34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-1-22

  1. Good morning, afternoon, evening, and whatever the clock reads when you see this.

    The header is from our walk at 7 p.m. yesterday on one of the boardwalk trails. This is the trail spur (all wide boardwalk) that runs over near where we live. It is maybe three quarters of a mile that goes through an area we use to call the Beaver Pond. In the distance you can see an opening that shows the train tracks. That is the train track which a half mile later runs behind the houses across the street from our home. The train really breaks the peace of the natural setting!

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  2. What a great place to walk Janice.
    I also really enjoyed the article, but I am a word nerd…hmmm. Violated the vowel rule. What kind of nerd? A word nerd.

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  3. Interesting article. Not sure I will remember all that, but it seems we naturally absorb the idea when we read examples over and over. George Strait sings a song that shifted the emphasis—“Blue, Clear Sky”–the writer did that deliberately to catch the listener’s attention. I suppose an author could do the same.

    I would love to take a walk in that setting, Janice. Beautiful.

    Our area is almost four inches above normal for rain right now. I so wish we could spread it around to those who need it. Such is so much of life–love, energy, material things.

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  4. June is here!
    Janice what a delightful place to take a walk!
    I love the sound of a train. The train track was one block over from my childhood home. Such warm memories of waving to the man on the caboose. And the engineer would always blow the whistle if we raised our arm in the air as though pulling the whistle chain!

    We awakened to snow everywhere. A wet soaking snow that is now falling from the pines. It is just the loveliest sight to behold!

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  5. We, too, had a train near our home, seven miles out of town. We waved to the engineer and cabooseman. And heard the whistle and though we were friends. The track has since been pulled up and made into a bike path between towns.

    Good morning, all, except good night, Jo, although it is nearly Thursday morning there.

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  6. Yesterday I went out to drive the two to work only to find a dead battery. I have put in a plea for help but may just need to figure it out myself. One of my fears is jumping a battery. Odd as I used to do it in my younger years. I guess it is time to step up.

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  7. What a beautiful area for a walk! I so miss walking my dogs, we have a neighborhood park where we always used to go as part of our regular daytime jaunts, it has ponds and ducks and hills and cobblestone paths with foot bridges, all shaded heavily with trees.

    A train ran right behind and alongside my grandmother’s house in Iowa — her house was actually built by the rail company to house one of its employees years earlier. I’d run outside, too, and wave at the man in the red caboose. And he’s always wave back.

    I hear trains in the distance here, coming and going from the port. And we have tracks that go by our church — coming and going from the port also — so the sounds of the train often interrupts our sermons.

    I’m in such a wistful mood these days, missing the way things used to be, not so long ago.

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  8. The other day when we were on the trail, going over to park that is off our street, the train blew its whistle twice before it went under the trail bridgethat crosses over the tracks. That was Sat., and we rushed to get to the bridge to watch the train pass. There was a second engine pulling the long line of railcars. I waited with anticipation for the cabbose. There was no caboose🤒

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  9. A train track once ran up on the woody ridge not far from our house in another state.

    The train didn’t come my very often, but when it did . . . it carried nuclear missiles.

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  10. We used to have train tracks on the prairie but they have all been removed and trucks carry the grain to the barges for shipping. Now, and for the past forty years, talk is of breaching the dams so the salmon can come up easier. So the cost of trucking grains to distant places would become exorbitant. Trains were a good thing. But dams, bringing us hydroelectricity are also a good thing. The debate continues on whether or not letting sea lions and birds eat the salmon are decimating the schools of fish or the dams, or if they are actually doing just fine.

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  11. In our drought-stricken land, the talk is of blowing up a dam that has been there for 100 years so the water will flow freely to the ocean along the Eel River and thus the salmon can spawn.

    The problem is, and which everyone seems to inconveniently forget, is the last time the allowed the river to flow free–and not divert it to the much more populous county south, all the illegal marijuana growers sucked the water out of the Eel before it reached the sea.

    Thus, less water for legal food crops in the lower county and much more for illegal growers (whose main objection is having to pay the taxes needed to grow legally).

