24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-25-22

  1. Good morning Aj and all. Goodnight Jo.
    Continued prayer over you Aj…and trusting Him with your very life and breath for He loves you so…. And we do too!

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  2. Good morning, Wanderers here!
    Good evening, Wanderer there!

    Prayers, AJ, that the results already indicate movement in the right direction. A dove is cooing outside now just as I write this. They always remind me of God. It started cooing as I prayed.

    Wesley just said, “Wow! That dove is close by.”
    So is God♡

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  3. Today is moving day. Before the busy ness of life crept up, husband hatched out around eighty chicks. Since, he has been mostly gone. They are now feathered out and ready to move from the nursery to an outdoor coop. The mobile tractors had gone into desrepair over winter and that was on his agenda to fix. So fourteen and fifteen have it in hand and are doing the repairs to make it habitable for the little ones. It is no longer mobile so we lifted it and moved it.

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  4. So far, we have had no evidence of bird flu. Of course, we don’t have waterfowl mingling but we do have wild birds flying in and out of the chicken wire coops. This little group will be separate from the others and the others are also separated into three flocks. We will see.

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  5. I’m not quite following what the mobile tractors have to do with the outdoor coop. Is it the coop needing repairs or the tractors?

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  6. The tractors are mobile coops. Coops with wheels that raise and lower the structure. But this one is no longer with wheels as we broke them off, oops,other than we pick it up and carry it. It is about eight feet by six feet and seven feet high.

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  7. If you have a riding lawnmower or something like that could it pull them? But with the good help you have, it sounds like y’all took care of it. Kudo to the Kiddos (oops! Mighty young ones with you).


  8. We just pull them around ourselves. They were prototypes made with particle board so after just ten years or so, not surprising they are falling apart. Husband always thought they were too fragile for the mower or small truck to pull. But they were fairly easy to manage with enough hands.

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  9. Yesterday Wendy and I met with a mom of one of my students. We kindly explained to her that she needs to work with her son. He needs to be talked to and to talk. I am seeing joy in him now. The mom was in tears, but only she can help him. Sounds like older sisters have been mean. He has puzzled us all year. Oh Lord, may this time cause his life to turn for you.
    Mom is expecting and is now only working until noon. So it is a time when she can be there for him.

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  10. Then after she left on of the preschool teachers had asked to speak to me. I actually taught her son for half the year. She spoke such words of love and appreciation for me, I was truly humbled. Then she gave me a bilum that she had made for me that is the flag of PNG. A gift of love and rememberance.

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  11. Later I took a walk. Someone offered cash for my washing machine, which would greatly help them, which is always my goal. Then as I turned a corner I prayed for friends, as I often pass their home, as I came to the next corner, there they were having just arrived with their luggage surrounding them. Oh, to know that God heard my prayers and brought them back after 22 months away. He said that it was a battle to return.

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  12. Painters arrived late today to start repainting the peeling south wall on the house. They brought “Princess,” a rather chubby, small brown-and-white dog who dashed right into the house through the open door like she owned the place.

    Annie got up out of her cat bed next to the heater, began walking away in a low crouch, let out a horrible yowl, then took off for the spare bedroom. She eventually came out after they left.

    So I was told some time ago never to use the house insurance for small stuff you could find someone to fix out-of-pocket. But that is maybe just in California? Idea is the companies will up your rate when you dare to use the policy.

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  13. DJ, not just California, I think. I talked to our Michigan agent a couple years ago when a large falling tree branch grazed our house with minor damage. We estimated 2000 for repair, for which we’d have gotten 300 after deductible. The agent assured me we’d lose that 300 within 2 years to increased premiums.

    Fortunately the repair turned out to cost under 1000.


  14. The estimate to replace our shingles was $15k+. That was before the leaky roof of today. That roofer said there is possible hail damage, so filing a claim with a $1,000 deductible will be worth it.

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