. I am not sorry to not be watching their outdoor games on days like this.

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  3. Supposed to be the low fifties today and high thirties tonight. But then warms to the sixties tomorrow.

    Good morning, all, except good night Jo, who will soon be entering the last Wednesday morning over there.

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  4. Reading in Luke this morning, and mindful of what was said yesterday about Jesus knowing the man would be carrying the water and where the meal would be held and how to get it set up, He was sweating blood in the garden. Being fully God and fully man but setting aside His rights, did He know every lash of the whip He was going to endure? The spitting and shoving and crown of thorns? And yet still He loved us and loved the Father enough to proceed.

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  5. Morning all! At 4:45 this morning it was 48 degrees here in the forest…Pip and I enjoyed a walk about the property while she carried out her morning routine! A lone song bird sang to us his morning greeting.
    Now I am off to a dental appt….ugh.

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  6. You’re all making me feel grateful for the cool weather we’re having, although June is often ‘gloomy’ and on the cool side here. The fact that we have less humidity, generally, also is a help (and is a big part of what drew Midwesterners out here in the past century).

    Humidity is the worst.

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  7. What was that recent recommendation on a Psalter? Something about reading through and an OT and two NT in the year? DJ? I think it was from you. Maybe Keller.


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  9. Yes. Take a sweater to Mississippi. It will be so hot you will see dogs chasing cats and they will all be walking but once you enter a building you could hang meat.

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  10. For my online Bible study one thing suggested that we do was to try to write a ‘psalm.’ My offering:

    “Ramblings and feeble attempt at a psalm . . .

    In my heart You made a secret place
    It is a temple and holy place
    That only You can fill.
    When I am in Your word
    Your still small voice is heard.
    It acts as a key to my destiny.
    My heart door opens wide.
    All pours out from inside:
    The fears, thd hurts, the brokeness, and pain.
    Your breath breathes revival;
    Abundant life, more than survival.
    I embrace Your healing.
    I receive Your joy.
    I treasure Your hope.
    I usher in Your love.
    The secret place of my heart is filled.
    May Your gifts never depart
    When the enemy with his dart
    Strikes to knock the wind out
    And to douse the holy fire.
    You alone are worthy and hold the key
    To disengage the enemy.
    You alone are Creator, Sustainer, and holy Retainer
    Of all You pronounced as “Good.”
    Alpha and Omega, from beginning to end, and beginning again.
    What a true friend
    I know in Jesus.
    Trustworthy in every storm,
    And in the silent times of yearning,
    Keep me, Lord, ever learning,
    More of You and less of me,
    From now through eternity.”

    Certainly not a perfect poem, but a lot of heart went into it.

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  11. So, step mom in law wants husband to run home, pick up his truck and trailer, drive it to Florida, and pack up the stuff she wants so she can sell her house by July. He told her that was not happening. He will finish up his week there, come home, possibly go to Boise to help daughter and then back home for some time.

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  12. what to keep, what to toss, what to give away.
    The suitcases are full, do I lighten them and use the duffle bag that I saved???
    Decisions, decisions
    Please pray for clear thinking as my brain is very mushy
    But, I am done at school so there is that…

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  13. The weather has been a blessing today. We’ve had cloud cover most of the day. I just checked and the report says 90° and feels like 101°. It feels better than it did at 9:45 last night. Also a friend sent me Psalm 91 today to remind of God’s covering of protection Very sweet to see the sky reiterate the message of the Psalm!

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  14. We had 80, with a higher ‘feels like’ number. Seventy miles away, by Lake Superior, it is in the 40’s. Not too far from there in WI, it is in the 90’s. That large lake really affects the climate. My poor grandkids are playing sports in heat warning areas. I think swimming is what one should do in that weather.

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  15. Got to the point that I couldn’t do anything more unless I knew the weight of my bag. So I went outside to see if anyone strong was around. I saw a truck and when I looked the other way there was a guy in the neighbors yard and I could tell that he had gone through my yard. So I waited and when he came back I asked for help. I was at 52 pounds. I thanked him and told him I was leaving finish. He said that we would meet in heaven.

    Then I took out two pounds of silverware and started packing the small duffle bag. Getting close to done now. I had an interview with someone and then had her trim my hair as she was my hair cutter. Got my cash from finance.

    Now that I know about my luggage, it is like my brain has cleared a bit.

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