    Oh, what a fine web we weave . . . when we discount God.

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  12. I hate to compain because I really have a good life and I enjoy having Little Miss….
    I have no where I can work. At the office I share an office with the Director of Operations and I always feel like I am disturbing him. AND our office is next to the lobby and there is a speakier playing music. I have to shut the door to get anything done because I can’t concentrate.
    I can’t work at home because my husband thinks I am here to help him with childcare. I have told him all morning that I have a Zoom at noon. He is tired and lying down for a nap. Guess who is in here with me?

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  13. Kim, it sounds like the perfect excuse to put up a combo She Shed and playhouse in the back yard. A playhouse on the backside of it with a soundproof window between the two could be a win/win!


  14. I am in my office and it is totally quiet. No one in the building other than me and I don’t here any one out and about on this foggy morning. It is only 6:30am.

    This will be the last day for one of my boys as he is going to the village out in the islands tomorrow. But he was sick yesterday. If he doesn’t come, I may ask mom if he is well enough to just come for a half hour after lunch to get his things.

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  15. Just one and a half days left of my teaching career. May I finish well. The class loved the painting we have done this week and their drawings look great.

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  16. We got together some items to give to Goodwill thisweek.

    Wesley went back to his place today so I continued to find items to donate.

    I found old cassette tapes and kept only three: 1) Art’s mother’s funeral; 2) Wesley reading Mighty Max at age 6, and 3) the prayer offered at our wedding dinner.

    I texted Wesley about it and now he wants to look at all the old cassettes to see if he wants any of them. I tried! Clutter be gone!!!

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  17. Torn ACL that will require surgery but this ortho vet doesn’t perform the specialized surgery he recommends. Which means we will need to contact the one in the state who does in Boulder. Not the news I was wanting. This vet had to put Pip under a mild anesthesia to take more X-rays due to her stress of being away from us. She has had a long trying day poor thing……this is going to be one expensive dog……

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  18. Poor pitiful Pip! I am so sorry to hear about that, Nancyjill. Really, so sad fof her grief and pain upon pain of being out of her comfort zone. She is too young for all this misery.

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  19. Jo – Thank you for saying (at the end of yesterday’s thread) that you were praying for our sorrow over Angel to draw my family closer together. That is part of my prayer, too.

    Yesterday, although very sad in having Angel put to sleep and then burying her, was also nice in that we were all hanging out together for most of the day, in a casual kind of way. Around the time that I usually eat lunch, I asked Chickadee if she would like a sandwich, and then we were all making our sandwiches, and sat down to eat together.

    Every now and then, I will dream that Chickadee has casually dropped by to spend the day with me. I feel so happy in those dreams. In real life, that can’t happen because she does not drive, and lives too far away to easily just be dropped off by the McKs. (Of course, “far” is a relative term. In this case, it is a 40 to 45 minute round trip.)

    So yesterday, when I came out of my bedroom at 6:30-something (intending only to go to the bathroom and then get some more sleep), and there she was, it was like one of those dreams. It was so sweet to have her “just hanging around” with us.

    As grateful as I was and am for that, it also stirred up in me that longing for it to happen more often, even on a somewhat regular basis. As I said, that cannot happen right now, but my prayer is that somehow, in the not-too-distant future, it may come to pass. Sometimes I pray that if it is God’s will for Chickadee to remain with the McKs, at least for the foreseeable future, that He would cause them to move back to my town (where rents tend to be lower, too, I think), close enough for her to walk over or be quickly dropped off.

    But for now, I am grateful for our monthly visits, and I think that we are all growing closer little by little. At least I hope so.

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  20. Kizzie I pray Chickadee’s heart to be softened towards desiring to be with her family more. I would guess there is sweetness in your home which is lacking in McK’s. Oh that she would be “homesick” knowing she will be welcomed with open arms. ♥️

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  21. Does Art drive through many construction zones? I declare all three of our cars had slow leaks in one tire then two! Always a nail or a screw! Happened when contractor vehicles tore down our road when a home was being built down the road. House was completed… no more flats! So sorry about the new hassle with tires and such! 🙁 🛞

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